It was a windy day in Club Penguin. I was taking a walk on the beach when the wind blew my scarf right off. I tried to catch it, but before I could, my spy phone rang. It was G! He said had a mission for me. "It's Herbert again and Klutz's still along for the ride."

"AGAIN?" I said, scratching my nose. Shouldn't he have given up already? I added to myself. "What do you want me to do?"

"Capture him!" said G in a slightly demonic tone.

After an elaborate text message (with illustrations!) I was on my way to the HQ to get my costume. Good thing I still have the reporter's costume from Shy Guy and Glamour Girl, I thought.

As I was getting on the costume a loud yell made me jump, I ran to the window. It was Jetpack Guy and Rookie. I sighed then started for the stairs. I had things to do but I had to help fellow agents

"Are you okay?" I asked, when I got to the Ski Village. "What happened?"

"I was minding my own business and he landed on me!" Rookie claimed.

"I ran out of fuel!" Jet Pack Guy protested.

"You two get in too a lot of trouble you know." I said, "So to make it even…" I stopped to look at Jetpack Guy. "His real name is Feathers. Now," I said, turning to go back to the HQ. "I've got to go."

Rookie had a surprised look on his face, then it turned into a devious grin.

Back in the HQ I met G at the door of the gadget room. "Okay, Agent." G said, walking towards me. "I modified the camera to send a net into the air to capture Herbert." He said confidently, but then he added in a whisper, "I didn't have time to test it so it hasn't been proven…Safe." Then in a higher, clearer voice he told me how it worker. All I had to do is hit a button… which he called a BRB. (Guess what that stands for?)

The walk to Herbert's cave was cold but the gale had calmed into a soft breeze, so I managed to keep my backup scarf around my neck. Soon a reached the top of a small, but steep, hill. Herbert's cave was just below me.

When I reached his cave's door I was covered in snow. I stomped my feet then knocked on the door. After a minute or two Herbert opened the door and looked at me with a puzzled look on his face

"Who are you?" He asked, "You're not one of those silly agents are you?"

"No." I answered stepping in to the small room, even though I wasn't invited.

"I'm here to get a story on the first polar bear to set foot on Club Penguin."

"Well in that case," he looked at me for a minute then said, "Come in."

After making the mistake of asking how he got to Club Penguin and listening to his story again, I said desperately, "Okay, now we need a photo for the cover."

He seemed to like the idea and in almost a second he was poising.

"One…Two…Tree…" SNAP! I pressed the Big Red Button (Yes, BRB) and the net flew in the air and landed perfectly.

I had caught Herbert! As I danced for victory he whispered, "Here Klutzy, cut the rope" By the time I realized he was gone he was to far ahead for me to chase him. "This isn't over!" I screamed.

"It is for me," He yelled back. Oh well, back the HQ… I thought… Doesn't he look so silly dancing into the sunset?