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First Chapter is here! Don't forget- This is a sequel my other story 'A Pit Stop in the Future' (categorized as a Gx/Zexal crossover)

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- I do not own any parts of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series or its spinoffs, including any cards or characters. (Except my OCs)

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- Just like in Pit Stop, I mix Enlgish/Japanese names

(DM, GX, and 5Ds are terms/character names are normally English dubs while Zexal terms/character names are from the Japanese translations)

Yu-gi-oh MIA

Chapter 1: Missing in Action

[Time: GX, Somewhere in Venice]

Jaden looked around the building's courtyard. The ground marks from his fight with Paradox were still there but the building surrounding him looked undamaged. The sky was the brightest shade of blue, unlike the gray and red-toned filled one that once symbolized the early stages of the city's destruction. Truly, the peace had returned.

Yusei had already jumped back to his own time. While he was dropping Jaden off, he took a second and noted the restored city. Jaden was sure he saw a little more life in the riding duelist's face. And why shouldn't there be, thought Jaden. Both of the older duelists saw for themselves that the future was bright and extremely energetic. Jaden couldn't help but laugh. When the word 'energetic' came up he could only think about Yuma. The kid's energy level matched with Jaden's spunk from his duel academy days.

Yubel appeared beside Jaden. "It's time to fulfill your friends' requests Jaden," she reminded.

Jaden nodded and took off at a run. It was time some time-hopping cards returned to their proper owners.

Jaden sped around the corner and entered one of the busiest areas of the city. There was a ton of people gathered around a central plaza and garden but something about the city folk was different from before the Paradox incident. Every article of clothing, store banner, and stall awning was dyed in greyscale. The whole town had a feeling of sadness to it. Confused but determined, Jaden looked around for anyone familiar.

Luckily, it didn't take him too long to find who he was looking for. He spotted Jesse underneath a large topiary shaped to look like a random dragon. As the two old friends greeted each other their respective duel spirits played around them. Jesse attire matched that of the rest of the town but, despite this, the boys' meeting seemed to dispel most of the gloomy atmosphere. Before he could ask about Jesse's appearance, Jaden took two specific cards from his deck case.

"Jesse, I believe this is rightfully yours!" that said, Jaden handed his friend his prized Rainbow Dragon card.

"Rainbow Dragon!" yelled Jesse. "Jaden, you don't know how much this means to me! Well actually, you probably do! I can't thank you enough!" As he took the card the duel spirit of Rainbow Dragon emerged behind Jesse, completely dwarfing the dragon-shaped topiary. It gave a low roar to express its gratitude.

Jaden laughed, "No problem but next time be more aware of time traveling and card snatching duelists!"

"I will. No worries about that!" answered Jesse.

"Oh, and I was wondering if you could do me a favor?" As Jaden asked this he held out the other card. "You'll probably run into Syrus or Zane before I get the chance. If you see them please pass this to either of them!" Jaden smiled as Jesse took the second card.

"No worries Jaden, I'll make sure Cyber End Dragon makes it back to them!" Jesse stowed the dragon card safely alongside his Crystal Beasts. He looked back toward Jaden seeing that his friend has another favor or question for him.

Jaden let out a huge sigh and his shoulder slumped slightly. "Now that that ordeal is over, can you tell me why this whole town looks like it's stuck in a black and white movie?"

Jesse seemed to be in shock from the fact that Jaden had forgotten the day's significance. "That's simple, today's the anniversary of the day when the King of Games disappeared," Jesse answered hesitantly. "I thought you of all people would remember it Jaden! It's been over 10 years now." Jesse's sentence trailed off. He could immediately tell that Jaden was shocked.

Jaden couldn't believe what he had just heard. The King of Games, meaning Yugi Muto, had disappeared on the same day that Paradox was defeated in the past. But Yugi hadn't vanished before the three had met and dueled together. What went wrong? What screwed up the past?

Jesse put his arm on Jaden's shoulder and shook him slightly. "Wake up Jaden!" he yelled. "You have to come back to reality!"

Jaden snapped back. "Thanks." He removed Jesse's hand and looked off into the distance. "It looks like there's a new incident for me to look into!"

"Good luck to you then," Jesse answered. He watched Jaden turn and leave, despite his friend's odd behavior he wasn't that concerned. He knew that if Jaden put his mind to something that had to do with duel monsters then the outcome was almost always a guaranteed success. The retrieval of Rainbow Dragon and Cyber End Dragon was proof enough for Jesse.

Jaden walked into the same complex where he had fought Paradox. He had an idea but he needed a deserted place to start it and the roof where Yusei and he sat to investigate Paradox's scheme fit the criteria. Once there, Jaden felt through his pack, searching for a particular device. The first thing he found was Pharaoh. Disturbed from his sleep, the cat stuck its head out of the bag to give a displeased meow. However, the object Jaden was looking for sat right on top of the cat's furry brown head.

Jaden took the D-gazer from the cat's possession. "Good boy Pharaoh!" Jaden said as he fiddled with the device. The cat took no interest in Jaden's scheme and slipped back into the bag.

