Title: Star-crossed Affair
Rating: M
Warnings: Lemons, swearing and all that good stuff.
Pairings: Sheldon x Penny
Disclaimer: Me no own... you no sue

A Shenny Romance. Starting just after Season 3… with some of season 4 however no season 5… as the Penny/Raj hook up just wouldn't work with what I had in mind. So let's say half way thru season 4? This story is gunna be a LONG one! It will have lemons. So if you don't like lemons this is not the fic for you.

I'm re-editing chapters 1 and 2...


A deep sigh broke the silence of the tiny, messy, apartment. Bright green eyes scanned the living room strewn with clothing, shoes and trash. The sight of it all made her wish he was here, he would complain about it, argue with her about it and then proceed to clean it up himself. The joys of being neighbours to a clean freak… well he was more than just a clean freak… he was a whackadoodle. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper, the craziest man alive without a doubt.

"Fuck!" She cursed and took another shot of wine. Everything she did had her thinking about him, he was everywhere! Penny ran her fingers through her blonde hair and thought back over all the moments she shared with him, there were so many she couldn't even count them all. The ones that stuck out in her mind danced around in her thoughts: Penny Blossoms, the shoe app, ballroom dancing, a fall in the tub, kicking a nerd in the nuts, rent, hot dog spaghetti, many hot beverages, treats, baked goods and very strange conversations.

Her mind stopped on the night Sheldon got locked out after a very awkward "Friends with benefits" conversation with him. The sad look on his home sick face was made her remember why she felt the way she did. It wasn't lust, she was an expert on lust, this definitely wasn't lust this was something much deeper and stronger. Her mind moved to other memories, many of them involved him standing at her door as she was on the verge of tears with anything from tea to baked goods. She smiled.

Sheldon might have been a little crazy and childish, but he cared about her and not just because she was a "hot piece of ass". He comforted her when she was sad and hurt, even let her touch him, he came to her for advice and tried his hardest to teach her everything she was willing to listen to. He did all these things without expecting sexual favours like most guys. She could always be sure he wasn't pretending to be someone he wasn't just to impress her either, Sheldon was just Sheldon. No more. No less.

Another shot of cheap wine feels like flavoured water going down adding to the dizzy feelings and drunken thoughts of Sheldon. She huffed. What a headache! Penny grabbed the remote and flipped on the television. Of course it's the sci-fi channel! Sadly she didn't turn the channel. Star Trek. While Sheldon thought of himself as Spock she saw more of him in Data. The strange love child of Spock and Data was Sheldon. She smirked to herself as her eyes closed.


*Knock, knock, knock,* "Penny!"

*Knock, knock, knock,* "Penny!"

"Sheldon! Do you have to wake me up so early?" She moaned from her pillow, her eyes didn't even want to know what time it really was, but she knew it was early.

*Knock, knock, knock,* "Penny!"

"It's open!" Her groan barely made it to the door. She waited to hear the door open but she was met with silence. She thought he might of left, off to do whatever the hell he does before 11 am on a Saturday morning… wait… Monday morning? As the thought passed her mind she jumped from her bed, completely awake. Her eyes found the clock it was 7:46 am. She didn't work till 2 in the afternoon, why did she leap from bed? She never finished her thought when it started again.

*Knock, knock, knock,* "Penny!"

*Knock, knock, knock,* "Penny!"

*Knock, knock, knock,* "Penny!"

Penny groaned again as she trudged to the door. Swinging it open she was met by an awkward looking Sheldon. His blue eyes stood out thanks to his black t-shirt over top a purple long sleeved undershirt. Black was such a good colour on him. He was ready for the day, messenger bag and all, while she looked like, well, she didn't even want to think about what her hair must look like right now.

"What's up?" She questioned. She watched his tall frame shift his weight around. She wondered why he didn't come in when she had told him it was open. She also wondered why he wasn't already on his way to work.

"Penny, you know I'm not one for idle chit-chat. Leonard did not return from his night out. You are required to take me to work." Sheldon's voice had an air of confidence as he demanded for her assistance. His blue eyes scanned her face before dropping to see her red tank top and hello kitty shorts…. They were really short. Penny could see his cheeks turn slightly pink as he looked up to the ceiling. "And please hurry I'm going to be late as it is." He added after a few moments.

"Seriously? Sheldon! You know there are nicer ways to ask me for something! Ugh give me 5 minutes." Penny shot at him as she rolled her eyes. She never let him get a word in before she slammed the door in his rude and all high and mighty face. She made an hand gesture for "shove it" before turning on her heel and storming to the bedroom.

God! He can be such an ass! She thought as she changed into tight jeans and a blue tank top. Throwing her hair up into a messy bun she made her way back to the door. Sheldon had not moved from where she left him, he was standing silently, slightly more fidgety. Grabbing her bag she walked by him, "Let's go!" She huffed when she reached the stairs.

Sheldon spun around quickly and followed suit. Maybe he realised how awful he sounded when he demanded a ride from her or maybe he was thinking about her at all. Who knows with his whacky brain, but the silence from him was a nice change. He really needed to learn how to be less condescending towards people in his life or he won't have many friends left. Penny paused in her thoughts and tried to think of life without Sheldon and the boys, surprisingly she couldn't picture it. They were cemented in her life whether she liked it or not.

Her inner workings still going on when they reached the lobby, she didn't even notice Sheldon pass her to ensure he held the door open for her. They remained silent until she turned on her signal light to merge into traffic.

"Penny… your check engine light is on." Sheldon pointed out for the hundredth billion time since she started taxing him. His brown hair combed nicely was all she could see as she shot a glare at the back of his head. "Thank you for giving me a ride to work. I know I can always count on you."

"Thank you sweetie," Penny finally replied after a long moment of shock. "Sorry for snapping at you earlier, it was a rough night." She said apologetically. He turned away from the window to look at her with a stone expression she couldn't read. She could easily push his buttons and did so every chance she could but she was never able to figure out what his expressions truly meant.

"I know, Penny, you smell like a brewery," he offered nonchalantly. Penny scowled at him and threw him another death glare. He paid no attention to it as he continued, "I hope you plan on coming over this evening it is Thai night and I was thinking of breaking out Wii bowling for us."

Penny smiled a little. "Won't I just be the fifth wheel?"

"No, they are going to Raj's house. Ever since Leonard started engaging in coitus with Priya…," He paused and turned his head back to the window, "I do not like it there! For eight years Thai night was at my place, for eight years…."

"I'll be there, moonpie." Penny interrupted before he went on one of tirades. If she didn't know better she could have sworn she heard his voice hitch a little but Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper doesn't cry.

"Only my meemaw calls me that Penny! Please don't call me that." Sheldon snapped, crossing his arms, he shot her a dirty look of his own. Penny couldn't help but snicker under her breath.


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