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Chapter One:

Kurt shook his head in disbelief as he read the comment on his Facebook's page. He couldn't fucking believe that she would pull this shit without talking to him first! Blaine walked into the kitchen and saw the look on his husband's face and knew that something was definitely wrong.

"Who just made number one on your shit list?" He asked, taking a glass from the cupboard and filled it with orange juice. He walked over and stood behind Kurt and read his Facebook's page. He choked on his juice as he read the comment. Kurt quickly jumped up and patted Blaine on the back until he was able to breathe. "Is that shit for real?" He asked, once he was able to talk.

"Apparently so," Kurt replied, reaching for his cell phone. "I just can't…" he punched in Mercedes' number. His call went straight to voicemail. "Cedes? Diva?" He began sweetly. "This is Kurt; your bestie for life? I know you're there so answer the fucking phone." He disconnected the call, and redialed her number.

Mercedes cringe as she heard Kurt's ring tone. She knew he would be angry with her once he had read her message. Hell, that's why she had her calls go straight to her voicemail. She needed time to think and come up with the perfect response without it coming off sounding like bullshit.

"Mercy, if you don't answer my call I am going to fly to California and burn all your fucking weave," he threatened her.

She took a deep breath and picked up the receiver. "Do you have any idea how much I spend on hair?" She responded; she had to admit it was great to hear his voice. "Hello Kurt, how's it going?"

"Don't try to avoid the subject, young lady," he warned her. "You know damn well why I'm calling."

"So you read my message?"

"Read…" he huffed, pinching the bridge of his nose, he handed the phone to Blaine. "Talk to her, I need something a little stronger than juice."

Blaine raised his eyebrows. "Babe, it's too early to be drinking." He replied in a concern tone.

"Who's talking about alcohol? I need a double shot of espresso."

"Cedes, did you hear that?" Blaine replied. "He doesn't drink espresso unless he is majorly pissed."

"Shit," Mercedes sighed. "Blaine put the phone on speaker so I can talk to him."

"Okay." Blaine put the phone on speaker. "Okay Cedes."

"Kurt, please don't be mad at me," She began. "I'm going to need your support."

"Then why didn't you call me before you made such a dumb ass decision?" He retorted, "I would've told you hell to the naw." He took out his espresso machine and placed it on the counter.

Mercedes grinned slightly, remembering the song she had written all those years ago. "I'm sorry…it just that when it comes to my personal life…I…" she paused for a few seconds to collect her thoughts. "He's good to me, Kurt." She explained.

She jumped slightly as she heard Kurt slammed the cabinet door, she could imagine him glaring at the phone with his hands on his hips.

"Hell, I love a good cucumber facial as much as the next person, but you don't see me running out and marrying it," he sighed heavily. "Of course Peterson is good to you; it's his job that is what you pay him for."

"He's more than just my manager, Kurt." Mercedes said defensively, playing with the diamond ring Peterson had surprised her with last night after dinner. She slipped the ring off and placed it in the black velvet ring box.

"Does anyone else know?" Kurt asked, meaning Sam. He measure out the coffee, add water to the machine and placed it on the stove over medium heat.

"No, you're the only one I've told so far…"

"Well hallelujah and thank you Jesus for small favors, there is still time to stop to the insanity."

"Are you saying I'm crazy because I'm getting married to a guy who's not…him?"

"Com'on Cedes, you are allow to say his name; this is not some damn plot in a Harry Potter movie…"


"Repeat after me…Saaammm…" he drew out.

"Kurt, I-I…"

"Why is it so fucking hard to say his name?" Kurt asked in exasperation, as he stroked his eyebrows –a definite sign he was becoming irritated.

"Sam," Blaine said in the background, earning him a smile from Kurt.

"See how simple it is? Even Blaine can say it." he quickly turned to Blaine. 'Sorry baby.' He mouthed.

Blaine shrugged it off and smiled.

"Kurt, I can't…" Mercedes whispered, running several fingers through her hair. "It-it hurts too much…"

"That's because you still love him, sweetie," Kurt said softly. "And you always will; you and Sam are my straight couple soap opera… love, sex…"

"Kinky sex…" Blaine piped up; remembering the time Sam and Mercedes left Mike and Tina's baby shower and was MIA, without a trace only to show up the next afternoon trying to explain away the rope burns around Sam's wrists.

Kurt nodded in agreement, chuckling softly.


"Look Cedes, I'm sorry, but I am not going to hold my tongue when it comes to those I love." He poured himself a cup of espresso and sat down. "I don't trust Peterson," he continued. "Never did and never will. He is too slimy; he always leaves a trail of sludge behind him."