[Time Jump: 5Ds, 5D's Garage]

Yusei parked his runner on the concrete floor of the building. He had been greeted like a hero when his duel runner finally exited the space-time dimension. A crowd of friends had swallowed him and everyone assured him that all was back to normal. A quick ride around the city double proved it; every single city building was restored. Now, he was back at the 5D's home base and enjoying a moment of quiet. Between the battles, traveling, and unscheduled stops he found himself quite tired.

Before too long the door at the top of the stairs opened. In stepped Leo, without his twin sister Luna.

"Hey Yusei!" he yelled from the top of the stairs.

"Leo? What's going on?" asked Yusei.

"Nothing, just making sure you're okay. You kind of snuck away just a little while after you got back."

Yusei scratched his head; it was true he had hadn't stayed for all congratulations. "Sorry to worry you," he answered. "New Domino took a turn for the worse thanks to Paradox and I wanted to be certain everything was stable."

Leo nodded and made his way down the stairs. "It's the same here as before. Oh did you get Stardust Dragon back?"

"Yes, but I did require some help to do it."

"Awesome!" Leo replied. He looked at the three duel runners parked side by side and muttered quietly, "I wish I could have helped."

Yusei heard every word and walked over to the boy. "You know, I met someone who reminds me a little of you."

"Really?" asked Leo keenly.

"Honestly. He was young and feisty just like you. And he had this never-give-up spirit that got him into some interesting situations." The flashback of finding Yuma and Jaden dueling entered Yusei's mind. Then, the final moments of the fight against Paradox also played out in his memory. "I could feel you all when I was traveling; Jack, Crow, Akiza, Luna and you, Leo. You all kept me from giving up. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you did help me Leo and I guarantee you will help again in the future too."

The young boy smiled up at Yusei. "Alright, but next time I want to really help though, like physically duel alongside you!"

Yusei nodded, "I will keep that in mind."

At that moment Yusei's computer beeped, alerting the two to an incoming mail. He walked over and opened the file.

"What is it Yusei?" asked Leo.

"An invitation to city hall. I wonder if they want to discuss the Paradox incident."

"Maybe they want to thank you too. But I didn't know city hall would be open today."

Yusei looked at Leo with a puzzled expression. "Why wouldn't they be open?"

"Because it's the anniversary of course. Can't blame you if you don't remember though. You were probably more focused on the Paradox attack," answered Leo.

"Anniversary of what?" asked Yusei. He didn't remember it being any particular day before he went back in time.

"You're joking right?" Leo asked in shock. "This is the day that famous duelist from the past disappeared without a trace! Everyone knows that today is the day we lost the King of Games!"

Yusei couldn't believe what he had just heard. "Yugi Muto… disappeared…?" What's going on here?

"Yusei?.. Yusei!" Leo yelled. "Something on your duel runner is ringing!" When Yusei didn't respond Leo walked over to the bike. He dug through the storage and pulled out a small grey device with a blue lens. A long number scrolled across the lens. Examining the device over and over yielded no way to stop it from ringing and vibrating. Finally, Leo looked back at Yusei with a defeated look. "Is this some sort of cellphone? And if so, how do you answer it?"

Yusei held out his hand. "Here, let me see." He took the device and looked over the multitude of buttons surrounding the screen. After a few tries the black screen switch to show a familiar face.

"Yusei! Finally! I thought you'd never pick up!" said Jaden.

"Jaden? Sorry, I was distracted. I've got a problem in my time."

"You too huh? Let me guess! Yugi disappeared during some point in your history?"

"That's right, and it wasn't this way before we all dueled Paradox. Something went astray in the past! Do you have any clue as to what did this?" asked Yusei.

"Not a clue! I just got back and poof, the town was participating in a memorial day." Jaden paused. For a long time neither Yusei nor he continued the conversation. They each desperately shifted through the facts. Finally, Jaden had another thought. "When we took a detour to Heartland did they seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary, like mourning and such?"

"Not that I remember. It just seemed like the city was going through its average day," Yusei replied.

"That's something!" exclaimed Jaden. "Heartland was full of duelists so I doubt it would be overlooked if the King of Games disappeared in the past!"

"So you're saying the phenomenon hasn't reached Heartland yet for some reason?"

"Maybe so. But there's only one way to find out! Sorry Yusei but I have to make another call."

Yusei nodded, "No problem and if you find anything keep me posted!" The call ended and Yusei sighed. He thought to himself; Let's hope the answer lies in Heartland!

Author Afterword:

Just a few extra tidbits to set up this story

- This takes place immediately after 'A Pit Stop in the Future'

- The best way to explain the alternate timeline is by using a Back to the Future Part 2 reference. *Draws a line on a blackboard* This is the normal plot. *Draws parallel line* This is my plot. *Draws sloppy line connecting the two* This is what Yugi's disappearance did.

- Overall this will probably be bigger than Pit Stop (judging from the size of the opening chapter) and include plenty more dueling

- Next Chapter: The King of Games' Last Duel