"This cannot be happening again!" Rosalie bellowed, backing towards Alice, "I still have the scar from last time!"

"My son is gone!" Margaret shouted, clenching onto the gun tighter, "Do you think I care about some damn scar?"

Alice reached out her hand to grab Rosalie's arm. Rose snatched her arm out of Alice's hold.

"I'm not cowering back this time Alice." Rose asserted, crossing her arms, before turning to face Margaret, "If she's going to shoot me, I want her to look me in the eye and do it. Mike was to much of a coward to look."

"You're playing with fire." Margaret growled, as the gun trembled in her hand.

"Rose…" Alice whispered, trailing off, as Rose continued to step forward.

"No Al. I was scared the first time, but that was because you can't be brave without first being scared." Rose replied, glaring at the brunette woman ahead of her, "I refuse to go down like I did last time."

"Look Margaret, you don't want to do this. Lets just forget everything that happened." Alice pleaded, holding her hands in the air, as she stepped forward.

"Too late!" Margaret screamed, shooting the ceiling of the school gym, "The damage has already been done."

"No! No it hasn't!" Alice shouted, approaching the woman, cautiously, "Margaret just put the gun down before you do something you're going to regret."

"I'm going to regret not putting a bullet through your head and your head! You two deserve to die after what you did to my son. Rosalie you broke my son's heart! All he wanted to do was love you! All he wanted was for you to do was love him back! You're a slut! You just had to lead him on! You knew exactly what you were doing! And you, Alice! I hate you more than my son did! You're a bully! You're so insecure in yourself that you had to pick on my son! I don't blame him for doing what he did, I just wish he finished the job!" Margaret screamed, as her hand trembled on the gun.


"Bella, wait!" Edward called out, jogging after her down the hallway.

Bella came to an abrupt stop as she approached the end of the hallway. She turned around to see Emmett, Jasper and Edward stop as well. Bella stared pass Edward at the gym on the other end of the hallway. She could see Rose and Alice inside looking around. Bella bit down onto her lip as she watched the gym doors close.

"It's all my fault!" Bella cried out, sliding onto the floor, "I'm more to blame than Rose and Alice! I'm the reason everyone was shot! I'm the reason Mike brought the gun and went to jail in the first place! It's all on me and I'll have to live with that!"

Bella covered her face with the palm of her hands as Jasper outstretched his arm. He pat her shoulder, trying to soothe her. Edward took a seat beside her, before throwing his arm around her shoulders.

"You can't blame yourself for Mike buying the gun and shooting everyone. I won't let you." Edward asserted, turning Bella's face to face him.

"Edward's right Bell. You didn't force Mike to do what he did. He's responsible for the death of all of those students last year, not you. Mike got what was coming to him. You didn't kill him. Someone who felt he deserved to die, got what they felt was justice for the massacre." Emmett responded, taking Bella's hand in his own.

Bella looked up at Emmett, before glancing at Jasper and lastly settling her eyes on Edward.

"You don't understand. I didn't cry. Not once." she muttered, gripping tightly onto Emmett's supporting hand, "I should have died that night!"

"You're crying now though. Everyone responds to traumatic events differently. It just took you awhile longer Bella." Jasper informed, rubbing relaxing circles into her back.

"But, I-" Bella started, before a loud gun shout rang out, "Did you hear that?"

"Yeah." Edward answered, standing up off of the floor, "What was it?"

The three guys glanced at each other before helping Bella up. Bella grabbed Edward's hand and squeezed it tightly.

"You know what it sounded like…" she trailed off, staring at the closed gym doors.

"A gun shot." Jasper sighed, before racing down the hallway.


"You can't do this." Alice whispered, backing into the gym doors, "You won't get away with it."

"I don't need to. I'll have complete satisfaction knowing you, Rosalie and Bella are dead." Margaret replied, grinning madly.

"The same satisfaction I have for knowing Mike is dead and he can't hurt anyone else!" Rosalie remarked, confidently, as she crossed her arms.

"Shut up!" Margaret shouted, aiming the gun at her, "Shut up! Don't speak his name! You have no right!"

"Rosalie…Alice…someone open the door!" Jasper called out, banging on the gym door.

"We can't." Alice declared, worriedly, as Margaret stormed towards her.

"Leave Jasper! This doesn't involve you." Margaret ordered, grabbing onto Alice's wrist, "Bella I want you in here."

"Let her go!" Rosalie demanded, pulling Alice away from Mike's mom.

"Someone better put a muzzle on this bitch before I put her down." Margaret seethed, glaring daggers at Rosalie.

