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"Chloe," My stomach lurched and I clenched my eyes shut.

"Don't say it." My fingers weaved together and twisted anxiously. "I refuse to believe it." I stare beseechingly into his intense emerald eyes, pouting my lips adamantly. He ruffled his dark hair exasperatedly and searched my face desperately, bright eyes flickering over my features, lingering briefly on my lips. Gotcha. I widen my vivid sapphire eyes slightly, and he pursed his lips. Bringing his hand to his face, he rubbed the angry acne freckled over his chin, as he always did when he was frustrated. "Christ, Chloe." He moved closer to me, and crouched in front of where I was huddled on the sofa, placing his large hands either side of my thin frame for support. "It's gone. It's not coming back. Please don't be dramatic. You're making a big deal out of nothing." I pull my hands up to cover my face, resting my elbows on my knees. "Nothing? How can you say that, Derek? Does seven years mean nothing to you?" He continued to stare at me, clearly missing my point, or just not caring. "Seven." I reiterated., watching him through my fingers.

He sighed deeply. "You're seriously unhinged, you know that?" I giggle, but it came out muffled, due to my hands. I moved them away from my face to settle them over Derek's. "Is there really no hope?" I ask him morosely. He shook his head, eyes fixed on mine. "None, whatsoever," I shut my eyes tightly. "Chloe?"

"I was afraid of that." I whispered. A pause. "It shouldn't be this hard, should it?" He shook his head gently, lips tightening to prevent his amusement showing.

"It's not funny." I moved my hand to throw a soft punch at his shoulder. He grabbed my fist and massaged it softly, his rough thumb rubbing small circles over my knuckle. "I just can't believe you're so attached." He stated, bottle green eyes still observing me, a hint of laughter peeking through his careful fa├žade.

A small giggle escaped me. "Me neither." I admitted, my gaze shifting over his shoulder to the small wooden table. Sitting on the dark surface was the smouldering wreckage of my broken heart, or it may as well have been. My small laptop sat innocently upon the desk in several pieces, thick black tape wound around parts in my desperate attempt to save it. Thick cracks ran patterns over it, and my heart dropped into my stomach. "Shit." I whimpered, and Derek gave a soft chuckle. "Simon told me it was bad, but I assumed it was still in one piece." I narrowed my eyes at him in a deathly glare, and all he did was smirk, apparently finding enjoyment in my sorrow. "You know I had that massive essay for Brookes stored on there, right? I'd just finished." He continued to calm me, hand stroking swirling designs over my hand. "So what have we learnt today, Saunders?" I sighed, throwing another mock glare his way. "Simon shouldn't be allowed to breed?" I joked, hazarding a guess at Derek's question. His lip twitched, which I took as a small victory. "Hate to break it to you, but I think my brother likes his balls." He smiled now, lips curving slightly, eyes glistening in amusement. "Damn." I hummed lightly, focusing on his calloused hand wrapped around mine.

Derek and Simon were my two best friends, and although they were only adopted brothers, they complemented each other perfectly, despite being complete opposites. Derek was a lumbering giant, careful and reserved, smart to the point where I couldn't even comprehend the foreign realms of his textbooks, with a mop of dark hair and green eyes that seemed to glow. His brother was a comedian, cheeky and charming. He had a way with words, and boy, did he know it. He was a social butterfly, and unnervingly popular, which is why I tended to stick with Derek, both of us being shy and socially awkward. Simon shared my love of films however, and introduced me to the world of anime. He spent most of his time drawing cartoons, which were plastered over the walls of his bedroom, masking the original colour of the wall. To be honest, I can't even remember what it was. Simon was also clumsy, just like myself, although he seemed able to turn it on and off as the situation allowed. During basketball games, he moved with a fluent grace, whereas in his own home, he could trip several times on the dangerous trip from his games console to the refrigerator. I fell a lot, sometimes rather spontaneously, forcing Derek to take up the job of catching me every time. I like to keep him on his toes.

"You can borrow my laptop?" Derek offered, bringing me out of my inner musings. I twisted my lips in an expression of mock disgust and he rewarded me with a low laugh. "You still have to do the project, Chloe." He smiled slightly, watching my face screw up in a mixture of annoyance and dread.

"I know." I growled, allowing him to drag me to my feet, and out the door.

Walking the small distance down the road to Derek's house, I smiled to myself and put a bounce in my step. "I know that look." Derek smirked.

"What look?" I questioned innocently, although the effect was ruined somewhat by the massive shit-eating grin spread across my face. "Aww, Chloe, come on." Derek whined jokily as he unlocked his front door and ushered me in.

"Try not to murder Simon." He said, as I spotted his brother's shock of blond hair situated on the sofa, the grin growing.

"Thanks, bro." Simon called, lifting his hand in acknowledgement.

"Yeah, the blood would be a nightmare to get outta the carpet." He said, face solemn as he gathered his laptop from the sofa.

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