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Touch of Legacy

Chapter 1: Air To Breathe

"If there's a God, he must truly be great, for letting me live long enough to see this moment."

With that, he laughed, and in that same instant, searing hot Ki shot through his heart. His eyes widened as he felt pain, not just in the hole that resided where his heart once was, but everywhere. It wasn't sharp, or unbearable, just dull, numb pain.

"You monster! He didn't have a chance of blocking that! He was completely defenseless!"

It was then that nearly 20 years of held back tears made themselves known, and the protective barrier he had spent so long building around himself crumpled to the ground and shattered.

"Kakarot…listen to me. I need you to know…what happened to Vegeta-sei, where we were born. It's…gone, that's true, but not cause it collided with a meteor. It was Frieza…he did it." He choked on his own blood, but he would tell this story; with his dying breath, he would tell it.

"After we Saiyans served him faithfully, after we blindly followed his every order, he betrayed us. He disposed of our race like common trash. He wiped us from existence, so that now, we are all that remain."

Kakarot stared at him, his eyes wide in shock.

His voice broke as he spoke again. "They're all gone," he whispered. "Your parents, my father…we were growing in strength and numbers, and Frieza feared that a Super Saiyan would be born among us, and it terrified him."

Frieza rolled his eyes. "Pfft. That old story again?"

"I didn't know," Kakarot said quietly.

"I'm begging you, please, beat him, if not for me, than for the pride of our race, for the Saiyans. He…he must die by Saiyan hands."

He took one last pained breath before his eyes slid shut, and his body took on the stillness that only death could bring.

The last thing Vegeta heard before his life danced out of his grasp were words that he didn't expect, want, or deserve, but would eventually come to cherish.

"A heart of stone can't shed tears like that."

"Vejita, aren't you done yet?"

"Stop bothering me, Nappa. I'd get done a lot faster if you'd go away."

"Hmph. You techies drive me nuts. It's fine already!"

"Fine is not good enough. I don't want fine, I want efficient. I want perfect."

"Wassa difference?"

"Leave, Baka!"

Nappa grumbled something about hormonal brats and stalked out.

Vejita sighed, finally given silence to work in peace.

Technology could alwaysbe improved. If there was anything in his life that he was truly certain of, it was that improvement was expected, and thus, improvements should be carried out to the greatest of one's ability. This was the case in fighting, battle strategy, and as far as he knew, women, and technology was no different.

See, Frieza hadn't given him an assignment in quite a while, and he was bored out of his mind. No amount of training could give him the adequate boost that front-line battle could, not with only Nappa and Raditz to spar with. Of course, he still kept up his daily hardcore training regime, but there was only so much a teen could do in one day.

So, the 13 year old Prince moved on to technology.

In all honesty, technology was the only thing in the world he trusted. Tech wasn't the same as people; it couldn't mock you or lash out at you, couldn't lie to you. Even his fellow Saiyans had the capability to lie, and despite evidence to the contrary, he was weary even of them. Not his tech, though. His tech could make mistakes, it could not work, but it never lied. Never.

He was currently fiddling with the large database computer that held files of all purging done by the Saiyans, but there were other files on this computer as well…such as records on the destruction of Vejita-sei.

Now, he wasn't actually supposed to be fiddling with it, and he knew that. Nappa, or course, (gullible fool) thought that Frieza had given Vegeta orders to fix it. This wasn't unusual; Vegeta's natural talent with anything electronic was as well-known as his power was, and he would often be sent to fix something the engineers couldn't.

No, he wasn't supposed to mess with it, or dig around in the files, but he was doing it anyway, because frankly, he just didn't buy that "destroyed by a meteor" shit. Something about that story didn't add up, like the fact that any Saiyan on the planet would've been able to sense something of that magnitude coming, and with that many powerhouses in on the premises, it could have been easily destroyed before it reached the planet.

So, he was snooping.

He crosses a couple of wires, then climbed up from underneath the giant mainframe and began typing furiously, files popping up on the screen at every click.

Vejita smiled to himself.

File on Planet Vejita's Destruction: Access Granted.

Ha. Of course he had access. He was a genius.

The smile fell off his face as he began reading.

Frieza, that bastard…

Vejita started typing again, shifting through file after file, trying to find anything that would tell him it wasn't true, that he hadn't spent his young life serving the murderer of his people. And yet every file said the same thing.

Destroyed by Lord Frieza, Age 737.


Vejita's mouth fell open as new blinking words appeared on the screen, ones that he hadn't searched.

Foolish Monkey.

He jumped up, but didn't get a chance to take a single step backwards before the computer exploded in a brilliant flash of light.


