Title: Star-crossed Affair
Rating: M
Warnings: Lemons, swearing and all that good stuff.
Pairings: Sheldon x Penny, Leonard x Priya, Howard x Bernie
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The sound of something being dropped (very loudly) in the hallway woke Penny from her slumber. She was slightly depressed to open her eyes and see her own bedroom. Sheldon had let her lay with him for a while, but he'd insisted she return to her own bed because it was a work night and he needed his sleep. She wanted to fight for the right to stay snuggled up to him, but it was still early in the relationship so she let it slide. However, with all the drama that had happened over the last few days, it certainly felt like they had been together longer than a few days.

She was still unsure of this new side of Sheldon she was seeing. Seriously, what was she supposed to think? He'd willingly had sex with her only minutes after the relationship agreement had been signed and the fact he willingly did whatever she asked him. When he'd given his explanation at the park, she was left with the feeling that there was something he wasn't telling her. She'd pushed the feeling aside because she knew even if there was something going on, it wasn't really anything she would need to worry about; Sheldon was a good guy, and he had always been an overachiever…maybe that's what it was.

Speaking of Sheldon, she realized it was 9:30 in the morning. She was supposed to drive her crazy physicist boyfriend to work this morning. If he'd been waiting on her, he was definitely late. She didn't even bother getting dressed, racing across the hall in her Hello Kitty shorts and pink tank top.

"Why Penny," Howard purred, sliding out of the doorway to meet her, "I must say, you look ravaging. If I had known this is how you greeted Leonard and Sheldon every morning, I would have moved into 5A in a heartbeat." Penny halted in her tracks and shot him a glare.

"Not even in your dreams, Howard," She informed him, dryly, "Where's Sheldon?" Penny asked, looking towards Raj, who had set another cardboard box down in the living room. Raj opened his mouth, but thought better of it and closed it again, looking over to Howard, who was now standing beside Penny in the entrance way of 4A.

"Raj gave him a ride to work this morning so he could pick up his keys," Howard answered automatically. His demeanor changed quickly when he asked, "So is it true you and Sheldon are, ya know, bumpin' uglies?"

Penny rolled her eyes, and, as much as she wanted to tell him it was none of his business, she knew that he would be hanging around the apartment building more, especially now that Raj was here. Really, there was no point denying or trying to hide it…not that she would anyway.

"Yeah, we're dating," Penny snapped, narrowing her eyes in Howard's direction, "So what?"

Howard looked at Raj and then back at Penny, with a sly smirk, "Uh, details?" he asked. She watched him rub his hands together like she was going to spill all juicy details for them to drool over, and wondered what they would think if she told them Sheldon had pinned her against the very counter upon which Raj's boxes were sitting, and had his way with her.

"He asked me out," She hissed in irritation, "I said yes. End of story." Though she was trying to stay angry, she wasn't as upset as she supposed she should have been with them. How could she blame them? If she wasn't the one dating Sheldon, and heard that he was dating someone, she'd want the details too. "Let me get dressed and I'll help you guys move this shit in." Penny added in a more chipper tone. She turned on her heel and raced back to her apartment. She could feel Howard's gaze linger on her as she scurried across the hallway.

She showered and dressed quickly, taking a total of twenty minutes, which was definitely a record for her. Once clad in sweats and a baggy shirt (hopefully to deter Howard's pervy gaze), she returned to 4A. Raj had a beer in hand, taking a large swig as she entered.

"Hitting the booze a little early aren't ya?" Penny teased as she grabbed one of the boxes and carried it down the hallway. As she rounded the corner, she heard Raj's steps coming from behind her.

"Nah, it's after nine, I'm in the clear," He replied with a chuckle, following her into his new room.

"I had no idea you had so much stuff!" She exclaimed, noticing the pile of boxes stacked up in the corner and the bed and frame resting against the wall.

"You should have seen my apartment last night, moving my stuff out and Leonard's stuff in. Luckily, we split on the U-Haul," Raj informed her cheerily as he added his newest box to the pile. "It's going to a long couple of days of unpacking."

Penny smiled as she scanned the room, "Between the three of us we can have you set up before I have to pick to Sheldon up."

She followed Raj back into the living room just as Howard dropped a final box down by the door, "finally that's the last of it." Howard wiped his hand across his forehead, brushing his bowl cut hair style to the side. Penny opened her mouth to make a snide remark when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, pulling it out to read her text.

