Snape glared at the person opposite him, he hoped it was his most terrifying, evil glare he could make and that said person opposite would soon wither up and die.

He had figured life wasn't fair. There he had been, sitting comfortably in his chair in the staff room, book in his hands, glaring as other professors entered the room and came towards him before smirking when they went in the opposite direction. It had all been fun until the bloody wolf had walked in, heading straight towards him, cheery smile and all and plopped himself down onto the seat directly in-front of him with a sigh.

Now, he had been slightly shocked that anyone had even come that close to him without cowering let alone with a smile and had the nerve to sit near him. He frowned before reinstating his glare, adding a sneer for extra effect. It failed.

"Severus! I do hope your day has been good." The wolf had chirped happily, not taking any notice of his best Snape glare. Like this had been arranged and they were old friends. He just managed to stop himself from scoffing at that thought before his attention was taken again, this time by Lupin having even more nerve either that or a death wish (and how he hoped it was the latter) and took a biscuit off of his plate before munching on it as if that was normal.

Now is Snapes' did anything undignified as stare open mouthed he would of. Instead he decided to speak in his most terrifying snarl he could muster.

"Lupin." He snarled through gritted teeth, and he was quite proud of himself with the way it came out, even if the rest of the staff room were now looking that them.

"What do you think you're doing?" See now, he was pretty sure someone had just squeaked at how evil he sounded, so why was Lupin looking at him in amusement.

"Sitting with you on my break." Lupin actually had the audacity to say it sweetly, without even a tremor.

He scowled. And sneered for added measure.

Ah! the wolf was obviously up to something. Now that was clear he just had to figure out what.

Ignoring him obviously would be the best way to go about it, so with one last glare he turned back to his book. With narrowed eyes he watched Lupin over the top of his book, waiting for that moment when his stupid Gryffindor plan would appear.

He was losing is patience. It had been exactly fifteen minutes and nothing had happened expect Lupin sat with a stupid smile on his face marking papers. Either he was wrong and there was no plan and that was just stupid to think of because A; he was never wrong and B; he was never wrong. Or Lupin was more cunning that he gave him credit for, which he grudgingly admitted could be possible.

And then, Lupin stood up, and he packed his papers away, like nothing weird had just happened and that nothing was going to happen.

"See you later, Severus." Lupin had chirped, actually chirped again and then left.

And he was left, confused and on edge trying to ignore that fact that his cold mask had most likely slipped and he was staring dumbfounded at the spot Lupin had vacated and trying to ignore Minerva snickering in the corner like a small child.

Because really, he worked at a place full of children and idiots. There was no other way to explain what just happened.

Unless, Lupin was trying to be nice...

He snorted, bloody Gryffindors.