A handsome 17 year old boy was in the throne room in seconds, quickly hiding his grin before he stepped into the room.

"Yes, Father?" he asked, feigning virtuousness.

"Don't get all innocent with me, boy. It doesn't fit your face. Would you like to explain why my gravity room is destroyed?"


"Vegitah," his father warned.

"I was training and it blew up. What do you want me to say?" The Prince asked smartly.

"You little son of a gun, I should kill you for that."

"But you won't!" Vegeta taunted. "Cause I'm your favorite oldest child, and your heir, not to mention devilishly good looking. You wouldn't take such a prize away from your people, now would you?"

King Vegitah chuckled. "Well played, you little bastard. But you still get a punishment."

"Aw, c'mon Father!"

"I want you to purge Lidya. Bring me back that large ruby embedded in their mountain palace. Not a scratch on it, you hear?"

"…What kind of punishment is that? This'll be fun!"

"You want me to change it?"

Vegitah threw his hands up in surrender. "No, no, that's okay. I'll be good."

"I'll believe it when I see it. Very well then. Get to it."

The Prince leapt out of one of the many windows in the Throne Room, rather than taking the door. He let himself free-fall until he was mere inches from the ground, at which point he took off into the skies, headed for the pod launch.

The King shook his head. "That boy is possibly the most reckless thing I could possibly be responsible for," he muttered.

"Takes after you, doesn't he?" a woman said, appearing behind him suddenly.

"Hush, Reena. You know full well you're responsible for this too," he quirked.

She shrugged, tugging his beard as she took her seat beside him. "I dunno, hun. I'm pretty sure he's your doing. After all, you put him inside me."

His tan cheeks darkened. His wife laughed, her tail curling into his near the base of their thrones.

"Well, isn't that sweet," said a new voice, disgustingly feminine despite the gender of the owner.

King Vegitah raised his eyes from his wife's. His dark brown brows crinkled with agitation and hatred, for he knew what was coming.


Roughly ten minutes after he left the Throne Room, Vegitah stopped at the top of a mountain before heading to the launch pad. He smiled as he gazed down at his beautiful kingdom, his planet. Two suns shone behind him in the red sky, making him appear nothing but a silhouette to anyone who might've seen him. Of course, they'd have to be flying to see such things, but still.

The wind licked at his skin, pulling at the dark strands that made up his hair. He closed his eyes and breathed, taking in familiar scents, and a few new ones too.

His eyes opened then, and without a second thought, he leapt from the mountain.

Even in free-fall, he was graceful. He spread his arms after quickly pulling off his white gloves, loving the feel of the wind sliding around his fingers, whistling in his ears. He pulled up about halfway down, his speed skyrocketing as his Ki ignited. He grinned, suddenly in the city. His feet danced across rooftops, his arms held behind him to decrease friction. His red cloak billowed out behind him, signaling other Saiyans of his royal presence. Those who saw him whooped and hollered, cheering at the sight of their future king.

He just smirked, giving them a two fingered wave as he ran faster. He'd be back at the palace launch pad in a minute or so, but he wasn't particularly psyched about sitting in a pod for hours, even if it meant he got to purge a powerful planet.

But suddenly, he stopped.

Dammit, of all days for him to forget his scouter.

Something was…off. He could feel it. He didn't know what it was, but he knew that something was off. He looked up into the skies. What the…

Strange. When did Frieza get here? His ship hovered high in the sky above the planet, but there was no doubting what it was. His keen eyes locked onto a floating figure. Frieza…was leaving the ship. Even stranger. Normally Frieza would have either he or his father come to him, not vice versa.

He didn't know that Frieza was leaving his ship for the second time, via transport tubes. He didn't know that his father and mother had been brutally murdered mere seconds after he'd left.

He watched, stunned, as Frieza hovered in his chair above the massive ship that had appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The lizard raised one hand, his index finger pointed straight upwards.

Vegitah didn't move an inch; there was no reason too. He closed his eyes, and opened them again, hoping that if he did so enough times, it would all go away.

But it didn't.

The noise was deafening. It roared in his ears like a tornado, crackling and sparking with electricity. The already red sky turned an even brighter orange, the light bathing everything in its glow of destruction.

As bright as it was, his dark eyes never left the orb for a second. The bright orange energy grew larger and larger, until it was the size of a small sun. As it came closer, Vegitah's pupils dilated from taking in so much light, but he didn't blink.

He didn't move until the enormous blast came into contact with his tan skin, and by then, it was too late.

Even after he broke free from Babadi's control, he could hear it.

He could hear the sounds of people dying by his hand, the sound of his comrades yelling that he was a traitor, and the sound of his wife screaming hysterically.