S: I assume the move has proven successful. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper.

P: So far so good ;)

S: What the is semi colon bracket supposed to be? Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper.

P: A winky face.

S: There is no hope for you. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper.

P: Am I still picking u up, Moonpie!

S: Yes YOU are. 4:30. See YOU then. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper

P: u r 2 cute!

S: Dear Lord! Good-Bye! Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper.

Penny couldn't hide her smirk; there was just something so fun about bugging him. It really didn't help that it was so easy to get him wound up…sometimes, it was too easy. She pocketed her phone again and turned her attention back to living room stacked with boxes, a large oak dresser, a bookshelf and other various trinkets. She had only been to Raj's apartment once before, back when he'd won that 30 under 30 thing. He'd had such an ego trip over it, that she couldn't help but find it cute. But, still she hadn't realized how much stuff he actually owned. Seeing it all now really solidified the massive change of dynamics in her world.

"Alright boys, let's get his party started!" She chimed, picking up another box, spinning on her heel quickly without wait for a reply. As she entered in Raj's bedroom and looked around to take in the mess. She started a mental check list of what needed to be done, set up the bed, the furniture and start opening the boxes.


As Penny pulled into the visitor parking lot of Cal-Tech, her little red 90's VW made her feel out of place. Every other car was at least a 2009 or a fancy sports car, all most likely without the 'check engine' lights on. It was just another reminder that she needed to retire her ride. She briefly wondered if that old show 'Pimp my Ride' was still on the air and pondered momentarily how she could go about entering.

She shut her car off and glanced at her phone to check the time. It was twenty after four, a few minutes early, but with Sheldon, it was better to be early than late. However, neither of them were looking forward to later this evening when she dropped him off at Amy's. She wanted to take Sheldon's side, not just because he was her new boyfriend, but because she knew how he felt. However, Amy saw their relationship differently than Sheldon, did and therein lay the problem. This was something Sheldon would have to do in order to salvage the friendship he shared with Amy.

Penny didn't want to lose Amy as a friend either. Yeah, she a little awkward, but that was to be expected since she hadn't had friends growing up and was unsure of social protocol. Lesbian tendencies aside, Amy was still a good friend.

With a deep sigh, she watched a few students leaving the school, when she realized she had never actually seen Sheldon's office. Making up her mind, she exited her car and frowned slightly when she noticed Leonard's car parked in the staff parking lot. She'd known it would be there, since he obviously worked here too. Even though she was still pissed at how he'd acted, glaring daggers at his car wasn't going to help. She giggled at the mental image of Sheldon trying to use the 'force' to blow up Leonard's brain.

She decided not to dwell on that depressing topic and proceeded to the entrance way of the university. Pushing her way through the door, she stood dumbfounded when she remembered she had no idea where his office actually was. She found a sign on the wall that pointed to the physics department, which would be the best place to start her search.

Walking down the hallway, she was on the lookout for his office she didn't even register that someone was standing in the open doorway of one of the rooms.

"Hello Woxanne," The voice drawled, startling her and Penny's eyes snapped in its direction. Barry Kripke was leaning in a forced pose against the door in an attempt, she guessed, to impress her. His purple shirt, green hoodie and outdated blue jeans clad his slightly over-weight frame in a tacky but casual way.

"Oh, hey, didn't see ya there," She offered in a tone she normally saved for Howard. "Do you know where Sheldon's office is?" She asked, skipping right to the point and ending any chance he may have had to try and hit on her.

A stunned expression came to his face, and his eyes narrowed but he pointed in the direction she was already heading. "Wound the Cownew fiwst doow on the left." He answered dejectedly.

"Thanks," She replied, and with a simple smile, she continued down the hallway, not giving him a second glance. As soon as she turned the corner, she spotted it. She stood in front the door, his name jumping out at her, Dr. Sheldon L. Cooper, PhD. Knocking lightly on the door she waited for him to answer.

She jumped a little when the door swung open abruptly with a six foot two lanky physicist glaring down at her. His expression softened when he realized who was interrupting him.

"Penny," his surprised voice was just above a whisper. He backed away from the door, his eyes darting back to his whiteboard covered in numbers and symbols, before returning to Penny as she followed him in the room.

She was surprised at how simply the room was set up. She wasn't sure what she'd been expecting, but it looked so normal. Physics books filled bookshelves, there was a small desk in the center of the room and his whiteboard was set off to the side. Everything was meticulously arranged, tidy and in its place. The only signs that turned his office from a show room to a work place were the whiteboards.

