What if something happened to Sheldon when he was young and thats the reason he is the way he is. he was young and in love, then she dissappeared.

Authors note. I know Sheldon is 30 but for this story he is 25, I dont own anything, most of this stuff belongs to Bill Prady, Chuck Lorre and TBBT writers.

The Lovers Isolation.

Sheldon Cooper was a shy child, he would rarely speak to anyone, he enjoyed going to church as everyone was focused upon the man preaching. Sheldon would try and play with others when forced, like when his mum took him to parties and the local park, he would try so hard but failed most of the time, he was nine when he met her, she was so pretty, he thought she was a 5 year old black haired princess peach, she walked up to him when he was trying to find his cat, lucky, Missy had tried to dress him up in football clothes again, Sheldon thought she had learnt her lesson after last time, his family were all watching the game so Sheldon volunteered to search for the beloved animal. the young girl told him how her parents were fighting again and she didn't like listening to it, Sheldon told her he felt the same way when his parents fought, she told him her name was Rory, they got talking and discovered that they liked the same things, they both excelled in thier classes , they loved comics and oddly enough, they shared the same birthday. They searched for lucky for several hours, Rory told Sheldon how her parents had to move around a lot, something about her not going to the same school for too long, Sheldon didn't understand, neither did Rory, they put it down to grown ups acting weird, as a lot of them certainly seemed to.

Rory was different to the other girls at school, she was thin and pale, the only colour she had on her was a few bruises that she got because she was clumsy, although Sheldon thought that she wasn't that way around him, maybe he calmed her down and got her to focus he thought. whilst the other girls wore pretty clothes, Rory was always wearing jeans and t shirts, most of them were too big for her, she didnt like showing off her arms she told him, so the regular t shirts would not work, the sleeves on her large ones always covered her elbows, she said this was to protect them if she ever fell over, Sheldon liked this concept and adapted his wardrobe to do the same, Sheldon liked funny t shirts so he begged his mum to get him some long sleeved ones he could wear underneath them.

Because of Rorys appearance she was often bullied at school, she didnt take any notice of it, Rory was a free spirit, she was the kind of child that would climb trees and stare at the clouds, She and Sheldon did this a lot, they were best friends, Sheldon never met Rorys parents but she was a regular visitor and the Coopers residence, she and Mrs Cooper would bake together and Sheldon would teach her how to use technology, they played video games and ate junk food, they built a treehouse in the forest next to Sheldons house, they named it Roreldonia, they met there all the time and pretended that goblins and scary creatures were chasing them, Mrs cooper even gave them stuff to put in there, some blankets and pillows, some cups and cans of drink, Mr cooper even gave Sheldon some tools for his Birthday so he could build a swing and help maintain the place. The Coopers were just so happy to see Sheldon acting the way kids his age did. Sheldon and Rory decided that they liked routine and they drew up an agreement, what food to eat on each day, what time to meet up and where and what to do, they both signed a copy and kept it on themselves. there were many other agreements on there aswell, the last one being that they would be best friends for the rest of thier lives, and if for some reason they became seperated, they would meet in Roreldonia on thier Birthday each year.

Sheldon was 12 years old, Rory was 8, they had decided that they really wanted to spend the rest of thier lives together and made a vow that on Rorys 21st and Sheldons 25th Birthday they would go to Vegas and get married in Klingon.

Sheldon wrote this into the aggreement, they both signed it.

Rory didnt turn up to the treehouse the following night, or the next night, or the next.

the neighbours had told Mrs Cooper that Rorys parents had been arrested for child cruelty, they had tried to Kill Rory. the bruises werent from her being clumsy, her clothes werent too big because she wanted to protect her elbows, Rory had been beaten by her parents her whole life, the clothes just barely hid it all from view. Mrs Cooper was up for days with Sheldon when she and George had sat him down and explained to him what had happened. Sheldon started to act depressed, he kept to a strict routine and avoided any human interaction, he even built a death ray.

That was 12 years ago.