Vas Happenin? My name is Taylor and this is my Authors note ;)

So, I'm still upset about my friends funeral today... Looking inside the casket, it was like he was sleeping, not dead. I was expecting him to open his eyes and just be like 'Gotcha guys!' Losing someone who use to be close to you is probably one of the worst feeling you can have. At first, I didn't really cry or anything, just a little sad... then when I saw him in that casket today, motionless, dead, I lost it. I cried and cried and I just couldn't stop. It was hard to believe that I had talked to him only a day before he died and its even harder to believe that I won't see him every day in the hallway before lunch and that I'll never see his smiling face alive... ever again (until I die and go to Heaven with him). I'm all mixed up... its confusing, i'm mad, i'm sad, i'm numb... I just don't know what to think honestly. All I have to do is just except the fact that he is in a better place where his heart doesn't give him troubles anymore, where he can run and exercise all he wants without his heart stopping, and without out all the pain and sorrows of this world. I'll miss Nick... but I'll see him again someday.

Soo, about the tickets on sale tomorrow. I'm gonna have to wake up at 8 am tomorrow to make sure I can get online before the Directioners and Directionators can crash the site again. Haha, and also I need to take a shower. If I get the tickets, I'll write another author note and let you know how excited I am! And if not, well thats life and there'll be other concerts. Uhm, I have to walk in my towns Easter Parade tomorrrow starting at 2 and I wont be home until after 4... so I wont be posting any chapters before then. And whether or not I get the tickets to One Direction doesn't determine whether or not I'll post more chapters tomorrow. I WILL POST CHAPTERS TOMORROW REGARDLESS! Just because I didn't get what I want doesn't give me the right to deprive you of my chapters!

So, wish me luck tomorrow guys! I really do need it. I'll be praying hard tonight to God that if it's his will for me to go to the concert, then let it happen. I honestly don't care at this point where my seats are... as long as I get to breathe the same air as them is an honor! Haha, thank you guys for understanding... if you have anything you want to ask me, just send me a PM! I've got like 2 PM-chats going on right now and I love them!

-Taylor Styles ;)