"Wow, tell me how you really feel." Mercedes walked into her kitchen to make herself a bowl of cereal. She grabbed the mail that had formed a pile on her kitchen table and sorted through them.

Her breath caught in her throat – she had received her latest copy of Sam's comic book.

"Cedes are you still there?" Kurt asked, after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes," she replied, her butterflies fluttered wildly within her.

"Cedes, have you tried talking to Sam? If not I advised that you do because if you can't do a simple thing like say his name without having multiple orgasms then give that asshole his ring back." Mercedes rolls her eyes at the phone. "And don't you roll your eyes at Me." he huffed. "On a happier note, you're still planning to come this weekend for Blaine's twenty-sixth birthday aren't you?"

"I don't know… since you're hatin on my fiancé and all…" she smirked; there was no way she was going to miss out on spending time with her bestie and his husband.

"Come on Diva," Blaine begged. "You have to be here to sing happy birthday to me."

"Isn't your sister-in-law going to be there?" Mercedes said teasingly, knowing how much Rachel would take advantage of any opportunity to be in the spotlight.

Kurt slapped his forehead. "Cedes, don't even play," He said. "I love Rachel but has her own personal crazy."

"So you're coming right?" Blaine asked.

"Will he be there?" she asked. Hoping? That maybe…? Stop it Mercedes!

Blaine and Kurt glanced at each other. "We did invite Sam but we didn't get a response," Kurt replied, placing a finger up to his lips. 'Don't say a word.' He mouthed.

Blaine nodded.

"Thank God for small favors." She said, adding a fake laugh as she tried to mask her disappointment. "I really don't want to deal with him right now."

On the other end of the conversation Blaine and Kurt rolled their eyes. 'She's such a liar.' Blaine mouthed. Kurt nodded in agreement.

"I have got my head on straight before I see him." Her clothes have a tendency of falling off on their own accord when he's around. Small shivers of pleasure ran up and down Mercedes' spine remembering the last time she saw him, they had slipped out in the middle of Mike and Tina's baby shower and didn't returned until the next afternoon.

They had found a small out of the way motel, where she had bound and gagged him to the bed and…A small moan escaped her lips.

Kurt and Blaine turned to each other, trying very hard to stifle their laughter.

"Cedes? Dear what was that?" Kurt asked.

"What was what?" Oh shit! They heard.

Blaine pressed his lips together; he was going to lose it at any moment.

"That moaning sound, did you just had an orgasm while thinking about Sam?"

Blaine doubled over in laughter.

"Fuck Cedes, if he can do that to you and he's no where near you…he needs to teaching classes." He screamed before bursting out in laughter.

She felt the heat crept up her neck and settled on her cheeks. "Fuck y'all."

"Sorry sweetie, but damn…So what time should we expect your flight?" Kurt asked, changing the subject.

Mercedes looked up the flight information in her date book. "My flight leaves Friday from LAX at 8:00 a.m. and I will be arriving at JFK at 4:30 p.m."

Blaine looked at his watch and hopped out of his chair. "Babe, we better get going." He gathered up the dirty cups and saucers.

"Cedes, sweetie, I'm going to have to end this call unlike you, some of us have to work for a living."

"Alright sweetheart, I will talk to you tonight?"

"Okay, love you."

"Love you, and love you too Blaine."

"Have a wonderful day, princess." Blaine replied.

They disconnected the call.

Kurt grabbed his cell phone and immediately began texting.

"Sam?" Blaine asked.

Kurt nodded, "You know me so well."

Blaine grinned. "I figure, after you lied to Mercedes about Sam not showing up this weekend…"

"I didn't lie per say," Kurt replied as Blaine nudged him gently towards the front door. "I just withheld some vital information, that's all."

"Babe, you lied."

"Okay, okay what's a little white lie among friends?" Kurt replied, pressing send. "Especially if it gets two people who are definitely in love back together again."

Blaine leaned over and kissed Kurt on the lips. "You are so adorable when you're playing cupid." He whispered in Kurt's ear.

Kurt giggled and returned the kiss. "If you think I'm adorable now, what until tonight."

Blaine cleared his throat as a slow smiled spread on his husband's face. "Six thirty can't come fast enough."

Sam was in the middle of a meeting when he received Kurt's text. He knew something had to be wrong. Kurt usually doesn't text him early in the morning. He excused himself and walked out into the hall.

Shit or get off the pot. It read. Hop your pretty boy ass on the next flight, text me your ETA

What the fuck? He read the message again, trying to make some sense out of it.

His personal assistant looked on in concern. "Sam is everything alright?" He asked.

Sam nodded, giving Stephan a reassuring smile. "I need to be on the next flight to New York…"

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