February 13th, 2012

10:00 pm

Rosalie stood in her bra and panties in front of the mirror in her bedroom. She grazed her index finger over the bullet wound scar she was left with. She turned around to see the other bullet wound in her back. The doctor said the shot was through and through. It entered through her stomach and exited through her back.

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the Forks High shootings. The day of love turned into a day of pain for everyone in the small town of Forks. The most romantic day has turned into the most dreadful day.

She heard her bedroom door open up, but didn't bother looking to see who entered. She felt Emmett's arms wrap around her as he watched her eyes water.

"We're meeting Jasper, Alice, Edward and Bella at the airport. Our flight leaves in an hour." Emmett informed, pecking her cheek.

"A year ago today, I was out buying the perfect dress for the dance. I had no idea what was in store for me." Rose whispered, turning to face Emmett, "The dress was beautiful. I had to throw it away. The blood wouldn't come out. We tried everything to get the blood out, but it wouldn't come out. It was so much blood."

Rosalie turned back into the mirror and stared at the bullet scar on her stomach.

"I went to eight funerals in one month last year," Rose whispered, bringing Emmett's hand towards her scar, "they didn't deserve to die. Mike hated us. He hated me for not reciprocating his feelings, he hated Alice for making his life a living hell, and he hated Bella for ditching him in high school."

"None of this is your fault." Emmett asserted, forcing Rose to face him.

"Emmett, I was suppose to die that night! I lost a lot of blood. If my father didn't get to the hospital in time to donate some of his blood, I wouldn't have made it. The hole in my stomach the bullet made, stopped my heart! Don't you get that! I can't just bounce back from that!" Rose shouted, moving around him to start getting dressed.

Emmett took a seat on the bed as Rose went into the closet to pick out an outfit to wear.


"Come on! Lets go!" Jasper shouted, holding the door open for Alice.

He gripped the luggage as he followed her towards the elevator.

Last year, after the shootings, they graduated and decided to get as far away from Forks as possible. They all received scholarships to attend Columbia University. Jasper's studying to become a therapist, and Alice is working to be a guidance counselor. Rosalie is still trying to become a politician, and Bella is studying to become a psychiatrist. Edward and Emmett are both taking up medical fields.

"I don't see the point in us going all the way back to Forks!" Alice complained, dragging her feet into the elevator.

"We need closure. It has been a year and we still have none." Jasper answered, shaking his head, as he pressed the elevator button.

"I'm fine! I don't care! I just want to forget this even happened!" Alice screamed, banging her fist against the wall.

"You're angry…it's okay." Jasper whispered, rubbing her back.

"Don't go all therapist on me Jasper! I'm serious! I'm not a potential client!" Alice hollered, as the elevator doors opened.

"I'm sorry." Jasper sighed, allowing Alice to exit first.

"It wasn't my fate to die that night. Mike had no aim. He shot me in my lower abdomen. No main arteries or organs is down there. The only thing wrong with me is I can't have children! Oh well, do I want to bring them into a world like this?"

"You're just trying to cope with what happened. Everyone expresses grief and sorrow in different ways. You use your anger to cover it up. Just let it out." Jasper asserted, following her towards the car.

"What did I tell you about acting like my therapist?" Alice screamed, waiting for Jasper to unlock the car door.


"Where are they?" Bella asked, taking a seat at the airport terminal.

"They are coming. Just calm down." Edward sighed, taking a seat beside her.

"I can't wait to get this day out the way. I'm ready to go back to classes." Bella sighed, shrugging her shoulders.

"Are you okay?" Edward wondered, turning to face her, "You haven't cried once. You never talk about it. With you, it's like it never happened."

"I'm fine." Bella assured, standing up, to pace the floor.

"It's okay to cry. You can cry because of everyone who got hurt. The people who died. You can even cry for Mike going to prison. He was your best friend at one time." Edward explained, standing up to pull her into his arms.

"Cry for Mike? He's responsible for all of this. I can care less about Mike, but I rather not talk nor think about it. Mike got what he deserved." Bella replied, glancing at her watch.

Bella yelped and jumped as the woman behind her dropped her purse. Bella covered her mouth as she realized what she just did.

"It's okay to be paranoid. You have a right to be." Edward assured, rubbing her back, "When you've been through everything you have, paranoia is merely a precaution."

"No I don't. I was one of the lucky ones. Mike shot me in the shoulder Edward. I was not once in a life-death situation. Rose, Alice, the people who died all had it worse than me." Bella asserted, seeing her friends in the distance.

