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As everyone began to ate, Kaldur got up and went to Slytherin with a very serious expression on his face. Without having to be told, Zatanna got up before he could say anything and the two walked out of the Great Hall.

"Megan no link."


Once outside, Kaldur crossed his arms as he looked down at the younger girl. "Why would you pull a stunt like that?" he asked trying to keep his voice calm.

"It was a joke."

"A joke? That was not a joke. That was a purely disgusting act that completely abused your magic."

"I've done it before," she protested.

"I do not care if you have. We are somewhere unknown and you pulled an act that is making those people in there look down on you as if you were promiscuous. What would your father think?"

"He would be pissed."

"Yes he would. As your leader—"

"Actually Kaldur, I look up to you as an older brother," she interrupted.

"As a big brother I do not want people to think of you other than intelligent and beautiful."

Hanging her head down in embarrassment, Zatanna didn't know what to say as a few tears ran down. Taking the big brother role seriously he pulled her into a hug. "I could wipe everyone's memory of the event."

"Are you powerful enough to do it?"

"Yes, but it would be psychically and mentally exhausting and I would need yours, Megan's and Wally's help."

He thought it over before speaking. "Now would not be the right time, but after we go back to the room. After we do wipe their memories nothing like this will happen again."

"Yes Kaldur."

"And you will learn their form of magic to get a better understanding of what we are against."

Zatanna was going to protest, but decided against it. "Alright I will."

"Good, let us go back in and eat."

Earth 16

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice, the Justice League sat around a large rounded table facing each other along with Mera, Dr. Fate, John Constantine, Timothy Hunter and Dr. Mist.

"Must I really be here?" asked John lighting a cigarette, taking a deep drag he blew the smoke out in rings. Frowning Batman stole the cigarette and put it out. "Now that was rude, finally allowed in the Hall of Justice and the hosts are going to be rude."

Batman gave him a glare before he spoke. "Yes, you must. The five of you are the most powerful magical users this universe." He pulled up a hologram picture of the team, plus Klarion. "Two days ago the team had an encounter with Klarion the Witch Boy. During the fight a magical portal was opened and sucked in the team, but leaving Klarion on this earth. We were unable to capture Klarion to interrogate him."

"And you need us why?"

"Because each of you represents different aspects of the mystical arts. This situation is beyond the current skill set of just one of you."

"Really you want the outcasts of the Justice League to help. Oh wait Dr. Fate is in the league now, sorry if I forgot," he said sarcastically.

"Shut up John," snapped Timothy. "I felt the explosive amount of magical energy. Who else on this team can use magic?"

"Aqualad and Zatanna," Batman answered.

"Well it's obvious that their magic combined with the witch boy had a negative effect," scoffed John. "Like Timothy I felt the effect, but there was something else to it something unfamiliar."

"Like what?"

"I can't explain it, but it was something not from this Earth that's for damn sure. Dr. Fate, I'm sure you have done something before the rest of us were contacted."

"I have."


"I have analyzed the site and the magical residue left behind was quite strong. I have concluded that there is another force at play here. It is magical in power, but different from everyone's in this room. For even an idea about what we are up against the five of us need to do an alignment spell."

"Quite dangerous," said Mera. "But to find out where Kaldur'ahm is I will do it."

"I'll do anything with you," flirted John.

"My husband is sitting right next to me."

Looking over John saw Aquaman looking as if to kill him. "Right, anyway let's get on with this, because I have better things to do with my time."

"Does everyone know the basic principles of the spell?" asked Dr. Mist.

"Well duh, most magical users do."

"Does he have to be here?" Flash sneered.

"Unfortunately yes," Green Lantern Hal replied.

"Hey right in the room," said John standing up as he casted a spell.


Back at the Great Hall, after his discussion with Zatanna, Kaldur made his rounds to the other tables to find out how everyone else was. Wally having finished his food in record time decided to make a little trouble especially after finding out that Artemis and Zatanna were in the evil house. He could understand Artemis being there, but Zatanna wasn't as bad as her.

Walking over the snake table, he wrapped his arms around Zatanna and Artemis, interrupting their conversation with various other members of their house, especially a blond boy with steel grey eyes. "Hey cookie," he said. "Make any new friends?"

Artemis threw his arm off. "Call me that again and you'll be the fastest boy alive with a limp. What do you want Kid Dork?"

"Just wanted to visit my friends. Oh and I found out something interesting that applies to you more than Zatanna."


"Isn't it obvious?" She grabbed his arm and twisted it until he yelped in pain. "Alright, I'll tell. You are in the evil house."

"Not true," the blond boy blurted out. "We Slytherins do have a reputation, but we use our heads more than the other houses and value our rich traditions."

"And your name is?"


"Aw Latin for dragon, I don't think it fits you."