"Ms. Newton, you know I can't just leave. My sister and girlfriend is inside." Jasper replied, as Margaret wiped the sweat forming on her forehead.

"Bella are you coming in?" Ms. Newton asked, innocently.

"No." Edward answered for her, as he wrapped his arm around Bella's waist.

"Then I'm killing these two girls." Margaret proclaimed, pulling the trigger back, "Do you really want to be the cause of another two deaths Bella? I thought I knew you better then that. I guess not, after all I never knew you would ditch my son just because people were teasing him. You're no true friend. I feel sorry for whoever calls you friend. You don't deserve them. You deserve to rot in purgatory for eternity. You're nothing but an inconsiderate, selfish-"

"That's enough!" Emmett interrupted, as Rose smiled at the sound of his voice.

Edward noticed more tears loosely flowing out of Bella's eyes. She already felt responsible for the deaths last year, now Margaret was making it worse.


"We have to get inside." Emmett muttered, slamming his hand on the gym door.

"The gym doesn't just have one entrance. We have the boys' locker room entrance, the girls' locker room entrance and the entrance from outside." Jasper reminded, pulling out his cell phone, "Call your dad."

Jasper shoved his cell phone into Bella's hands. Bella stared down at the cell phone as loose tears continued to roll out of her eyes. She wiped them quickly, before anyone saw them escape.

"No I can't let you all go inside. I can't be responsible for anything that happens to you guys!" Bella bellowed, thrusting the phone into her pocket, "What if she kills you just for not bringing me along?"

"She won't. Go outside. Call your dad and wait for him to come." Edward ordered, grabbing Bella's hand, protectively, "I love you Bella. The quicker your father gets here, the quicker we can take down Margaret."

Edward kissed the palm of her hand before releasing it. Bella shook her head repeatedly. She refused to leave and allow the guys to go inside without her. Margaret wanted her. Bella completed the mission Margaret set out to conquer. Emmett, Edward and Jasper would just be collateral damage.

"Go!" Edward demanded, pointing towards the opposite way.

"I…I can't!" Bella exclaimed, pulling the phone out of her pocket, "I…I'm sorry!"

Edward sighed to himself before grabbing the cell phone out of Bella's hands. He stormed out of the school as he dialed Charlie's number.

"I'm coming with you." Bella whispered, drying her eyes with the fabric of her shirt.

"I don't think that's a good-" Jasper started, before Bella raised her hand to silence him.

"I am." she asserted, leading the way towards the boys' locker room.


"Please just put the gun away!" Alice pleaded, stepping closer towards Rosalie, "I…I can't get shot again. I don't like the pain."

"Hopefully, it'll be quick. YOU HEAR THAT BELLA! IF YOU DON'T SHOW YOUR FACE, I'M GOING TO PUT A BULLET THROUGH THEIRS!" Margaret shouted, before raising her gun once again.

"If Bella comes in here, you're not going to shoot us?" Alice wondered, running her fingers through her short hair.

"I was thinking about it. You may have teased him, and Rosalie may have broke his heart, but it's Bella who really deserves to pay. She drove a knife through his back, repeatedly. Every time she laughed at one of your jokes. Every time she drove a wedge further between him and Rosalie. Every time she cracked a joke herself or tripped him up." Margaret explained, while pacing in front of the two girls.

"She didn't know any better." Alice tried to explain, before being interrupted by a gun shot to the ceiling.

"Don't make excuses for her!" Ms. Newton screamed, tapping the gun to the side of her head, in thought, "She doesn't deserve excuses! None of you do."

Rosalie pushed her blond hair behind her shoulder before spotting Emmett, Jasper and Bella by the boys' locker room. She quickly shook her head, and motioned for them to leave. Margaret's vendetta wasn't against her, Bella and Alice anymore. Now Margaret was out for Bella's blood.

"Where is she?" Margaret screamed, dropping her arm, as she turned to face the two girls, "This is why you should hate her! She's selfish! She only cares about herself! She doesn't care about you, Rosalie or Mike. She's going to let you two die for her. When it all comes down to it, the only person Isabella Swan gives a damn about is Isabella Swan."

Rosalie shook her head once more, trying to get their attention. Bella shook her head in return, letting Rosalie know she's willing to do what she has to do in order to guarantee their safety. Bella didn't want to feel the way she feels anymore. That's why she refused to acknowledge the emotions that came with the massacre and Mike's death. It was easier to just ignore them.

