Blade ligera chapter 9

Skylar popped the cockpit out of his shadow fox and went to help wilson out of his. Wilson grunted as he was lifted up out of there.

" hey mister are you ok?" Asked tobias.

Morgan groaned and kicked his way out.

" yeah i fine hurt but fine." He muttered.

Lori crawled out of there as well.

" sarah watch over them while i go and get help." He called.

Shegra dashed and took out the stormsworder in front off her.

" willing to give up?" Asked layon.

Shegra smirked at him.

" no i am not done yet." The blade liger roared and sailed through the air. " strike laser blades!" She yelled. The blades glew and increased in length and energy with one huge hit it took out the the whale king's engines.

" this aint over yet!" Growled layon as they flew off.

Afternoon came when everyone returned to base that evening.

" we're sorry."apologised morgan.

" its ok but it was a very risky mover you coulda gotten yourselfs killed." Scorned shegra.

" well it looks like we will have to leave." Muttered bit.

" thanks bit." Said lukura.

Shegra stood outside of the base and let the winds stir her hair.

They show great potential everyday even in tough situations. She thought.

The end

Or is it?