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Remember Me, Hilda?



Chapter 1
#Disappearance of the Wet Nurse#



To be true, I was never expecting that a day like this would occur in my whole life after I met the Baby Demon Lord.

A day where someone told me that I couldn't see that damn woman anymore…

-Oga Tatsumi

He wasn't interested a bit when Alaindelon told him that Hilda had gone back to the Demon World to take care of something. It wasn't that rare for her to go back to her homeland once in a while, he thought.

Several days after that, his classmates began to ask him about the whereabouts of his 'wifey', and his answer was always: "I don't give a damn about that…"

Two weeks had passed after she left and there wasn't any news about her at all.

A month had passed and Alaindelon finally told them what happened to her. "She won't come back anymore…" was what he said out of the blue. They thought it was just a joke. But… Lamia was crying. Yolda was trying her best to hold up her tears while indirectly complaining at her sister for leaving her duty of baby-sitting Beelzebub behind.

Oga Tatsumi just left the place after he uttered a phrase, "There's no way that damn woman won't come back. She has her precious something being left here…" his finger pointing at the baby on his back when he said it.

He punched the wall when he walked through the hall.

He stopped his pace and clenched his fists, "Don't joke around, Hilda…"

The delinquent cursed himself again and again for not noticing her weird behavior before. It was his fault for being too insensitive. He wanted to repeat it… the time before she left…

Five weeks ago
I was a very hot day, hotter than usual.

"What is this, fool? Are you trying to make a fun out of me?" the icy tone of the blonde wet nurse was chilling, indeed.

Didn't want to lose just yet, Oga Tatsumi shoot her with the same icy tone, "What are you talking about, you damn woman? I bought you an ice cream and you just bad-mouthed me?"

"Ice cream…?" the blonde muttered dumfounded as she eyed the melting vanilla soft cream she's holding.

"Look, it melts!" Oga groaned as he leaned in and licked the melting part for her.

"It melts? How weak…" Hilda hissed.

"Stop blabbering, you damn woman. Just eat the damn ice cream already!"

"Why do I have to eat it?"

"Because. It. Is. A. Food…"


"What are you waiting for? Can't you see it's melting? Give the poor ice cream to me if you don't want to eat it, dammit!"

"No, I want it. I'll eat it…"

Oga began to walk away while eating his chocolate ice cream and Hilda trailed him from behind while eating her vanilla one. From behind, she could see Oga giving some of the ice cream for Baby Beel to taste. It was a wonderful sight…

She unconsciously smiled.

Oga turned around and Hilda stopped.

"Don't stop licking your ice, Hilda. It'll melt away before you realize…" he said.

Instead of nodding or doing something as a sign that she understood, she smirked, "I should be the one saying that…" she walked forward and now standing in front of him with her back facing him. She then turned around, "Don't stop noticing the people around you. They'll disappear before you realize…"

Oga raised an eyebrow dumbly, "Huh? What kind of shit are you talking about?"

"Nothing, fool…" she turned around. He could catch a glimpse of her fading smirk which was replaced by a slight sad smile. She continued walking in front of him without turning back until they got home.

I should have noticed… something's wrong with her from here on…

It killed him, his dried up throat.

He got up from his bed and took the baby with him as he walked out of his room to the kitchen to get some drink.

He took some water from the refrigerator and drank it, it cooled down his throat. When he was about to go back to his room, he noticed a silhouette of someone sitting on the terrace beyond the glass door.

Judging from the long blonde hair, which no one in his house owned other than the wet nurse, he knew it's her. She was looking at the night sky without even blinking once. Her hands were both supporting her body. He could see she's holding a crushed paper on her right hand.

He walked towards her and she noticed immediately.

"What's up this late?" the teen asked.

"Insomnia…" the blonde answered without looking away.

"Don't mess with me. Hurry and go back to sleep before you catch a damn cold. My stupid family will be worried…" Oga said.

"Oh? So you won't?" the blonde smirked while looking at him.

"Why would I get worried over something trivial like that? It's not like you're being stabbed like before…" Oga scratched the back of his head lazily.

"I see…" the blonde looked down with her smirk hadn't faded from her face. "Then, promise me you won't worry over me anymore. Not even when I'm stabbed, not even when I'm half-dead. Promise me to never get Young Master involved in everything about me that could bring him into trouble… Can you keep it?" she asked him. She turned to see him and the sleeping baby on his back.

"What's that? You're talking like you're seriously gonna die…" Oga muttered boringly.

The wet nurse chuckled, "Of course I'm not. What makes you think something could really kill me?"

"Just guessing…"

Silence fell between them for a while, "Tonight, I want to sleep with Young Master. Can I?"Hilda said softly.

"I don't mind…"

"Could the three of us sleep together?"


"So you refuse…"

"I didn't say anything…"

"Silence means 'no'…"

"Then, yes, we can sleep together…"

"Oh? Good then…"

That night, they slept with Baby Beel between them. His bed was not a big one, and they had to snuggle to keep themselves from falling. Faintly, he could feel her trembling body.


"I'm sorry. It's kind of cold here. Maybe I should snuggle closer?" she smirked.

"No, thank you…"



She kept silence for several seconds. She bit her lip before muttering a reluctant, "Good-"bye

Oga raised an eyebrow before he turned his head to look at her. She's already asleep.

"You mean 'goodnight', right? Stupid woman…"

The day after that night, the wet nurse disappeared from their sight. Not a single word was said when she left. Not even a single tear was shed when she disappeared.

It was just a simple parting.

~To be continued~

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