He hadn't wanted that. All he wanted was power, a way to finally beat Kakarot without remorse. That was all he wanted.

He wasn't aware of the consequences.

Buu laughed that goofy, childish laugh of his. "No no, Buu no drop dead!"

Bastard. What was he, immortal?

A flurry of emotions whipped through him as Buu proceeded to pound him into the dirt, encasing him in a pink wad before he kicked the Prince until blood flew out of his mouth.


Majin Vegeta saw a flash of blonde hair, and suddenly Buu was no longer kicking him.

Trunks rushed to him, Goten at his heels. "Dad, are you okay? Goten, help me get him out! Hurry up!"

"I'm going, I'm going!"

He didn't even wince as the two boys unrolled him from the pink flab of gooey flesh, and though he was still Super Saiyan, he felt as if his energy had been depleted to nothing.

Now, he still had plenty control of his Ki, but for once in a long, long time, Majin Vegeta felt physically exhausted.

"Come on, Dad, wake up!"

"He looks kind of bad, Trunks. Is he alive?"

"Of COURSE he is! My dad is the toughest guy in the whole world!"

"But…he got hurt real bad, Trunks…"

"Clean out your ears and listen, Goten! My mom said my dad was the Prince of every single Saiyan!"

"Wha – he's a PRINCE?"

"That's right! He's a Prince! A Prince, Goten! And there's no way a Prince could lose to a stupid blob like that!"

Hearing his son's words, Majin Vegeta forced his eyes open.

"Alright! That's it, Dad!"

"He's awake!"

The Saiyan Prince groaned. "Trunks…my son…" He sat up abruptly, much to the little Super Saiyan's delight. "Wait, WHERE IS MAJIN BUU?" he roared.

"He's out, for a few minutes at least," Trunks said. "Dad, me and Goten, we can help! Let us fight with –"


"Why not? We're three Super Saiyans, we could beat him!"

He was silent for a long time.

Then, "Trunks, take care of your mother for me."

He had a plan.

"What? Why would I do that? You can take care of Mom too, can't you, Dad?"

It was a suck-ish plan, and it would leave two hearts in horrendous pain. Those two hearts meant everything to him, even if he was just now admitting it to himself. What a fool he'd been.

Yes, it was a suck-ish plan. It was downright fucked up, that's what it was. But he could do it.

"You can take care of Mom too, can't you Dad?"

He opened his mouth to speak.

"No Trunks, he can't."

Majin Vegeta's eyes darted to the many cliffs above his head. Kakarot.

"He can't, Trunks, and I'm sorry for that," Goku said, "But your dad, he hasn't left us much a choice." He was holding a spirit bomb high above his head. It was enormous, as if every Earthling on the planet had provided conspicuous amounts of energy to create it.

"What is your dad doing?" Trunks asked Goten.

"I dunno."

Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, and Piccolo suddenly appeared behind him, each of them wearing serious, almost deadly expressions.

"Cool!" Trunks cried. "Now we can all fight Buu!"

The Z Warriors frowned at him, and suddenly, Trunks found his voice stuck in his throat.

Piccolo and Tien suddenly darted forward, snatching the two little Super Saiyans and flying back to cliffs high above the action.

"What are you doing?" Trunks yelled.

"Put us down!" Goten shouted.

Piccolo promptly knocked the boys out with a swipe of his hand.

Majin Vegeta looked up at Goku, his golden brows furrowed. "What's going on, Kakarot? What are you planning?"

He noticed Goku's arms were trembling, as if he were tired. As well he should be... Majin Vegeta had just given him a beating earlier. But then, all the Z Fighters seem slightly exhausted, and they hadn't even fought. But that was silly…why would they be tired then? Unless…

Well, of course they had fed their energy to that thing. But that didn't explain why they'd knocked the boys out. He was positive the brats would have followed him when he moved out of the way of the bomb.

Unless, Goku was not expecting him to move.

"What are you planning, Kakarot?"

"This spirit bomb is almost big enough to kill Buu, Vegeta. Almost. But we need more energy. A lot more, actually. About the same amount of energy contained in the body of a Super Saiyan."

Majin Vegeta froze.

"You have endangered Earth too many times, Vegeta. I don't know that I can trust you anymore, and frankly, after today, I'm not willing to take the chance that I can't. The energy you have is just enough for this thing to be big enough. But it won't be enough to just take you Ki. I have to take your Life Force."

He did not ever once think that he would die at the hands of the person who constantly insisted they were friends. Never did he think he would die by the hands of a third class. He had finally come to grips with the fact that he would never surpass Kakarot, and yet, he still did not believe Kakarot would kill him.