"Hey!" She greeted as she let her eyes roam around, "how was your day?"

"Penny, you know I'm not one to engage in idle chit chat," Sheldon huffed with an exasperated sigh. She could tell he was eyeing her up, looking for an ulterior motive for her coming into the university and his office. If only he knew the simple answer was that she had been curious to see his office looked like. Penny almost laughed under his intense gaze.

"Of course not," She smirked, "Well, uh, Raj's is all moved in and almost completely unpacked," She added, still trying to make 'idle chit chat' with him, regardless.

"Fantastic. I had to draft a new 'Roommate Agreement' for him to sign," He replied, dryly. She wondered if she should fill him in on the fact she'd done all the work while they'd either complained about how it was too much work or hit on her shamelessly. (She opted to keep that information to herself.)

"Didn't see that one coming," She grinned. Her wacky physicist was so predictable.

"Sarcasm?" he asked raising an eyebrow in her direction.

"Yup." She answered sweetly, but kept her focus on him, knowing he was going to fight her on the next point of business."Are you ready to go to Amy's tonight? Any idea of what you're going to say?"

"I'm not going," He stated simply, frowning at her. He turned away from his whiteboard and crossed to his desk, but he didn't sit down. Instead, he hovered over it, searching for anything to distract himself from the conversation about to unfold.

"Ha. Yes you are," She informed him humorlessly, shooting him a stern look, to which she received a glare. "Amy is a good friend of yours and she really did think you guys were dating. She deserves an apology from you."

"She's a scientist, and scientist base theories on facts. There were no facts suggesting that we in any sort of non-platonic relationship." Sheldon replied exasperatedly, his attention now on putting away the few things that to him seemed out of place.

"That's not how emotions and social interactions work, Sheldon," Penny scolded, "There's nothing scientific about how the heart works." Folding her arms, she gave him a disapproving glance as he pulled on his jacket.

"That's not true," He protested, "The heart is a muscle that pumps blood-"

"That's not what I meant," Penny interrupted, "and you know it!" She watched him sling his messenger bag over his shoulder as he gave her a puzzled look. She should have known that anything to do with relationships between people would go right over his head.

"Then I don't understand what you mean. I don't see a point in continuing this conversation I'm not going to Amy Farrah Fowler's," Sheldon reiterated as he motioned for her to exit. She followed his lead, stepping into the hallway. She remained silent as she pondered a way to make this situation relatable to him. She stood with her back pressed against the hallway wall as he locked the door, and an idea stuck her.

"Okay, hear me out," she started, "so let's say Spock has a 'girlfriend'," she used finger quotes, "and found out she was actually dating Captain Kirk, how do you think he would feel?"

Sheldon merely frowned, "Penny that's ridiculous. Spock is a man of logic and science."

Penny quickened her pace as they made their way through the hallways of the university. She glanced into Kripke's office, but thankfully, he wasn't there. She wasn't quite sure how Sheldon would react to Kripke hitting on her. However, she would certainly pay to see Alpha Male Sheldon come out and tell him off.

So the Spock analogy didn't work out so well…she had to think of something to get him to understand how hurt Amy was. She kept this thought on her mind as she unlocked her car.


"Yes?" He responded stiffly. She could tell he was eyeing her 'check engine' light as he answered.

She exhaled heavily before speaking, "How you would feel if we were dating – like we are now – but then you found out I was actually seeing someone else, and you walked in and caught us having sex?"

"I…" Sheldon trailed off, and his gaze moved out the window to watch the passing scenery. She was driving towards Amy's apartment and he knew it. "I would be angry, and embarrassed." He conceded after a few moments of silence.

"That's how Amy feels." She pointed out, glancing over at him, but quickly turned her attention back to the road.

"Alright," He huffed in defeat, "I'll do it."

The rest of the ride to Amy's apartment was silent. Penny stopped herself from making conversation, so he could mull over the realization of how his friend was feeling. She decided she would let him go up alone. This was something he would have to do on his own.

"Alright, we're here." She announced as she parked in front of Amy's apartment.


Amy bustled around her apartment. She wasn't sure why, but the overwhelming urge to tidy and reorganize everything overcame her. She knew Sheldon would be stopping by at some point, but she wasn't sure exactly when her Bestie would be dropping him off, nor even what to expect when he did arrive. She was well aware that her need to straighten up was a nervous reaction. This was venturing into unknown territory, and she wished she could turn to Penny for advice but that wasn't exactly possible.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Ricky, her smoking monkey, as he threw his lighter across the room. This was quickly followed by Sheldon's familiar knocking. Who needed a dog when she had Ricky?

