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Perry plugged the cord that curled from the camera in his paw into Doofenshmirtz' computer, while Pinky took down the makeshift ladder they'd made from planks of wood found in the same utility cupboard as Doofenshmirtz. They'd also taken it as an oppertunity to put the gag back onto his mouth to stop the constant complaining.

"Who are you hoping to see?" asked Pinky, as Perry uploaded the footage and tapped his fingers against the table impatiently.

"I don't know," lied Perry. He definately had a hunch, after what Doofenshmirtz had told him. The screen was suddenly alight with images. He resisted the temptation to look through the videos taken of Doofenshmirtz singing in his underwear that morning, and found the clip he was hoping for. One of Doofenshmirtz building an Inator. "I think I found it."

"So who's the real person behind this?"

Perry squinted at the screen. The camera had been placed at an awkward angle, with enough light to see Doofenshmirtz adding a wire to a large, pointed and rather sinister-looking contraption, but not enough to see the figure waiting in the shadows beside him - overseeing but never moving.

"Again," said Perry, with an exhasperated sigh. "I don't know. Whoever it is won't show its face."

"Mmm, I can see that." said Pinky, frowning at the screen. Perry growled in frustration, and buried his head in his paws. He allowed his eyes to close, and for a moment the wall he'd built around his emotions disintegrated. Even if he found the culprit behind whatever was done to Haig, he'd still be responsible for his injury. After evading the OWCA as many times as he did, he'd probably still be locked up, never to see his family again. So would Pinky.

"What a mess..." muttered Perry. With one eye open and through his fingers he continued to watch the footage, mainly because he needed an excuse to be silent for a minute.

"Hey, wait!" yapped Pinky suddenly, jolting Perry back to his senses. The metaphorical wall rebuilt itself and Perry focused entirely.


Pinky pointed a clawed finger at the screen, "Rewind it."

"How far back?" asked Perry hastily, his paws immediately on the keyboard.

"About ten seconds should do it."

Perry narrowed his eyes intently as he rewound the footage. They widened in realisation the second he pressed the pause button. He should have felt angry, but he mostly felt stupid for not fully realising who the real culprit was in the first place. A frown creeped onto his face.

"My hunch was right, then," he told Pinky. "Come on, we have to get back to my lair. And quick."

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