He was sorry, really he was. He just wanted a good fight with no limitations. That was all. Was that truly wrong?

He hadn't planned on actually killing his fellow Saiyan. He wasn' t that stupid as to wipe out the last of his race. He'd made that mistake with Nappa and Raditz; he wasn't making it again. Sure, he was going to beat him within an inch of his life, but those idiot friends of his always had Senzu beans. They could have healed him easily.

But he wasn't going to kill him.

And suddenly, Vegeta felt very much betrayed.

He had planned on using Final Shine, an attack that would expel all Ki from his body at once, creating an explosion the size of at least six nuclear bombs. It would kill him, turning him to stone and shatter his body. He would have done it willingly to protect his family, and, if Dende was merciful, give his life as a last apology to the woman he knew now had a shattered heart.

But that was different. That was giving. This…this was taking.

And he felt betrayed.

He made a mistake, he knew that. But he'd thought up a plan to fix it, or at least to make amends. So why…why had they betrayed him?

You stupid idiot, he scolded himself. You fucking moron.

"Bind him."

The Namekian orders this. Bastard.

He felt gold rings of Ki clamp on his wrist and ankles, much like the ones he'd stapled Goku to the mountainside with, and suddenly he couldn't move.

Why? Why would they do this to him? There were other ways to get energy; that much he knew.

He didn't know how it was possible that they could hold him in place, but they could. He couldn't move, his limps spread out evenly, exposing his chest for slaughter.

Kakarot raised the Spirit Bomb over his head, a look of complete disloyalty and indifference on his face.

The blue light engulfed him quickly, though it seemed like hours before he was completely submerged in it. His skin shimmered as the gathered, compacted energy bonded with the Ki in his body, and after a second, it felt like he was on fire.

It was then that he realized that this was really it, that he was really going to die, and most likely, he would stay dead this time. There would be no one willing to wish him back, no Dragon Balls, no miraculous phenomena that would give him back his life or his soul. Upon this realization, he let out an anguished cry, and, not for the first time, he regretted each and every one of his sins.

The last thing he heard before his Ki and Life Force were ripped from his body was a horrified scream of rage and loss.


And then the Light literally swallowed him whole.

"Tocalo sijzuno papparito pappi!"

"That wish is well within my power, young Namekian. It shall be done. Make your second wish."

"Porunga, Didale nomutane onisa enido omaenu danse!"

"It shall be done."

"What the hell?" he said out loud.

But…he was just in line in Otherworld! That giant oaf Yemma had been seconds away from stamping him right into hell.

But he was fairly sure that hell didn't have soft blue grass and purple dirt.

This was Namek.

Vegeta stood, firing a Ki blast at a rock, and fighting back giddy happiness when it exploded. Just to double check, he punched himself in the gut. Immediately, he doubled over in pain. And then he laughed.

"Yes, yes it's true! I'm really alive!"

Suddenly, his body shimmered, and he was on Earth.

Vejita gasped, sitting up in the rubble abruptly.

Near him, a male cleaning servant screamed, and ran out of the room after dropping the large chunk of metal.


But…he'd been dead! He was sure of it! Lord Enma had just been about to send him…somewhere he didn't catch, and now he was here? It wasn't scientifically possible!

He stood up, and cursed.

"Fuck!" He looked at his wrist, which was now ripped open by sharp metal and bleeding through his torn glove. "Dammit, that hurt." It was a small, stinging pain, like a tiny shot to a human. Of course, had a human received such a cut, they'd be whisked to a hospital.

Then, it hit him. If he could feel pain, then he must need a body. And if he had a body…

Then he was really, truly alive.

But…was that a good thing?

Without warning, his body shimmered. Vejita sucked in his breath as he found himself being catapulted through what could pass as a black hole, and suddenly, he landed on his arse on a blue skied planet with green grass.

Vegitah tried to scream as he felt air being violently ripped from his throat.

He was in space, surrounded by stars and floating dust that hadn't cleared just yet.

God, that dust was his planet. Was this hell, then? Was this what Enma Diao had sent him to? Would he be forced to stare at the ashes that had been his home, all the while gasping for precious air that would never exist for him again?

No, this couldn't be hell, because he was pretty sure hell was supposed to feel like fire, and right now, he was fucking freezing. His body pulsed, the de-oxidized air pulling and yanking at his insides.

Blackness surrounded him suddenly. It was a new blackness, different from space. It swirled and throbbed, shrinking and growing before it dumped him on his 17 year old ass.

When he opened his eyes, he was no longer on what he had assumed was the depths of hell. Instead, he was greeted by a soft, strange blue sky with white clouds, and green grass underneath him.

