A/N- So this story has been in the works for a while and is my first crossover fic. In this story I want to explore how the team would try to cope in the Harry Potter universe, especially Wally not being a magical believer, Zatanna only wanting to stick to the magic she has learned and Kaldur learning different types of magic while trying to keep his team in line. Every member of the team will be focused on as they go through their own troubles. Not only will the team go through trials, but Hogwarts learning to deal with the facts of secret identities and the notion of child soldiers.

Standing before the team, Klarion let out a wicked laugh as he shot a solid burst of magical energy at Kid Flash. "This is fun," he equipped as the speedster barely managed to avoid the attack.

"You little piece of shit," yelled Kid Flash rushing to deliver a blow that luckily made the witch boy falter. He was in no mood to deal with this so called Lord of Chaos. Part of him wished that they had brought the Helmet of Fate for the mission, but it didn't happen and now Nabu couldn't help them. "Hey guys a little back up please."

"Hey we have problems of our own," yelled Artemis scowling as she shot an arrow laced with explosives at a clone of Klarion's. The arrow hit its target dead on and the clone disintegrated into smoke, but just as the clone disappeared two more appeared taking its place. "Shit."

Aqualad seeing the effect frowned knowing that if they couldn't destroy the clones that getting to the real Klarion would be difficult and the familiar Teekal was nowhere to be found; carefully hiding so she could keep her master in the mortal plane. Around him the rest of the team were trying their best to fight off the numerous clones, but with all of their best efforts the task was becoming impossible. Making the responsible decision, he quickly hit the golden A on his belt to inform The League that help was needed immediately.

In the back of his mind, Aqualad wondered how a simple retrieval mission turned sour so quickly. It was supposed to be a simple mission to retrieve a magical artifact and deliver it the League; however Klarion wanted the same artifact and decided to show the team his new trick of multiplication. But Aqualad didn't have time to dwell on semantics as he battled a clone. Noticing the wind picking up, Aqualad knew he had one chance to get rid of the clones. Concentrating he forced out the extra water in his pack to construct a powerful whirlpool that sucked in all of the clones.

"Hey that's not fair," screamed Klarion. I'm supposed to win not you." Quickly he banished his clones and gained an evil grin. "Well since you don't like my clones, I learned a new spell that will destroy all of you easily." In a whisper he started to speak incantations.

Despite most of the team not being magical users they could feel the magical energy flow into Klarion. "Everyone huddle together," screamed Aqualad. Not having to be told twice the team did as they were told. Using all of his energy, he created a magical shield. Zatanna not having to be asked helped reinforce the shield with her own magic. Hoping to be some type of help Miss Martian mentally strengthened the shield to the best of her abilities.

Klarion could only laugh as he hurled the magical spell at the shield hoping that it would be enough to kill his adversaries, but even if he did The Light wouldn't be too happy. After the immense explosion, he was surprised to find that the shield was still intact. "Damn." Easily he summoned another spell this one ten times more powerful than the last with enough power to destroy two major cities and hurled it at the team.

Kid in the time the second spell was being hurled figured out that by running inside the shield as fast as possible that the force could somehow reflect the spell if it managed to get through. Hopefully his theory proved true as the spell made an impact with the shield, but the three different magical energies combined with Kid Flash's velocity that was almost taking him into the speed force opened a dimensional portal that sucked in the team. Just as fast as it opened it closed within two seconds.

Marveling at his handy work, Klarion could only laugh as he sang, "They're dead! They're dead!"

"For your sakes they better not be," said from the shadows belonging to none other than The Dark Knight

Looking into every direction, he almost wet himself as every member of the Justice League closed in on him.

Elsewhere, like every night the students of Hogwarts sat in the Great Hall eating as much as they could handle while talking about the numerous topics that filled their lives such as school, home life, and romance all while trying not to think about an upcoming war that lurked in the near future. So far the school year had started out quiet, there were no news of deaths or of the Dark Lord committing raids, but it was going to happen at any second. Also for once in the two months since Hogwarts had started its fall term there was no strange incidents as of yet, but all that changed as the hall suddenly rumbled and a blur of red and yellow slammed into the sturdy doors of the Great Hall.

Before anyone could react a flash of blinding white light struck the middle of the hall only to reveal six different looking teenagers when it dissipated.

A/N- I do have a good portion of this story already written, but I want to see what the reaction is to this story, before I continue.