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Remember Me, Hilda?



Chapter 14
#Hilda and That Man#



10th May is an important day for all Demons.

10th May is the 130th day of the year and also the 'Mother's Day' in the Demon World.

On this day, all of the Demons would be hiding in their residence and wouldn't come out before night. The special event of this day is that there would be a huge festival and a special event to offer prayers to their Mother, Virgin Echidna.

This year's Mother's Day would be very special, as they would finally be able to meet Virgin Echidna in person after her absent for ten years.

…Or so the citizens thought.

"What the hell!? How am I going to let my people meet Virgin Echidna if all of you freaks lost Hilda!?" Demon Lord complained while playing his PSP.

A built man was kneeling down, facing the back of the Demon Lord.

"Worry not, my Lord. We have sent trusted men to look for Hilda in the Human World."

"Why are you searching for Hilda in the Human World?"

"My 'intuition' said so."

"Whoa… How you're always able to locate Hilda really freaks me out, y'know?"

The man chuckled, "Do not be. I merely love her to that extent, my Lord."

The Demon Lord stopped pressing his PSP's buttons and turned around to face the man, looking at him with his hidden green eyes, "You better bring her back unharmed or you'll see what'll happen to you, Duke Azazel…" he said with a low tone.

"Of course. Who am I to oppose you? I merely listen to my Lord…"

Returning back to his previous activity, the Demon Lord dismissed the Duke.

Oga was not a morning person.

So it was not weird if he had troubles waking up by himself.

But it was weird… he found this comfort uncomfortable as well.

His arms were encircling something warm and comfy, and not to mention, smelled very good. He felt really comfortable that he didn't want to wake up at all. But he also really needed to wake up. Because he knew that this comfortableness was not without consequences.

He slowly opened his eyes and found countless strands of blonde hair. Dammit, it smells really good.

It seems like that person also woke up not too long after him. What a terrible timing.

Before she noticed anything, he quickly removed his hands from her.

"Y-yo! Go-good morning…" Oga was grinning like an idiot and he wanted to slap himself for that.

Hilda's eyes were still half-lidded and she rubbed her eyes before she softly muttered a "Good morning…" to Oga. Shit, her morning hair and messed up nightgown looks sexy he could hardly breathe and his body heated up real fast. He hoped she didn't notice his reddening cheeks.

The blonde looked outside the window. She seemed really occupied with it.

"Today is Sunday…" she muttered when she looked at the calendar.

"Yeah. Wanna go somewhere?" asking her out felt somewhat natural for him.

"…Where?" her voice was low and lifeless.

"Dunno. Amusement park, maybe?"

"…Amusement park… Yes, I think Master would like it…"

"I'm asking you out so you should think about where you want to go instead of Baby Beel's…"

"I have never really gone to that place either so I think I won't hate the idea. Is this what they call a 'date'?" She showed him a thin smile.

"I guess so." He grinned

"EH!? You mean you're not here to look for Hilda?" the dark-haired girl asked.

She was sitting on the floor of her living room with Kouta on her lap. Across her was an orange-haired girl, wearing glasses and flashy, overly-revealing outfit. She was grinning as she took one of the seaweed rice crackers on the table and munched it down.

"Well, that freak sent me for that purpose but I don't really care. Hate that man, too." Agiel complained as she took a sip of the green-tea Aoi just served her.

"Who is that person you're talking about?"

"It's Duke Azazel, he's like the second most important person in the Demon World after the Demon Lord. He's a freak, I tell you. He's been all over that Hilda girl for years, though she's too dense to notice. Hilda has been too loyal towards the Demon Lord to even look at that asshole."

"A-ah… I see."

"Oh gosh, that guy pisses me off. I just want the Demon Lord to give me an order to kill that bastard already!"

"That aside, it means that you're on our side now?"

"Well, I practically am. But I'm not sure that Jabberwock and Hecadoth will think the same. Those two are thickheads, you see." Agiel shook her head and ate another rice cracker. "Those two personally don't hate Hilda, but I think they'll still fulfill the Demon Lord's order. We really need Hilda for the ceremony, you see."

"What ceremony?"

"Huh? None of them told you anything?"

Aoi shook her head.

Agiel grinned and then laugh, "Well, well, let this Agiel-chan tell you everything…"

"We'll be goin'!" shouted Oga as he made his way towards the front door with Hilda and Baby Beel.

Misaki walked out from the living room, popsicles in her mouth, "Huh? Where are you going?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. She noticed that Baby Beel was unusually wearing proper clothes and Hilda wasn't wearing her usual gothic Lolita dress either.

"Amusement Park." Oga answered shortly.