The first thing Purified Vegeta noticed was that he was back on Earth, alive.

Now, he was positive he had died. The feeling of death was not a stranger to him, nor would it ever be. He had died, he was sure of it. But then, how could he be alive again?

King Yama had been explaining something to him about Bulma…he was saying she was upset…not at the fact that he had killed those humans, but at the fact that he was dead. But even she couldn't find the Dragon Balls that quickly. It just wasn't possible. He'd been dead for only five minutes.

The second thing he noticed was that the battle field had been completely abandoned. There were no signs of life in any direction, just miles upon miles of sand, rock, and dessert. That meant Buu was dead, and the spirit bomb had worked.

So how the hell was he…

He panicked and struggled the moment he felt it tugging on him. The black whirlpool sucked him in effortlessly, taking him back, back, back…

He remembered the place it dumped him at. He'd sat here with the Nameks, Gohan, and Bulma before she insistently dragged him back to Capsule Corp, and the rest of his life had begun.

Everything was healthy and bright, not at all like the war-torn Earth he'd come from. How was he here? What was that warp hole?...And why in Dende's name were the Nameks back?

And…why were three versions of his younger self splayed out on the grass like they'd been tossed clean out of the sky?

"Oh my god, Gohan! We're on Earth, can you believe it!"

"Hey, Bulma! Is this really Earth? But…how is that possible? We were on Namek!"

"I think someone made a wish, but I know we're home! I can see Capsule Corp from here! Oh Kami, I need a nice, long bubble bath after this!" she cried.

Oh, how good it felt to be home again. How amazing, how wonderful, beautiful. The green grass and the blue sky, not the backwards coloring of Planet Namek.

But…where was Goku? And why were all the Namekians here?

"Hey, Gohan!" A little Namekian cried.

"Dende!" Gohan yelled. "What's going on? Everyone is alive and back on Earth and –"

"I know! I made the wish!"


Bulma smiled at the two, who were all but jumping up and down with excitement.

"Bulma," a scratchy voice said. "I am King Kai –"

"Hey, you're that guy that trained Son-kun in other world!" she cried. Everyone turned to stare at her. She grinned sheepishly. "Telepathy," she explained.

"Yes, I trained him. I wanted you to know that he beat Frieza, and is in a space pod headed to Yardrat. He's unconscious, but he's alive."

Bulma whooped. Gohan jumped beside her. "What'd he say?" the demi-Saiyan asked urgently.

"He beat Frieza!" Bulma cried. "And he's in a space pod traveling to some weird planet. But he's alive!"

Cheers went up among the crowd of Namekians. Frieza had been defeated!

"Um, Bulma," King Kai interrupted.



"Ow!" A preteen's voice yelped.

"Goddammit!" An older boy cursed.

"Where the hell am I?" said a deep, husky male voice.

"What the fuck?"

That was Vegeta.

Greeeeeaaaaatttt. The Almighty Prince of Saiyans was back too.

"Well," King Kai mused, "It seems that little Dende, or rather, Porunga, made a slight mistake with the wish to bring you all back to life, and to Earth. See, the wish was originally supposed to be that everyone killed by Frieza and his minions would come back to life, but instead, the Dragon understood that anyone who died since Frieza came to Namek be revived. And due to a rather freaky coincidence, three people from different realms died at exactly the same instant as someone from your time, and because of this strange phenomena, all four ended up coming back."

Bulma paled. Four?

She turned around and looked to the sources of the thuds and curses, and her eyes widened with horror as she realized she was staring at four very shocked Saiyan Princes.


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Though the actual timing is obviously far apart, Vegeta somehow died in three other realms at the exact same instant. Consecutively, because Porunga screwed up, when Vegeta was wished back, so where the other three, because obviously they are technically the same people.

Don't ask how that works.

Vegeta – the usual familiar ass from the canon, Age 25

Vejita – A tech genius slightly disturbed by the fact that the only thing in the world he ever trusted (machines) betrayed him, Age 13

Vegitah – 17 year old Prince who grew up on his planet and didn't see Frieza much, cocky and irritating as crap but in a cute way

Majin/Purified Vegeta – again, just like the Canon, has trust issues due to betrayals, and significantly wiser than his younger selves, Age 36

Bulma is 24 years old here, so is Goku and Chi Chi. Gohan is 7, and I think that's it for now.

Also, King Yemma is different in each timeline/realm, so it's Yemma, Yama, Enma, and Emna Diao. Technically the same, yet different. I used the basic dialogue from the Canon but changed the wording quite a bit, because I'm too lazy to rewatch allll those episodes, and there's no point in you guys reading what you already know.

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