I'm back! Or still here I suppose, considering I'm already currently writing another Quogan fic. The inspiration for this literally came to me while I was lying in bed listening to One Direction. I don't usually do big AUs like this, I might sometimes bend cannon a little, but I've pretty much snapped it in half here, but I couldn't resist writing this.

Okay, here's the full summary since it would not fit into the description when I was posting this:

Quinn gets dump-broken up with just before Spring Break, leaving her the only student on campus for vacation. That is, until Logan uncharacteristically offers to let her accompany him to his home in Santa Barbara. Now it's just the two of them for the week and if they can manage not to kill each other, they might just find exactly what they've both been looking for. Follows the series up until Alone at PCA then it's totally AU. Quogan.

"I dunno. We've been dating for a long time now."

SLAM! The basketball hits the backboard with a resounding thud and drops into the basket below, rolling back towards Quinn, who picks it up and throws it again, blinking back the tears that are threatening to fall.

"Maybe we should take a little break."

She blinks furiously as she picks up the basketball once again. She throws it as hard as she can, not even worrying about whether it will make it into the net. She has to release all this pent up energy somehow and she refuses to cry. Mark DelFiggalo is not worth her tears.

Her heart betrays her though and she feels her eyes well up as she pictures her now ex-boyfriend. It wasn't fair dammit! Two years of her life (among other things) she'd given up for him. Two years of love and dealing with his rather lack luster approach to everything, including their relationship. And what did she get in return?

The overwhelming urge to hit something and the news that she would once again be single.

She throws the basketball once more, watching with a sort of odd satisfaction as it bounces off the backboard hard enough to shake it and goes sailing over her head. It was nice to pretend that the backboard was Mark's face, even if it didn't really help the situation at all. Stupid no good, lying son of a-

"I thought you'd gotten better at free throws."

A cocky voice breaks her train of thought and Quinn groans. The last person on Earth that she wants to deal with is Logan Reese. She turns to find him standing behind her, the basketball in his hands and a smirk on his face. He tosses the ball casually at the net, his smirk increasing as it goes in with a nearly silent swish. She rolls her eyes and throws the basketball at him before turning away, in no mood to deal with his obnoxious attitude.

"Whatever, Logan."

He must pick up on the sadness in her voice because his tone when he speaks next is quiet and gentle, all traces of sarcasm gone. "Okay." He drops the basketball and takes a tentative step towards her. "Shouldn't you be packing for Spring Break?"

"Nope." She tells him, her voice flat and she sees his eyes widen briefly.

"But you're going to," He pauses, searching for the name of the place Quinn had told them about, "somewhere," he says finally, unable to recall it, "with Mark, aren't you?"

"I'm not-I'm not going anymore." She curses silently as her voice wavers and she swipes furiously at her eyes. "I'm not going anywhere with Mark anymore."

Logan's eyes widen again and she can almost swear she sees concern in them. "Quinn, what happened?"

"Nothing!" She snaps as she continues to try and stop her tears from leaking out. She does not want anyone to see her cry, especially Logan.

But all of a sudden she feels a pair of arms wrap around her and she is suddenly pressed up against Logan Reese as he rubs her back soothingly. "Okay." He tells her simply. "You don't have to tell me what happened."

She knows it must be pretty obvious at this point what has happened, but she doesn't say anything. Instead she just stands there, enjoying the warmth that Logan provides and letting her tears fall. She is too tired of pretending to be fine to worry about the fact that she is showing weakness and too upset to worry about the fact that she is showing it to Logan. Someone is offering her the comfort she'd wanted since yesterday when she'd seen Mark in Sushi Rox and she doesn't have the energy to do anything else but accept it.


"So what are you going to do for Spring Break?"

Quinn shrugs and accepts the bottle of Blix that Zoey hands her before answering her friend's question. "I don't know. My parents are on a cruise so I can't go home. I guess I'll just have to stay here."

Lola crosses her arms, looking annoyed. "This sucks. Stupid Mark." Quinn frowns at the mention of her ex-boyfriend's name but does nothing else. She's cried all her tears earlier in the day. "I wish we weren't all going home." Lola frowns to match Quinn's.

"It's okay," Quinn assures her, "You guys all go have fun at home. I'll be okay by myself."

Michael shakes his head. "What are you supposed to do if you're the only student on campus?"

Quinn shrugs again. "Who knows. I guess I'll just work on some Quinnventions or something."

"Well, at least Coco will be hereā€¦" Zoey trails off as all four friends grimaced. "Yeah, nevermind."

Quinn waves dismissively. "Don't worry about me you guys." She tells them, trying to get them to believe her. "I'll be fine. It's just for a week. I think I can manage."

Lola nods. "Yeah, I know." She frowns again. "I just hate that you'll be here bored all by yourself."

"Hey guys." Logan walks into the lounge and Quinn notices that he's changed his shirt, probably because she'd thoroughly soaked the other one.

"Hey Logan." He and Michael slap hands and the girl's all nod in his direction. "What's up?"

He grins. "Not much. But, uh, Quinn should probably start packing her bags."

They all, Quinn especially, look confused. "What for?" She asks. "I'm not going anywhere."

"You mean you weren't going anywhere."


"I called my dad and told him you were going to be stuck here at PCA by yourself and he said you could come spend the week in Santa Barbara with us." At his friends' incredulous looks he quickly adds, "You know, if you wanted."

After several moments of silence and shocked expressions from all his friends, Logan crosses his arms. "Fine, don't accept my very kind invitation. Just stay here and bond with Coco."

He stands up to leave when Quinn's voice cut him off. "Wait!" He turns back to face his friends as she continues. "I'm sorry, you just caught us off guard, that's all." He rolls his eyes, but keeps silent. "That's really nice of you to offer. Are you sure I wouldn't just be bothering you though."

He scoffs, slinging his backpack onto his shoulder. "If you were just going to be bothering me than I wouldn't have offered it in the first place."

Quinn doesn't deny the logic in this statement. She does take a few moments to think about it before nodding. "Sure Logan. Thank you."

He grins at them. "No problem. My dad is sending the limo here tomorrow at ten. Meet me by the student drop off area." With that he turns on his heel and walks out of the room, calling "goodbye" over his shoulder.

There's silence for a few minutes after he departs before Zoey, Lola, and Michael turn to face Quinn. "What just happened?" Lola asks.

Her friend shrugs in response before standing up. "I'm not sure. But I guess I'd better go pack."

She exits the lounge, leaving her three friends sharing bewildered looks behind her.

I honestly cannot believe I've started another fic. I don't usually do chaptered fics and now I've got two in the works. Fortunately, I have them both pretty much planned out so that helps a lot.

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