At first, Misaki showed a puzzled expression, but then she grimaced. She quickly walked towards her brother and slapped his back as hard as she could. "Way to go, brother! This is one of those rare occasions where I can actually praise you!" she laughed.

"Leave me alone." Oga groaned, rolling his eyes. "We'll be going now." He said as he opened the front door.

Hidla bowed to Misaki before she exited the house.

The older girl waved her hand with an ear-to-ear grin plastered on her face.

Enjoying the rides in the Human World's Amusement Park seemed new to Hilda. It was not like she had never gone to that place. But the last time she went there, it was not really a pleasant experience. She remembered she almost fought with Yolda, almost saw the whole Amusement Park being swallowed in the sea of fire Lord En might made, and most of all, she was informed about Behemoth's move for the first time here.

But today, the Amusement Park seemed like a completely foreign place compared to before.

She enjoyed a number of rides with Oga and Baby Beel like a family, sometimes just seeing the two of them enjoying the ride with a smile on her face. It was bliss.

If only she could enjoy it a little longer…

She wished for that… even though she knew she couldn't.

Around noon, they stopped by the food court and ate some yakisoba for lunch. It was not summer anymore, but eating yakisoba at noon has its own enchantment.

Baby Beel seemed to be really happy with the new food. Oga was having a hard time to keep him still and feed him properly. Hilda ate her yakisoba slowly and found the food have an interesting taste.

"Oi, Oga. Are you sure that it's alright for us to spend a day idling around like this?" the blonde asked with a frown.

"Huh? Can't ya tell how happy aneki was when I told her that we're going to go to the Amusement Park? No one's gonna complain if you spend this one day not doing any work."

"Hmm… That's true…"

Silence fell as Baby Beel fell asleep. He must be tired after playing all day.

"Hey, Oga."

"What now?"

"Have you ever thought of what kind of relationship we are in?"

"…What's with that question?"

"How would you react if I leave you behind?" she asked then she chuckled at herself. "What am I asking? It sounds stupid coming out of me."

'You already left me once. Can't you see for yourself what kind of reaction I made?' Oga rolled his eyes.

"Hey, Oga…" he looked at her. "…I think I'll leave this place…"

Oga's eyes shot opened, his throat dried up at the sudden declaration. "O-oi, what are you saying so suddenly?"

"…After the party last night, I think about this… I don't belong to this place after all. Oga, I put you and the Young Master into enough trouble already." She said as she looked at the sleeping baby between them, stroking his face lovingly. "If I remain here I'll just bring more trouble for you and your family. Even if I leave, they would send you a new wet nurse to help you take care of the Master."

"Why are you saying this? We've been through so much just to bring you back. I'll figure something out to cancel that ceremony so don't go sayin' that kind of thing!"

Her hands trembled and she bit her lip, "…It's no use, Oga. That person will find me no matter where I go. It's only the matter of time when he will find me…" She was scared, but it was better that putting her beloved Young Master and Oga's innocent family into more trouble than there already were.

"Who is that person? I'll kick his ass for you!"

Oga was furious. Not with Hilda but with himself. He'd bragged about how strong he had become these past few months. But again, he couldn't even protect a single person this close to him. Hilda… she was in the verge of breaking apart, yet he could do nothing.

The blonde shook her head, "Mother's Day is the day after tomorrow. Echidna-sama told me that she could see the light of hope in me but I think it's impossible after all. If saving myself equals to putting you all in danger, it's better for me to go with it. You know, becoming the vessel doesn't mean that I'll die, so—"

"—DON'T FUCK WITH ME!" he shouted, waking the green-haired baby up.

Hilda looked down, her eyes covered by the shadow of her bangs.


"Like I'll let that happen…" Oga growled.

"HUH? Are you okay in the head, Yolda? I know that Hilda is your sister but cancelling the ceremony because of her is just plain nuts! You know how important the ceremony is to us!" the red-haired wet nurse, Satura, complained while playing Tekken in PS2 with Lord En.

Yolda was sitting on one of the couches and Izabella was sitting across her.

"I was under impression that you hate that sister of yours, Yolda. What makes you suddenly changing your mind?" Izabella asked as she took a sip on her green tea.

Yolda was frowning and sticking out her bottom lip in a childish manner, "Well, I do hate her. But she's still my sister above all." She looked at her side. "Don't look at me like that! It's not like I changed my mind about her!" she snapped.

'No one's looking at you…' Izabella mentally deadpanned.

"'Sides, it's already impossible now, Yolda. We got news from the Demon World that that Duke Azazel lends a hand in finding Hilda. I can see where this is going by now." Satura shook her head, fingers still pushing the buttons quickly.

