Chapter One

"Didn't you hear me the first time Dallas? We're done! It's OVER!" Ally screamed, tears threatening to fall at any second. She violently pressed 'end' and threw her phone on her bed. Within a few second her phone vibrated. She read the screen: "What the hell were you thinking Ally, you little whore. No one ends it with me! Just you wait and see, you'll regret this!" Obviously it was Dallas, so she just sat her phone back down. She turned on her TV, finding pictures of Austin Moon hanging out on a beach. The headlines read: Pop Star Austin Moon enjoys a well-needed vaca in the Bahamas. Ally use to be really close to Austin, believe it or not. Actually, she had a major crush on him. At the end of their freshman year, Austins music career took off and he signed with , moving to Georgia. She hadn't seen him since. She picked up her phone and texted her best friend, Trish, asking if she could come 'round. Of course she said yes, so she put on her regular outfit (skirt and a dressy shirt), grabbed an umbrella, and ran out the door. Ally thought it was weird raining this hard in Miami. Trish lived only a block away, so to pass time she sang 'Better Together' to herself. She made it past her neighbors house when someone grabbed her by the hair and slammed her to the floor. When her smashed against the concrete, blood went everywhere. When she looked up and saw Dallas face, her heart sank deep in her chest. "Dallas, what the hell are y-you doing!" Ally squeaked, she was scared. He kicked her hard in the ribs. "What the fuck are you doing? Ending it with me, bitch..." Her legs were throbbing, and she could already feel bruises forming all over. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she didn't want to give him the satisfaction. "Please Dallas, j-just leave m-me alone," she begged. He kicked her in the face one last time and just walked away. Ally used her neighbors mailbox to help her stand up. It stopped raining, so she just left her destroyed umbrella next to her puddle of blood. Her legs felt like a thousand pounds, and it hurt to breath, but she was scared to stop or even turn around, incase he decided he wasn't done with her. She was determined to make it to Trish's... it was just around the corner. Just then a nice car drove by, she figured it was Dallases, so she squinted her eyes. It splashed a puddle on her, drenching her clothes. The weight of the heavy clothes was too much to bear, and she collapsed to the ground. She heard the tires squeal and a door open. She saw a boy run towards her. "Oh God mom, she's bleeding!" He yelled. Just then another car door opened. "DONT JUST STAND THERE! PUT HER IN THE CAR!" Before the lady finished the sentence, you could feel the boys muscular arms underneath your beaten body. "Mom, we need to get her to the hospital." She knew that voice, she just couldn't put a name or a face to this voice. Ally's head started pounding, her vision blurry. She wanted to thank him, for saving her, but she was too weak to talk. "You're gonna be okay Ally, don't worry," he said while holding her hand in his. How did he know her name? Ally felt this boys leg shake, which made her more scared. She finally got an idea of who this boy was, then everything went black.

Hey, its Taylor! I hope you guys liked the first part of my Auslly Love Story, Im not exactly sure what their 'name' is yet... But, I wrote this today during Worlds 1900, so it probably isnt the best. I have like, the whole story thought out in my head! I'm really excited, cause there's gonna be like, over 100 'chapters/ part'! 3 Okay, now I'll only post the next chapter IF and only IF I get 5 reviews. #Leggoo!

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