Holding back a very scathing remark Draco asked, "Why are you even over here?"

"So I can talk to my teammates, don't I have the right to?"

"Slytherins do not normally associate with Ravenclaws, especially ones that look like he belongs to the Weasleys."

"I am not a weasel."

"Wally just get out of here and stop messing up our dinner. Whatever Slytherin is associated with I will handle it," said Artemis.

"But, I'm not a weasel," he whined.

"Please leave and stop antagonizing us," Zatanna said.

"Fine." Sulking over to Gryffindor, Wally sat next to his best friend. "Ah," he sighed.

"What's wrong KF, women trouble?"

"Yeah Rob, the girls are ganging up on me and I haven't done anything wrong. Oh well." He went and wrapped his arm around Hermione. "Hey Herman."

"It's Hermione."

"Sorry, enjoying my gift?"

"Yes, but I still find it impossible for you to run to Guatemala and New York."

"Like I told you I'm the fast boy alive; you just have to believe me."

"Oh like how you should believe in magic," Robin blurted out.


"You don't believe in magic, but yet you're in a magical school filled with witches and wizards?" asked Hermione.

"Magic is merely advanced science," he explained pulling his arm away. "Look, I don't expect you to understand, but that is what I believe and I rather not argue the matter."

Hermione frowned at his statement, but for once decided to keep her mouth shut. Harry decided to ask the obvious question that played on everyone's minds. "So what exactly does your team do?"

"Help protect others that cannot protect themselves. Like you, we study under our mentors on how to properly do our jobs," answered Kaldur.

"And you are the leader?"


"Yes, our fearless leader Kaldur has led us into battle many of times," said Wally. "He has even risked his life for us."

"You guys risk your lives in battles, what are you soldiers?"

"All the others are not soldiers, just heroes in training. For myself, I have had military training since the age of twelve and fought my first battle at thirteen."

"And how old are you?"


"But you're too young to be a solider," said Ginny.

"In my culture all twelve-year-olds enter the military at that age, unlike others I have continued in the field, while being an apprentice with my mentor learning how to be a hero."

An uncomfortable silence fell over Gryffindor as they all thought about the horrible society the team had to be from to have soldiers at such a young age, especially Kaldur who they thought had the visual effects on his neck.

Before anything else was said, Connor came to them with his arms crossed and holding a very straight posture making him appear larger than he already was. "We need to talk."

"About what?"

"This place."

"Then let us discuss your matter in private." "Connor and I will be going to the room, so everyone come to the room immediately after eating," Kaldur quickly thought.

"Right," the rest of the team said.

"Wait don't the two of you want to find out where your dorms are at first?" asked Hermione.

"No," scoffed Connor walking off leaving a few first years scared in his wake due to his sheer size and angry facial expression. Silently Kaldur just followed.

"How old is Connor?"

"Sixteen," answered Megan coming up to the table feeling uneasy now that Connor was gone.

"I would have thought he was at least twenty or twenty-one."

"Nope, Supey is just big for his age," said Robin. "Don't worry he wouldn't hurt anyone he is quite gentle." Megan and Wally knew that he was lying through his teeth. "I'm done eating Miss. M, Wally want to go back to the room?"

"Sure," they answered knowing that they were going to discuss some things.

"Wait what is with the nicknames such as Kid Flash, Miss M and Supey?"

"That's their code names and actually if it wasn't for an accident you wouldn't have found out our real names, well except for me. I can guarantee that you will never find out my real one."

Hermione clenched her teeth at the younger boy, now she was determined to find out everything about the seven teenagers. Robin let out his infamous laugh knowing that he was pissing her off.

From across the room, Zatanna noted how the rest of the team was preparing to leave. "Hey everyone is leaving."

"I'll think I'll stay," answered Artemis as she smiled at Draco.

The pureblood gave her a smile back. "I'll escort her back," he said.

"Already you've found someone and we haven't been here three days."

"Shut up, he's nice."

"Good luck with this relationship, but I would be careful of the pug faced girl staring daggers at you."

"I can handle her."

"You do that, see you at the room."

"See ya."

Shaking her head, Zatanna got up and went to the rest of her friends a little unsure about leaving Artemis, but she knew that she could fiend for herself.

Hours later back at Gryffindor tower, Hermione sat by the fire in the common room just staring, while Harry and Ron just watched her wondering what was going on in her mind.

"Hermione can we go to bed?" asked Harry.

"No," she said quickly turning around. "We need to compile notes about the seven." Quickly she summoned paper and a fresh quill. Harry get your Marauders map, so we can find out their full names."

"They have them hidden for a reason."

"Harry please, it's for research."