"Duke Azazel?! Why now of all times? That guy… he has been observing Hilda ever since we were children. He's way too creepy even for a pedophile, creepier than Furuichi!" Yolda slammed the table in front of her. And somewhere out there, Furuichi sneezed.

"Well, yes. I never liked him. I'm sure none of the females in this world would like that jerk either." Izabella commented flatly.

"GAAAH!" Lord En shouted hysterically when he saw his avatar being defeated by Satura's.

"Yosha!" Satura pumped up her fist.

Lately, Lord En cried less whenever he lost in a game. The three wet nurses had been wondering if living in the Human World would change someone for the better. Just look at Hilda and Beelzebub for example.

"Hey, hey, what were you three talking about since earlier?" Lord En asked curiously.

"It's nothing, Young Master!" Izabella quickly denied.

Yolda added, "Yes, it's nothing! By the way, Young Master, I think I'll be taking my leave again for now. Just for a little while. May I?" she asked with a sweet smile.

"Whaaat? Yolda, you'll be going again? But you're just back." En pouted, eyes watery.

Panicked, Yolda quickly denied her previous request, "No! No… What am I saying? Of course I won't go anywhere, Young Master. Yolda is here to serve you…" she coaxed him with a nervous smile. The whole place was threatened to be swallowed by a sea of fire if she didn't do anything about it.

'You better hang in there until I can take a leave from my work, Hilda!' Yolda mentally stated as she walked towards En and gave him a bear hug to calm him down.

The two of them spent the rest of the day not talking to each other, walking side-by-side, exploring the Amusement Park. Baby Beel kept looking back and forth at both his parents with an enigmatic expression on his face. The green-haired baby was unable to tell the reason why his parents ignored each other like this when they looked like they were enjoying themselves just several minutes ago. He knew that he could not understand that thing before he grew up.

But the atmosphere enveloping the two was surely depressing.

Oga was walking randomly, wearing his usual poker face, while Hilda trailed behind him with her head facing the ground. Yes, seeing this depressed the baby.

At a certain point, Oga suddenly stopped his pace and Hilda slowly bumped into his back. She made a step back and looked at him, who quickly turned around and put his hands on her shoulder before he spun her around and led her behind one of the stands.

Confused, Hilda called his name "…Oga?"

The said delinquent was warily observing from behind the stand.

"Oga, what—"

"Ssh!" Oga hushed her, putting a finger on her lips. He looked at the place he observed before and put on a scowl on his face. Clearly, he was bothered about something.

Hilda wanted to ask him about it but he silenced her once so she knew that he won't be telling her for a while so she waited until he was done with his activity.

After a while, Oga finally faced her with a worried face. "Hilda, I think they've came looking for you. I saw the two bastards from before." He said.

Nodding, Hilda gave him a small apologetic smile before she took a look at the place Oga was looking at before and found two members of Behemoth's 34th Pillar, Jabberwock and Hecadoth. She was shocked to find them there but somehow couldn't bring herself to act surprised.

She went back to facing Oga and gave him a nervous smile, "Seems like the time has come. Take the Young Master and leave this instance. I will take care of this by myself."

Oga immediately barked, "What the hell are you talkin' about!? The one in danger now is you, not Baby Beel! Can you stop being so stubborn for once?!" he was gripping her upper arms and shaking her, hoping to open her eyes.

"Dah dah!" Beel agreed.

"I should be the one saying that. You never listened to me. Never…" she bit her bottom lip. "Just for this once… Please, understand my wish. Young Master's safety is everything to me…" she whimpered.

"Yeah, and you never listened to me either! I told you already, didn't I? I…"

Hilda brought her head up and looked straight to his eyes, as if demanding for the continuous of his sentences. Her emerald eyes were boring right into him.

"…I will be the one to protect you from now on." He said one last time as Hilda widened her eyes and gritted her teeth, preventing herself from crying her heart out. She had wanted to do it ever since she saw Eu disappeared. But for some reason, she had been holding back. Even she wasn't sure herself whether she held back because she didn't want to worry her Master or because didn't want people to consider her as weak.

"…Oga…" she whimpered, her voice was shaking like a frightened little dog.

She hated herself for always being so weak in front of him.

But even so, she felt severely relieved whenever he forced it out of her. All the burdens she had been putting on her shoulders alone…

With only simple words, he could lift it away.

She didn't realize when she began pressing her forehead on his chest, fingers gripping fistfuls of his shirt. Shoulders shaking and breathes gradually fastened, she began sobbing in his chest, letting all the feelings out to him—

—the only person who could collect her ache.

She continued crying louder as Oga ignored all the awkward stares from the people around them.

~To be continued~