Margaret sighed to herself as she pulled the trigger back on the gun. Ms. Newton rolled her eyes and smiled, before speaking."I refuse to wait any longer. Who wants to go first?"

Alice stared down at the ground as Rose averted her eyes towards the ceiling.

"No volunteers?" Margaret laughed, before shaking her shoulders, "I guess I'll just go in the order my son went."

Margaret grinned madly before raising her gun towards Rosalie.

"Wait!" Jasper shouted, gaining the attention of Margaret.

"Well look at what we have here. Bella Swan in the flesh." she remarked, lowering her gun, as she turned to face the new visitors.

"I'm here. Now let them go." Bella asserted, approaching Margaret.

Emmett reached out to pull Bella back, but she refused. She felt ready to take on Margaret Newton. She knew the woman for years. Bella knew everything about her and her son. She had her own ammunition against the woman in front of her. It may not hurt her physically, but it was definitively going to leave some mental and emotional scars.

"You came after all." the older woman muttered, meeting Bella half way.

"Yeah, but before you shoot me. I have something to say." Bella growled, holding her hands in the air, as Margaret raised her weapon, "Mike was a creep. I didn't just ditch him because people were teasing him. I ditched him because everything they said was true. He was a pervert, a creep, a psycho and a loser. All of that was proven exactly one year ago. It takes an extremely messed up individual to bring a gun to school and kill people. He was psychotic and I can see he gets it from his mother!"

The gym doors busted in as Margaret pulled the trigger back. Police officers surrounded her, including Charlie Swan.

"Drop the weapon!" Charlie shouted, aiming his gun at the older woman.

"They're all lies! My son was the best!" Margaret screamed as tears fell down her cheeks, "He deserved the best! None of you even compared to him!"

"You're right. We were all above him." Bella growled, as Margaret shook her head rapidly.

The woman covered her mouth with her hand as she cried into them. Margaret closed her eyes as she pushed down onto the trigger button. She watched Bella fall to the floor before hearing another gun shot ring out. Margaret looked down to see her white shirt begin to stain with red. She touched down onto her stomach before falling to her knees.


"Margaret Newton." Officer Marks stated, handcuffing her wrist to the gurney, "You are under arrest..."

Margaret Newton had a strong pulse. The paramedics knew for a fact she was going to survive.

Bella on the other hand, was a different story. Charlie Swan was merely inches away from his wounded daughter.

Just like last year, the media swarmed around the school. Julia and Anthony stood on the school steps along with Renee, Carlisle, Esme, Cynthia and Bill. Each parent awaited to see if their child would come out unharmed or on a gurney.

Alice stepped outside with Jasper holding her hand, tightly. Her cheeks were stained with tears as her face was red from crying so much. Emmett had his arm wrapped around Rosalie, securely. It was no room between the two. She was crying into his chest, so much that the two had to stop walking just to allow her to continue crying.

"Alice!" a reporter called out, "What happened?"

Julia and Anthony immediately ran towards their children. Anthony pulled his daughter into his arms, allowing her to cry there. Julia grabbed her son's hand and pulled him over towards Anthony and Rosalie.

Bill called for his son to come over as Cynthia ran towards their daughter. Alice refused to speak or even look at the press. She shook her head rapidly as she watched the paramedics wheel Margaret into the back of the ambulance.

"What happened sweetheart?" Cynthia asked, as Alice continued to ignore anyone who dared to speak.

Edward stepped out next, alone. Esme and Carlisle immediately ran over to their son, relieved that he was safe and unharmed. Renee's hand quickly flew to her mouth after realizing Bella wasn't with Edward.

"Where's my daughter?" Renee screamed, pushing through the crowd of onlookers.

Edward glanced behind him to see Charlie walking out beside a gurney. Renee stopped moving and stared at her husband. Charlie held his hat tight in his hands as he stared down at the ground. Renee averted her eyes away from her husband and onto the gurney beside him.

Rosalie felt her legs go limp at the sight of the gurney.

"Is that Bella?" Julia asked, as Jasper nodded slowly.

Esme covered her mouth as she watched the coroner cover the young girl's body with a white sheet.

"No! No!" Renee shouted, falling onto her knees, "This can't be happening! Bella!"

Charlie immediately ran over towards his wife and pulled her into his arms. Edward broke down as he watched the coroner wheel her body away. The reporters grew quiet as they stared down at the ground in silence. Emmett pried Rosalie's eyes off of Bella's form and pulled her into his arms. Alice walked away and refused to look at Bella being wheeled away.

"Is this really happening?" Renee asked, wiping the tears from her eyes, "Is Bella really gone?"



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