"You still had it bad. You were shot. That's not anything to be taken lightly." Edward sighed, watching as Bella walked towards their friends.

"Flight 832 is now boarding." the lady over the intercom reported.

"I don't think I'm ready for this." Rose whispered, biting her bottom lip.

"Come on. Remember I'm here." Emmett assured, pecking her forehead.

February 14th, 2012


"Thank God that five hour flight is over!" Alice exclaimed, grabbing her suitcase off of the baggage claim.

"Yeah…I guess." Rose agreed, barely above a murmur.

Emmett dropped his arm from around Rose as he went to retrieve their suitcases.

"It's 3:08." Edward informed, glancing at his watch.

"We'll go to the cemetery at noon. Is that a reasonable time?" Edward wondered, leading the group outside.

"I knew it! I knew they would come back for the anniversary!" Reporter One exclaimed, rushing towards them.

Camera lights started flashing and people started crowding around them. The other five survivors moved away with their families so they would never have to come back and be forced to remember. Unluckily, their families decided to stay in Forks.

"How do you feel about being back in Forks after a whole year?" Reporter One asked, pushing through the crowd to get to them.

"How are we suppose to feel?" Alice snapped, blocking the bright flashing of the cameras.

They tried pushing through the crowd of curious people, who each had a question to ask about that horrible Valentines Day night.

"How do you feel knowing that Michael Newton is dead?" Reporter Two asked, shoving the microphone into Rose's face.

"I…um…" she whispered, looking around at the flashing lights.

"We have nothing to say." Emmett growled, pushing the microphone away from Rose.

"He's dead?" Alice asked, as the reported turned to shove it into her face, "How'd he die?"

"Prison fight." he answered, bringing the microphone closer towards her, "Anything to say?"

"He deserved it." she muttered, staring into the camera.

"When did he die?" Bella wondered, casually, crossing her arms.

"Not to long ago. I just got the call. He died around midnight. The anniversary of the Forks High murders." Reporter One answered, turning towards Bella for a comment.

"I have nothing to say. I barely remember that night." she stated, maneuvering herself around the reporters.

Jasper opened the limo door to allow his sister and friends to get inside as people continued to snap pictures.

"They have no sympathy." Rose mumbled, staring at the carpeted floor in the limo.

"They're reporters. They can't have any remorse." Alice informed, throwing her arm around Rose's shoulder.

"What's our schedule for later on today after we get some sleep?" Bella asked, as if they were all on vacation.

"Eleven we're going to have brunch at my parents' house. Noon we're going to the cemetery and at one we're going to Forks High." Jasper noted, tapping his foot, habitually.


"Why can't we all just stay together?" Alice asked, watching Jasper and Rose get out of the limo after it parked in front of the Hales' large estate.

Julia and Anthony sat on their porch waiting for their children to arrive. Julia basically ran Anthony over in her attempt to get to Rose and Jasper.

"I'm going to miss you." Rose muttered, pulling Emmett into a hug.

"I'm just a phone call away. Remember that…" Emmett assured, giving her a quick peck on the lips.

Rosalie and Jasper watched the limo drive away with the remainder of their friends.

"Come on, it's chilly out here. Lets go inside." Julia whispered, rubbing her hands up and down her arms.

"Are you guys hungry?" Anthony questioned, holding the front door open.

"No." they answered in unison, entering the familiar house.



"We missed you." Julia proclaimed, on the verge of tears, pulling both of her children into a hug.

"We missed you too." Jasper replied, pecking her forehead.

"We hardly get to see you both. Why'd you guys have to move away from us?" Anthony asked, leading everyone into the living room.

"Why couldn't you come with us? This place has to many bad memories." Jasper remarked, staring around at the house that looked exactly the same from when they left.

"This is our home. Forks is our home. We have good memories here too." Julia replied, taking a seat on the couch.

Rose silently cried as she stared at hers and Jasper's graduation picture that sat on the mantel. You could see that day wasn't a happy one. No one smiled. No one goofed around.

"Sweetheart…" Julia sighed, throwing her arms around her daughter, "It's over baby."

"That's the problem mom! It isn't! Not as long as I have these scars to remind me!" Rose asserted, pulling her shirt up high enough to only show her parents the bullet wound on her stomach.

Julia held back her tears as she forced Rosalie to drop her shirt.

"I don't want to see it." Julia asserted, running her hands through her blond hair.

"That day! Today! Exactly one year ago, I lost lifelong friends. I gained a new perspective on the world. That day changed my life!" Rose avowed, covering her face with her hands as she cried.

