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Lisa's eyes went wide at the sound of the shot. In that one moment everything seemed to go in slow motion. The door busted open behind Caraline, Jackson's legs gave out under him and he fell to the ground, police flooded the room, taking Caraline into custody rushing to get Jackson to an ambulance that was waiting outside. It all happened so fast that Lisa was in shock, once again Jackson was in the hospital and she didn't know if he'd be okay.

One of the officers, a younger man with short black hair came over to her "Ma'am are you okay?" he asked.

Lisa nodded slowly "I-I-think so." she said, still staring at where Caraline had been standing. The officer carefully guided her outside. She blinked in the sun light as he lead her to the back of an ambulance so she could sit down. He wrapped a blanket around her shoulders and walked off. Lisa was still in shock as she pulled out her phone and hit the 2 on speed dial to call her father, then put the phone to her ear. When he picked up her voice was shaking "Daddy"

"Leese what's wrong? Are you okay?" he asked, knowing immediately that something had majorly upset her.

Lisa took a deep breath and asked "Can you meet me at the hospital?"

"Of course honey. What's wrong?" he asked again.

"Jackson's hurt." she told him, on the verge of crying.

"Jackson? Didn't you end it with him?"

Lisa nodded to herself "Please just meet me at the hospital? I'll explain everything there." she asked, nearly begging.

"Yea, yea I'm on my way." he told her before hanging up.

Lisa sighed and leaned on the seat in the ambulance, trying not to tear. She knew that once the first tear started falling the tears wouldn't stop. The same officer as earlier came over to her "Ma'am would you like to ride in the other ambulance as your boyfriend?" he asked. Lisa nodded and let him lead her to the other ambulance where she climbed in and held onto Jackson's hand the whole time. During the ride to the hospital they asked her questions about what happened but she was to worried about Jackson to answer.

Once at the hospital they separated her from Jackson, saying they wanted to ask her some questions while they did an emergency surgery on Jackson. Once more they tried asking who Caraline was and what she wanted but Lisa didn't know. All she could tell them is that Caraline was trying to kill Jackson. After a while they gave up, seeing it was useless to question her until she knew if Jackson would make it.

Not long after, Joe got to the hospital and rushed over to his daughter. Lisa cried into his chest, just wanting to feel safe again. For several minutes they stayed like that. Finally Lisa pulled away, wiping away tears "Jackson, he got shot. Someone" she paused to choke down tears "someone wasn't happy he failed the Keefe job."

Joe frowned at her "They tried to kill him?"

Lisa nodded. "In the worst way. They tried to get close to him...then take hi-him out. I-it didn't work out very well."

Joe sat down next to her, putting one arm around his daughter. "What happened?"

Lisa leaned her head on his chest. "I-I happened. She hadn't expected me to still have feelings for him...or for him to still have feelings for me. Daddy, breaking up with Jackson was the worst mistake I could have made. I-if I hadn't broken up with him Caraline wouldn't have been able to get close to him." she explained, rocking back and forth slightly. Joe pulled her into another hug and assured her that Jackson would be fine.

Slowly the hours ticked by, Lisa finally calmed down and explained everything to her father but that only took so long. They still ended up waiting in silence for any news from the doctors. Every second that went by felt like the chances of Jackson making it got smaller and smaller. Lisa tried everything to make time go faster, she paced through the waiting room, read every magazine, tapped her fingers on the chair arm rest and eventually gave up and just sat there. Staring blankly at nothing.

Finally the doctor came in, a grave expression on his face. "Miss Reisert, I'm sorry to tell you this but Mr. Rippner's wound is very serious. We've removed the bullet and done our best to seal the wound but it was no easy job. The bullet went strait for his heart. The only reason it didn't reach his heart is because it hit one of his ribs and bounced off. That did however make removing the bullet harder. For now he's stable but we don't know if he'll make it through recovery."

Lisa broke down again. "I can't lose him again." she said through the tears.

Joe walked over and put his arms around her. To the doctor he asked "Is there anything you can do?"

The doctor shrugged "We're already doing everything we can. The only thing we can do is wait. I'd suggest you both go home and rest. We'll call you if there's any further developments."

Joe nodded and the doctor walked off. He looked at Lisa and said "Leese don't worry, you know he's strong. He survived two bullets in the past he can do this." Lisa looked up at her dad hopefully, she didn't say anything. She just nodded and let him drive her to his house.

A week passed and they still hadn't heard anything from the doctors. Lisa visited the hospital everyday, just to see Jackson even if she couldn't go into the room. When she wasn't at the hospital she busied herself cleaning, her apartment, her dad's home, even Cynthia's home.

One day, she came into the hospital. Another whole week had passed since Caraline shot him. When she walked off the elevator Dr. Booker spotted her. Over the two weeks Lisa had gotten to know him slightly, well enough that she trusted him to keep Jackson safe. He walked over to her "Lisa!" he called out, wanting to talk to her before she went to see Jackson.

Lisa altered her course to go talk to him. "Yes Dr. Booker?"

"I wanted to talk to you before you go to see Mr. Rippner today." he told her calmly.

A look of fear crossed over her face but she kept it hidden, for the most part. "Why? Has something happened?" she asked, slightly panicked.

"Calm down Lisa, he's fine. Better than fine actually. He woke up earlier today. I tried to call you but couldn't get a hold of you."

Lisa's fear disappeared in a flash and was replaced with a smile. "He's awake?" she asked, almost not believing Dr. Booker.

The doctor smiled and nodded "Yes he is. He's still weak but he can talk to you."

Lisa's smile couldn't have gotten any bigger. "Thank you Dr. Booker!" she said before rushing down the hall to his room. Lisa looked in the window before entering his room. Just as Dr. Booker had said he was up, watching TV actually. She slowly opened the door and walked in, not wanting to startle him.

He looked away from the TV and looked at her, a smile on his face "Leese."

Lisa smiled as she sat down on the edge of his bed. "Hey, how are you?"

He sighed slightly "Well I'll probably have another scar from the wound but as long as I've got you I'm great."

Lisa smiled "I love you Jackson." she said, grabbing his hand.

He squeezed her hand "I love you too." he told her.

The next few months went by faster than Lisa could believe. Having Jackson back made her world so much better. He recovered quickly and was released from the hospital sooner than Dr. Booker had expected. Due to missing work unexpectedly he lost his job but quickly got reemployed when he explained that he'd been hurt. Caraline went to jail for attempted murder and several other things on her record. Before a year had passed Jackson proposed to Lisa. He'd lost her once and didn't want to lose her again and he knew she felt the same. They were married soon after and Lisa moved in with Jackson.

Author's note: AHH! It's over! It was fun, and painful and hard to write this but I did it! Thank you all for the support, especially Trudes! You helped a ton!