*Knock, knock, knock* "Amy."

*Knock, knock, knock* "Amy."

*Knock, knock, knock* "Amy."

She flattened her dark purple skirt before moving to the door. Inhaling deeply, she swung the door open and was met with a stern and unimpressed looking Sheldon Cooper.

"Sheldon." She acknowledged politely.

"Good afternoon, Amy Farrah Fowler," He replied in an agitated tone. She was fighting a slew of conflicting emotions, some she had never experienced before, and others shewas all too familiar with. His attention went immediately to the screeching monkey, giving Amy the opportunity to exhale deeply and mentally prepare herself as she scanned the floor for the missing lighter.

"Come in," She offered as she moved to scoop up Ricky's lighter from the floor near the doorway. Sheldon stepped inside while she crossed the room and handed the device to the smoking primate. "Penny is not accompanying you this evening?" Amy inquired. Sheldon stood silently after closing the door, his only movement was his blue eyes following her as she moved.

"No," Sheldon answered curtly. "She did, however, inform me that my presence here was mandatory."

Amy frowned. It stung to think he had to be forced here by the stunning goddess that was called Penny. She pushed the feeling aside, along with the other emotions that were plaguing the back of her mind, but she finding it hard to stay clinical and collected, given the situation.

Amy cleared her throat and spoke, "Yes, I do believe I deserve some clarification."

She took a seat on her couch and motioned for him to join her. He did, sitting on the edge closest to the door.

"Penny informed me that you were under the impression you were my girlfriend when I mentioned several times you are simply a girl and a friend and not a girlfriend. You're a scientist, and your theories should be based on facts. In this case, no such facts exist." Sheldon rambled. His tone was harsh and emotionless as he spoke.

Amy frowned again, finding it harder to keep her feelings at bay, "I can't help it if I was lead on." She narrowed her eyes at his stony expression. His eyes widened in shock.

"What? I did no such thing." He defended after a moment of stunned silence. He crossed his arms and looked away from her unnerving glare.

"The text messages, video chats, and even your refusal to meet with my mother…." She replied pointedly as she presented her evidence. She knew she could draw more examples if needed, but chose to save those facts, if needed, for later.

"All those things I did under the paradigm of friendship. Nothing more. It's not my fault you assumed otherwise," Sheldon shot back.

Amy was taken aback at how unaware of her feelings he was.

"I see," She murmured, lowering her head and trying to regain her composure. She was now starting to understand the emotional side of human nature that the flawless goddess Penny was so in tune with. Also, she could now see why those reality stars acted so crazy…because that's exactly how her emotions were telling to her act, crazy. Crazy, scorned, angry, betrayed…she wanted to scream at him, but she didn't understand why.

Sheldon's tone dropped, "I think a telltale factor would be the lack of relationship agreement between us." The coolness of his words was like knife in the heart. Her hands involuntarily balled into fists as she fought a losing battle to keep control of her inner turmoil.

"Sheldon," she whispered, "I think you should leave."

"I hope this matter is resolved," Sheldon replied whimsically, completely overlooking the crack in her voice or the pained expression on her face,"Good evening, Amy Farrah Fowler." Without another word Sheldon exited Amy's apartment.

Amy finally broke down and cried.

Sheldon was gone for about half an hour, before his familiar knock echoed through her apartment.

*Knock, knock, knock* "Amy."

*Knock, knock, knock* "Amy."

*Knock, knock, knock* "Amy."

She considered ignoring the door, but couldn't bring herself to. She swung the door open on his final knock and glared at him. He didn't even give her a chance to speak.

"I realized we have not resolved anything. I will say this and take it as you will. The feelings you had towards Zack…the ones of arousal…unfortunately…or fortunately, depending, of course, how one is to perceive the situation, is how I feel for Penny. I'm…" he sighed deeply, "I'm sorry I misled you. You are an esteemed colleague of mine and you provide me with the intellectual conversation I'm not granted by most people. I hope you can accept my apology. I am truly sorry." Sheldon finished almost out of breath.

"Apology accepted," Amy sniffed, not even pausing to think about the words. Everything he had said was the closure she had been needing. What confused her, however, was what made him come to this realization?


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