"That day changed our life too Rose!" Anthony exclaimed, glaring daggers at the fire in the fireplace.

"I was the one who was shot!" Rose screamed, dropping her hands to glare at her parents.

"And I was the one who almost lost my daughter!" Julia retorted, approaching Rose slowly, "I almost lost you! When Esme called telling me a shooting happened at the school, I just knew my kids were okay! I went up to the school ready to bring you guys home. I saw Emmett, Jasper and Edward and felt a little relieved. I saw them wheel Alice and Bella out, and both of them were exceptionally aware of their surroundings, I knew they were going to make it. The longer it took for you to come out, the more scared I got. Than I saw you on that gurney. The paramedics were struggling to get the bleeding to stop. You were struggling to stay awake. At that moment, I thought I lost you."

Jasper pulled his sister into his arms to allow her to cry freely. He just wished Alice and Bella would express their emotions easily like Rose did.

"You all vowed to never come back to Forks." Anthony mentioned, getting up off of the couch, "What changed your mind?"

"We needed closure. The only way we were going to get that was to face what we were scared of head on." Jasper answered, feeling Rose pull away from him.


"Welcome home!" Renee exclaimed, as Bella entered through the front door.

"It feels like I never left." Bella responded, grinning at her parents.

Renee glanced at Charlie, completely confused as to why her daughter doesn't seem upset. Renee thought she was going to spend most of Bella's trip trying to cheer her up. Since Bella didn't cry once last year, Renee figured she came to terms with what happened and was a weeping mess.

"What's with the long face dad?" Bella wondered, pecking her father's cheek.

"I was the lead officer of that night. I remember it like it was yesterday. Entering that gym, seeing so many lifeless teenage bodies. Seeing teenagers fighting for their lives. Seeing you bleeding out in the hall. Seeing Rose struggling to breath. Seeing Alice blinking back the tears as she held in her pain. How can you not be sad?"

"Dad, we're alive. We're okay." Bella asserted, taking a seat beside her father.

"Not everyone is though. Some parents lost their child that night! I was lucky and so was some other parents." Charlie replied, getting up from his seat, "Don't walk around Forks with that grin on your face. Those kids death, your best friends nearly dying…none of that is something to smile and celebrate. I'm going to bed."

Bella pranced towards her mother and pulled her into a hug. Renee took a seat on the bottom step as she watched Bella walk around the living room, admiring everything that reminded her of her childhood.

"It's not good for you to not be sad." Renee whispered, tapping her fingers on the carpet on the stairs.

"It is good for me. How can being sad be good for me?" Bella questioned, taking a seat beside her mother.

"You were the only graduate smiling at graduation. You had a straight face at your friends' funerals. You went to around eight funerals and you didn't cry once. You didn't break." Renee explained, as Bella rested her head on her mother's shoulder.

"I guess I'm just a strong individual." Bella giggled, smirking at her mom.

"That isn't funny Bella! Every month, we all get together and light candles in remembrance of those who died. They were our future. It could have been you! Don't you see that! How would you like it if someone walked around smiling after your death?" Renee avowed, forcing Bella to face her.

"Mom, it's not that serious!" she declared, refusing to face her mother.

"It's not that serious? Eight people died! Five were in critical condition, including one of your best friends! How is that not serious?" Renee shouted, using the banister to help herself stand, "Never mind, I have a feeling I'm not going to like the answer you give me. I'm going to bed!"


Alice stormed into her parents' house and slammed the door behind her. Emmett sighed to himself as he opened the door and walked inside.

"What's all this about?" Cynthia asked, pulling the teabag out of her cup.

"Emmett's being an ass!" Alice shouted, rolling her eyes at her brother.

"All I said was I'm here if she wants to talk. I won't judge. I have a shoulder for her to cry on." Emmett explained, watching his mother drink her tea.

"Sounds like you're being the ass Alice." Bill responded, making his presence known.

Emmett set their bags down before moving past Alice to peck his mother's cheek. Emmett pulled his father into a 'man hug' as they like to call it. Alice refused to hug either one of her parents since they immediately jumped to Emmett's side.

"Alice, what Emmett said goes for us to. We're here for you." Cynthia replied, leading them into the kitchen, "It concerns me how you are just so angry at the world. Your so small, but you have so much anger built up inside of you. Any nice thing someone says, you take offense in it."

Alice rolled her eyes as she watched her mom place the empty cup into the dishwasher.

