Title: Star-crossed Affair
Rating: M
Warnings: Lemons, swearing and all that good stuff.
Pairings: Sheldon x Penny, Leonard x Priya, Howard x Bernie
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Penny sat in her apartment watching the clock tick by slowly. She was working a 12-8 shift tonight at The Cheesecake Factory. It was Tuesday, the one day of the week she was guaranteed to have a job. She smiled when the thought crossed her mind. He could be such a whackadoodle when it came to, well, everything, food especially.

Her mind shifted to last night. She wondered what was said between Sheldon and Amy during their 'conversation'. When Sheldon finally climbed into her car he was vague at best. She wondered why he had exited her building and walked in the opposite direction she had been parked. She debated driving over to pick him up but decided against it, he knew where she had parked. He had disappeared from sight when he rounded the corner, and it was about half an hour before he returned in a slightly rushed pace entering the stone building. The expression on his face gave her the impression that he had come to some realization before re-entering her building.

She hadn't heard from Amy either. The whole thing left her puzzled and wondering what the heck had happened. But after repeatedly pressing Sheldon for details the most she had gotten from him was 'the matter has been resolved'. Penny was left with no other option then to get Amy to spill the beans. She also needed to know if the situation had actually been resolved where Amy was still a friend or if Sheldon had caused more problems than he solved.

Penny pulled out her cell and quickly found Amy in her contact list.

P: Hey sweetie! What's up?

Amy's reply was almost immediate.

A: Work. How about you bestie?

P: n2m was wonderin if u wanted 2 have a ladies nite?

A: Poor grammar aside, your offer sounds divine. What time?

P: Im off at 9 so 10 work 4 u?

A: Sounds prefect.

P: Alright I'll pick u up

A: See you then.

Penny slipped her phone back into her pocket and glanced back at the clock. It was time to leave for work. As she locked her door her gaze shifted across the hall to 4A. The effect of Raj moving in was felt almost instantaneous. She was expecting to be awoken at a godforsaken hour to drive her new boyfriend to work, but again woke up well after nine in the morning to a text that Raj had driven him.

And last night she had left 4A hours earlier than she had planned. The boys had been playing World of Warcraft, which was about as exciting as watching paint dry, only with commentary. Such comments where referencing to a 'silly quest' or 'this tank sucks monkey butt!'. When prompted it was Howard to explain that Leonard was their 'Warrior' or a 'Tank' when it came to raids, dungeons or whatever it was they were talking about.

Anyways, with Leonard having his temper tantrum over her new relationship with Sheldon, the boys had been forced to seek out another player to replace him, and guessing by the comments it hadn't panned out so well.

All of that was useless information, but still she smile and nodded, acting like she understood what they were talking about. It seemed life had returned to some sort normality, the only thing missing was Leonard… She had nothing against Leonard; she was just expecting him to act a little more mature about the whole situation. Penny figured he'd be a little upset but to act like… like a spoiled child who had to share his favorite toy, which wasn't fair considering he was already dating Priya, and going to India to meet her parents.

Penny wondered if the boys had even invited Leonard over for the evening of 'WoW'. Had he replied? Was he being a jerk to Raj and Howard too? Or was it just Sheldon and herself he was acting like that to? Would Sheldon have kicked him out if he had accepted their relationship? She figured he would be kind of shocked at the news but to actually ask how they could do that to him, was little insulting.

She pushed the thoughts from her mind and continued down the stairs to the parking lot. If she dwelled on it, like she usually would in the past, she would only end upsetting herself for the rest of the night and she had no time for that with the investigation into 'Sheldon/Amy' make up conversation was at hand.

She skipped over the puddles on her way to the parking lot behind the building. The rain was pouring down heavily, thudding against the asphalt in a thick cadence. She picked up her pace, rushing to unlock the door of her VW.

The drive to work was uneventful at best, a few bad drivers, however, they seemed to be everywhere during crappy weather. She rolled into the parking lot of the CheeseCake Factory with a sigh. Why hadn't her acting career taken off? Shouldn't she be rich and famous by now, starring in some big motion picture, filming on location somewhere exotic? Again she pushed the thoughts from the mind.

The manager, Daryl, greeted her as soon as she walked into the nearly empty restaurant. She returned his friendly hello and hurried to get ready for her shift. She had to keep reminding herself that the sooner she started the sooner it was over. It also helped that at 6 pm sharp, Sheldon and the group would arrive. The slight bonus to the shift and probably the only reason she still had a job.

The afternoon seemed to drag on, as it did most weekday afternoons. The occasional business luncheon, or older couple other than that it was like a ghost town. Her ears perked up when she heard his voice. He was talking to Howard, going into to much detail about something no one really cared about... It bought a smile to her face.

"Good evening Penny," he greeted quickly before returning to informing Howard the rest of his endless knowledge about deadly spiders and where they like to hide. Even from afar the conversation gave her the chills.

This Tuesday was turning into a very boring Tuesday. Even after the boys left she was left feeling like a drone. She decided to take advantage of her break and headed out back of the restaurant to where the smokers liked to sneak away to.

It was muggy and still raining but now a light drizzle. She wrapped herself up a little tighter in her coat.

"Well, well, well... if it isn't everyone's favourite slut..." A dark voice purred from behind her before everything went black.


Penny's head pounded as the light of the lamp flicked on. It's brightness hurt her eyes. She groaned softly and tired to lift her arm to shield her eyes. Panic flooded into her when she realized she was restrained, with the movement of her wrists she could feel the cold metal against her skin. Her arms here bound too tightly for her to even sit up.

She took quick inventory of her surroundings. The walls were a dirty, stained, used to be blue, she guessed. The bed beneath her was firm and ratty, she could feel the springs creak from the restricted movements.

The lamp on the corner was had no shade, the bulb was so bright. Too bright. There where no pictures on the walls and the only window was boarded up. She wanted to scream for help, but didn't want to alert her captor(s) that she was awake yet. Her eyes scanned the room looking for something, anything to help her escape. The was only one door, with the locked reversed. It was almost as whoever had taken her knew she was looking at the door, because in the half second the door swung open and a tall shadowed figure stood before her.


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