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Oh God, what have I done?

Perry stepped back from the edge, his chest rising and falling rapidly like a rabbit in terror. His hat lies on a hook on the brick wall beside him; it must have been kicked there before-

The full horror of what he's just done hit him, and he rushed back to the edge. He growled, trying to get the attention of the figure twitching on the ground below. None. Not so much as a squeak. Perry looked around, frantically trying to find a way down. He found a long stick, and after weighing it in his hands, wedged it in between two rocks. He took a breath and jumped on the end of the stick, which launched him onto the palm tree a few metres away. Perry slid down the palm tree and did a back flip onto the ground.

He ran up to the figure, and rolled him over. No visable damage, but a fall from that height can definately be fatal. And it was his fault. Perry's mouth was still hanging open, half from shock, and half because he couldn't seem to get his breath back.

A bark. Perry looked back up and saw one of his fellow agents, Agent D, looking down at him with a torch. Perry's mind made a quick desicion and he darted away from the torch's beam. He pressed himself against a crook in the wall, and closed his eyes. He's just remembered his hat, hanging on that hook. They'll be able to get all the information they need from that.

More noises from above. A growl, a bark, a meow. More and more agents swarmed around the edge, and Perry heard a few of them swinging grappling hooks. They were coming down. Perry panicked, and after reaching onto his head before remembering his hat wasn't there, he simply ran off into the bushes a few metres away. His orange tail barely made it into the dense foliage before the torches shone his way. He waited, crouched, and feeling like a coward, until the noises stopped.

After ten minutes of silence, Perry peaked over the top of the bush, and everyone was gone. His heart was racing, and yet it felt like lead. He clambered out of the bush and, adopting his pet quise, hurried back to his hovercraft. He'd parked it at the bottom of the cliff, and it was nestled in between a clump of shrubs. He was just about to take off when he remembered his fedora. The hovercraft brought him as far as the edge, and he jumped out. The hat was still on the hook. Why hadn't they taken it, as evidence?

His paws had just landed on the teak fabric when a car's bright headlights caught him off guard.

"Agent Perry the Platypus, you will surrender yourself on the suspicion of the murder of fellow agent, Haig the hedgehog. Put your hands up."

It was Major Monogram, driving the truck from OWCA used to transport people ultimately heading to the organisation's prison. Agents filed from various hiding places, and two of the larger ones approached him, carrying handcuffs. This is the second time he's been accused of crimes against OWCA, and by extent, the country. Only this time, he's guilty. He should have accepted his capture, but his self-defense insticts kicked in. As the eagle, Agent E, approached him with handcuffs, Perry did a back flip and in the process kicked Agent E in the face, sending him sprawling backwards into a whole crowd of other agents.

"He's getting away." said the other Agent P, a parrot.

Perry leaped from the ground and, securing the fedora on his head, jumped into his hovercraft. Perry sent a cloud of dust into the faces of his fellow agents and Major Monogram as he revved the engine up and took off into the night. As the lights below became more and more like tiny dots, he became aware of flapping and noises behind the vehicle. Every flying agent was hot on his tail, and even a few of the larger ground dwelling ones were following using a feature on their hats.

Agent E flew right up to the side of the hovercraft and knocked against it, the force almost throwing Perry off the side. The other Agent P brought up the rear, as agent B - a bulldog - jumped onto the hovercraft. He barked aggresively in Perry's face and Perry, panicking, sent the hovercraft into a violent spin. Agent B was thrown off, and Agent E was blown into the pack of animals behind. Perry got a firm grip on the steering wheel, and pulled it back, pulling the hovercraft into a plunge. He set the engine to overload and hurridly took his parachute out of the boot.

The water he'd been flying over was now rushing to meet him, as he jumped from the doomed machine and directed the parachute to the nearest land - Danville pier. The explosion that occured seconds later sent every agent that had been chasing him flying in opposite directions. Perry looked over his shoulder to make sure nobody had been hurt, and when no one had, he breathed a sigh of relief and positioned his body so the parachute would go faster.

Perry unhooked himself from the parachute and in one smooth motion had it folded, as soon as his webbed feet touched the wood of the pier. Then, stuffing the parachute into his hat and putting the hat out of sight, he fell onto four legs and ran for it. People around Danville were used to him, so they didn't think twice when the platypus scurried around their legs and hopped over obstacles, eager to reach home.

When he approached the door to his house, he never felt more glad to be home. He looked around him into the night, but no agents followed him. If any had, they definately would have taken this as an oppertunity to capture him. Perry exhaled and climbed in through the catflap, immediately being seen by Candace.

"Oh," she said, before raising her voice and addressing the stairs. "Hey, Phineas! Perry's home!"

She took her glass of water and walked off, just as Phineas and Ferb ran into the kitchen. They were both in their pyjamas, and Perry read the clock above the stove. 10:34.

"Perry, where've you been, boy? You're never out this late." said Phineas, bending down and scratching Perry behind the ear. Perry growled with pleasure and his tail shot up, making Phineas smile.

"Oh well, let's get you to bed." Phineas picked Perry up and the platypus found himself holding onto his owner tightly, as if letting go would mean death. Phineas placed Perry in his bead and stroked his head, before he and Ferb walked away into the hall.

"Night Perry!" called Phineas. Ferb just waved over his shoulder.

The lights went out and Perry tried to get comfortable, but he couldn't. His thoughts kept wondering back to Agent H; his lifeless body lying below that cliff. All because of him. After a restless hour, Perry simply closed his eyes and allowed himself to remember. Maybe if he remembered, he would get some sleep...

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