"I don't even know why I agreed to come back to Forks. If I wanted a diagnosis on how and why I'm acting this way…I'll hire a therapist!" Alice shouted, opening her parents' fridge to glance inside.

"Alice there is one thing you aren't going to do. You aren't going to raise your voice at me or your mother! We're only trying to help! It's making me sick how you hold this huge grudge against all of us as if we did something wrong! We didn't shoot you! We aren't the reason why you can't have children!" Bill hollered, as Alice grabbed a cold water bottle before closing the fridge.

"You were always a tough cookie. You don't have to act tough around us. We're family." Cynthia stated, watching her daughter down half the water bottle in a few seconds.

"You and dad always taught me in order to get through life I'll need tough skin. Now that I developed tough skin, you don't want me to have it anymore?" Alice questioned, screwing the cap back on her water bottle.

"You misinterpreted what we said. You learned only half the lesson. Yes, we wanted you and Emmett to have tough skin. Life isn't easy. To get through life you're going to need some thick skin. We wanted to avoid you and Emmett being in Mike's place. If someone teased you, we knew your skin was thick enough so that it didn't bother you. We didn't expect for it to backfire." Cynthia explained, feeling Emmett peck her cheek before he headed upstairs.

"I think Emmett has the right idea. We'll talk more at brunch over the Hales'." Bill mentioned, before following Emmett up the stairs.

"Mom lets just change the conversation…I don't want to talk about this." Alice sighed, leaning against the kitchen counter.

"No! You need to hear it! You were always a bully! That is what caused all of this! You like to feel superior! I know why you're angry. You aren't angry at the fact that you can't have children. You got shot. Your friends got shot. You're angry because you feel like somehow this is all your fault. Your guilt is hidden by anger! You use your fury to hide the guilt you feel for how you treated Mike!" Cynthia declared, heading for the stairs.

Alice stared down at the half drunken water bottle before feeling loose tears prick her eyes. She looked around to see no one visible. Emmett, her father and her mother were all upstairs. She was now free to cry as much and as hard as she wanted to. She knew deep down, her mother was right.


"Thanks." Edward whispered, tipping the limo driver.

"For what?" he asked, tucking the bill inside his suit jacket.

"For giving us our privacy and not asking questions." Edward answered, hearing the trunk pop open.

Esme and Carlisle scurried outside to greet their son and get his luggage. Esme could see through Edward's smile. She knew the smile wasn't real. After grabbing his luggage, Carlisle tipped his head towards the driver before he pulled off.

"What's wrong?" Esme asked, closing and locking the front door behind her.

"Nothing." Edward lied, as Esme raised an eyebrow, "Okay! Fine…It's Alice and Bella."

"What's wrong with them?" Carlisle wondered, going into the kitchen.

"They aren't sad. Alice is angry and Bella just acts like none of this has happened. I bet if you ask her why she's here, she wouldn't even mention anything about last year." I explained, taking a cup of coffee from my dad as he walked out of the kitchen.

"Everyone expresses pain and emotion differently." Carlisle informed, handing the other cup to my mother.

"They act like the pain just went away!" I proclaimed, setting the hot cup down, "Pain will never go away without you expressing it, it'll just wait until you're weak, then attack."

"Sometimes you have to ignore the pain and keep going." Esme stated, blowing her cool breath to cool down the coffee, "You can't let something like that stop your life and hold you back."

"I understand that! Rose cried after it happened. She didn't get over it until she went through three months of therapy. After that, she was perfectly fine. She acted like nothing happened! She went to college parties, hung out with her sorority sisters and did normal young adult stuff! When the anniversary came up, all of that stopped because those feelings she felt last year were coming back! That's not the case with Alice and Bella!" Edward shouted, as his parents looked up at him with horror-filled eyes.

"I'm sorry." Edward whispered, inhaling a deep, calming breath.

"It's okay. You have a right to be upset." Esme whispered, resting her free hand on her son's shoulder.

"No I don't! That's the problem. I didn't really know Mike! I didn't get shot!" Edward exclaimed, as Esme passed Carlisle her coffee cup.

"Edward, look at me!" she demanded, forcing her son to face her, "Your girlfriend got shot! No, the shot wasn't life-death, but she was still shot. Your cousin was shot! Your friends were shot! Some of your friends died! You have every right to be upset! Trying to act happy when you're really not is so hard to do. So, don't do it."

"Why do bad things happen?" Edward asked, calming down.

"I honestly don't know. I don't know why terrible things happen, but you have to believe something good will come out of it." Carlisle answered, taking the cups back into the kitchen, "Lets go to bed."

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