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Chapter 53


"What do you mean there's a chance we won't have kids? What... I just can't even! We're never gonna have them?" Ally shouts unsure whether to be angry, shocked, or just flat out depressed.

"Well, I don't know. The doctor said that it all depends on what part of the uterus is damaged," Austin says. He carries on talking but Ally drowns him out.

Hey God, its me, Ally. I know I'm young, but having kids with Austin is all I've wanted sice the 9th grade. We've both planned for it. We were gonna have mini-me's and beautiful mini-hims running around the house...

Ally starts laughing to the thought of the mini-Austins, but then quickly begins crying realizing that they might never exist. Austin realizes Ally is crying, and he stops crying.

"Don't worry, you're my girl and I'm 100% sure we're gonna be fine," he says gently while stroking her knuckles.

"You aren't gonna leave me, are you?" Ally asks nervously.

"Leave yo- Ally, why the Hell would I leave you? From the moment I saw you... well, maybe not the exact moment because you were yelling at me for playing the drums and eating in the store... but that day when you came to my house, I realized that you were special. I liked you from the very start. It wasn't until after I left that I realized just how shitty my life would be without you," Austin says. "Plus you have brown eyes... I'm a sucker for brown eyes," he adds.

Ally blushes and is speachless, so he continues.

"So, just because theres a chance we wont have kids doesn't mean I'm gonna leave you when things get tough. I stuck by you throughout our freshmen year, and that day I splashed you by accident... and I'm gonna stick by you until I take my last breath," he smiles.

Anything he says makes Ally fall in love with him more. Ally takes his face in her hands and kisses him passionately. A few moments later, Ally can see Dez and Trish watching between the blinds to see how she took the news.

Ally pulls away, and Trish ducks. Dez is still watching, so Austin flips him off (oooh, naughty-naughty). Ally gets up, despite the pain in her stomach, and closes the blinds.

Ally sits back on the bed next to Austin and realizes that whatever happens now, is nothing compared to what they've been through. Ally reaches for her neck to touch her 'Auslly' necklase, but its gone.

"Where's my necklace!" Ally panics.

"Oh, here. We hade to take it off of you and get it cleaned because you were literally swimming in your own blood," Austin says while pulling a box from his pocket.

Ally opens it like it's the first time she's ever seen it because she forgot how beautiful it was. The way it shimmered in the sunlight made her want to stare at it all day.

Austin took it out of the box and put it on Ally, kissing the back of her neck and putting his arm around her waist gently. The nice moment was ruined by a knock on the door.

"Come in," Austin shouts and two familiar faces walk in.

"Ahh, Austin & Ally... we meet again," the skinny officer says. "Its becoming a regular thing with you two!" he laughs.

"Hey," Austin and Ally said at the same time as if the officer was a friend.

The fat one accompanies him and grunts at the couple as a way of saying hello, then dives into an XXL size pack of gummy worms.

"Laying off the donuts I see," Austin says to the fat one.

"Yeah, I'm on a diet," he says with an attitude, but Austin laughs anyways.

"I've come to talk to you two about what happened. Ignore Snorlax here, he's only here because Krispy Kreme isn't open," the skinny one laughs. "So, are you ready to talk?" he adds. Austin and Ally spend the next few hours explaining what happened.

"Thank you for your time, we'll be in touch if there's anything new about 'him' ," says the skinny one. He'd talk to Ally so many times that he even knew that Ally didn't like it when he uses their real name.

"Thank you officer," he says while shaking his hand.

"Are you ready to leave Jabba?" The skinny one asks the fat one, he doesn't reply... just waddles out the door.

Mimi, Lester, Trish, and Dez come in asking if they're okay and to tell them they're heading home to give the two some space and they'll all be back tomorrow for Austin's birthday.

AUSTINS BIRTHDAY! Oh shit, I totally forgot! Ally thinks to herself.

"TRISH COME HERE!" Ally yells before she could leave.

She tells Trish where her money is at her house so she can buy Austin a new IPhone, since his was taken by a wacko. She agrees, says goodbye, and then leaves.

A few minutes later the doctor walks in.

"Mrs. Da- Moon, you are to go tomorrow at 8 if you promis to rest well," he says smiling and leaving.

"18 tomorrow. Ooooh, someone's getting old!" Ally jokes around wile nudging Austin on the arm.

"I know right! So, you're still gonna marry me?" He asks smiling.

"But we haven't arranged anything, there's no time," Ally says. "But yes, I do want to marry you," she adds.

"I'm Austin Moon... I get anything I want, when I want," he says smiling mischievously

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