"Alright," he mumbled knowing there was no point in trying to fight her about it. Quickly he went and got the map, bringing it down and setting it on the table. "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." Slowly the map revealed all of Hogwarts and the people in its confines. Looking closely they found seven familiar names in a group. Kaldur'ahm Curry, Artemis Crock, Zatanna Zatara, Wallace West, Richard Grayson, M'gann M'orzz, and Connor Kent.

"And Robin said I would never find out his name," remarked Hermione writing the names down and then connecting them with their code names. "Okay next what do we know about them so far?"

"Well," began Ron. "Wally can run at extremely high speeds, he has a high metabolism which causes him to eat constantly and he flirts with every girl in school."

Hermione nodded as she wrote down what he said then said. "Megan is obviously green and can fly to a certain capacity. On her Earth, she could be a hybrid human or an alien. Connor is the silent type and is quite big for his age and we do have confirmation that he is only sixteen. Artemis has to use weapons. Robin seems to the youngest and has a mentor by the name of Bats that doesn't like him to reveal his whole face. Zatanna is obviously a very powerful witch despite her age."

"Last is Kaldur'ahm," said Harry. "He is their leader, wears a backpack, has large tattoos and visible cuts on his neck possibly from the battles he has fought, yet he doesn't care that at his age he is a solider.

"They say that their heroes in their world, but the hero statement most be a cover up for something else."

"Shouldn't we discuss why they are living together despite being in different houses?"

"You're right Harry. Dumbledore must not trust them for some reason. We will talk about this more later." Getting up she gathered up her things and went to her dorm to go over her notes alone leaving the boys in the dark.

Quietly the team sat around their dining room table staring at each other waiting for Artemis and for Kaldur to say something. Soon enough Artemis walked in and took her seat at the table. Lacing his fingers together, Kaldur looked at each member of the team with a very serious expression. "The behaviors that this team has displayed is unacceptable."

"What are you talking about?" Wally asked.

"You are a perfect example; you have been nothing but disrespectful towards the adults of this school and you have deliberately misused your powers in front of others. What were you thinking when you went to Guatemala?"

"I wanted to prove a point."

"There was no point to prove," snapped Kaldur. "These wizards can easily figure out how to slow you down and do something unspeakable." Wally bowed his head not wanting to look at Kaldur in the eyes. "Zatanna, we have already spoken about what you did." She nodded not wanting to bring it up. "Megan."

"Kaldur, I didn't mean to reveal our names."

"But you should not have done it in the first place. We have been on plenty of undercover missions and you have never had a slip up like that before. Why was this time different?"

Everyone's eyes fell on her making her so nervous that her skin color started to change. "I don't know," she whispered. "It just came out."

"Something like that doesn't just come out," scolded Artemis. "Not only did you give them our names but everyone knows you can fly and what you did in front of Mr. Lupin."

"Don't talk about her. You're the one flirting with one of them," snapped Connor.

"What I do is my business," she snapped back. "Besides what I said to Draco is nothing compared to what she did. You're only defending her because she is your girlfriend and you are blind to her faults."

"Just because she is my girlfriend has nothing to do with this."

"Yes it does," she yelled.

"Enough!" bellowed Aqualad slamming his hands against the table making everyone hold fear in their eyes. "There will be no more of this petty fighting. Mistakes were made and we most move past them. Unless the information is basic we will not reveal any more about ourselves and unless absolutely necessary any use of powers are forbidden."

"You can't be serious," said Wally.

"I am very serious," he said lowering his voice. "Until further notice that is my rule. There are other matters we must discuss and the first is why we cannot use our link when there is distance between us."

"I think it has to do with the magical energy here," said Zatanna.

"But we have been in plenty high magical areas and this has never happened," Robin said. "Kaldur, you told use to never look Dumbledore in the eyes, do you think he has something to do with it? It obvious he knows when we're speaking in the link."

"A possibility. He has his own agendas with us that goes beyond protecting Harry Potter. We must work on getting out of here faster. Did any of you see who Harry was?"

"No," everyone said.

"Then we will find out who he is tomorrow. The last piece of business we need to deal with tonight involves Megan, Wally, Zatanna and I."

"What we are we going to do?" asked Megan.

"Because of my actions tonight, I need to wipe that certain memory from every human being in Hogwarts except for us," Zatanna said.


"I will need to call upon the energy of every magical user closest to me and transfer the energy to you, so that you can perform a mind wipe. It's very powerful and would physically and mentally drain us. Wally if you and Megan don't want to do it; I can understand."

"Despite not believing that I'm magical; I will help you out," said Wally. "Besides I don't want anyone in this school looking down upon you."

"I don't mind helping either," said Megan.

"Then let's get this over with," Kaldur said getting up.

In less than an hour, the memory of Zatanna's stunt was eliminated from everyone's memory. But what the team didn't know was that while they were having their meeting. Albus extracted every memory he had of them into his pensieve.

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