Decided to give this a try.

There was a stir in the cold desolate air. The stagnant stench of flesh, blood, and death was about. But now a distant smell of lavender could be detected.

"It is time once more." A grave voice said from the dark shadows of it's room.

The room was vast and much more like a living quarters than anything. It was dark and seemed to be lit only by various candles here and there. A massive circular bed sat in the middle. It was almost sunken into the ground, small black marble steps led to it. Black satin sheets were strewn across it and as for a pillow, a strange head vice was there. It was made for holding the neck above the bed and looked rather uncomfortble when compared to the pillows tossed here and there.

At the furthest corner sat a wardrobe. It was made of some kind of dark wood and to one it would seem like an ordinary wardrobe, but woe to anyone who opened it. If opened they'd find an assortment of tools that would tear flesh and sew them back together. From the harmless to the most leathal were in order. And each were tool was clean and looked as though they were taken care of, lovingly, at that.

But as this room was strange it seemed that it was made for two people rather than just the one voice that was already there. A second wardrobe sat beside the first and was filled with various flowing dresses. Most were black but some where red and white, although they seemed rather reluctant. A small vanity sat adjacent to it. A perfect oval mirror was it's back and there were various cosmetics scattered about it. Small ornate perfume bottles were here along with a beautiful gold inlaid comb and brush. The drawers contained hundreds of beautiful hair combs and jewelry and even a small circlet was amongst the objects.

There were suggestions of a female here, but these objects remained untouched. Like they were waiting. Which brings us to the present.

The voice that had spoke with such a grave tone was sitting at a vast marble desk. Perhaps it was a mockery of the real world as there was no such thing as paper work in Hell. That much was certain. No the only work to be found here was the daily torture of humans. Humans that were foolish and disgusting for thier world had found themselves here.

Here in the Lemarchand's Box. The Lament Configuration which brought pain to most and pleasure to few. It called to many and was answered by the handfulls.

But there was one in particular. One that had the Prince of Pain himself yearning and wanting. It felt like an eternity to the usually patient one. Xipe Totec to some, but to the many he was simply known as Pinhead due to the many pins that glittered menacingly about his head. They both served him as his punishment and his tools.

What had caused his stirrings from the countless hours of brooding was the familiar pull that said that someone had the box once again. He took a rather lazy poke through the soon to be victim's thoughts and saw a man. Greed and lust was radiating from the human and there was no doubt that in a few he would be summoned to take this soul into Hell.

He had hoped that the box had found its way back into his much desired target. The beautiful woman simply known as Kirsty Cotton. From the years she had grown to become a very beautiful woman. Her dark long hair and delicatly paled skin, leaving her to be the Snow White of the Hell.

Ah yes, Snow White indeed. A beauty in danger of both her wicked step mother and a greedy uncle. Both had been dealt with by his hand. They each would suffer a seperate Hell. And let's not forget the father who harbored a secret desire for his own daughter who looked so much like her fair mother.

Since the first time she opened the box and refused him, he knew that she would be an interesting subject. A small seed of darkness lay deep within her that needed to be nurtured and he wanted to be the one that did it. He wanted to mold her into the perfect Princess, but that would take time. But then again, time was all he had.

Pinhead sighed and thought of the volptuous woman. So beautiful and yet she was out of his reach. He now regretted the deal he made with Kirsty. Letting her go for five measly little souls that offered very little to him. But then again, he knew that one way or the other she was going to be his. Whether it was because of her death or because she had finally fallen back into his clutches, she would end up here. And he would relish the day that she was finally here. The prized gem in his collection.

Lost in his musings, he almost missed the pull. Summoning him from his realm and thoughts. Pinhead found himself displeased. This unworthy creature had to be dealt with. Concentrating on his target Pinhead allowed himself to be taken to the human world.

He was greeted by a rather fat man holding onto the box, gawking at him like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The apartment room was filthy and covered in empty food cartons and porno magazines. The normal trash that most humans had when they came to him. The man positively reeked of alcohol and judging by the various bottles everywhere, they were dealing with a drunken slob.

The rest of Pinhead's servants arrived. The Female to the right and Chatter to his left. His faithful companions that had endured much for him. Butterball showed up shortly after. He usually was late but that might have something to do with his size. Chatter didn't need a command. He simply went for the target. It was nothing short of routine for them.

"Hey, washa doin'?" The man slurred. He obviously had solved it while intoxicated.

"We have come for you. You summoned us and now you must come with us. Share in the pleasures that we can offer." It was the tired old mantra but the most effective one.

"I ain't goin' nowhere with you. So you can piss off you freaks!" The fat man scrambled to the door. Swaying slightly as he tried to wobble over to the exit.

Hooks and chains lashed out at the man. Tearing into his hands and legs. Three shot up from the floor and embedded themselves into his stomache. Tearing flesh and creating a sound that made the Cenobites desire more. The three stared at thier leader. Silently begging him to give them the okay.

But Pinhead was not paying them any mind. Instead he could sense someone...Kirsty. Was she here?

The man's wailing brought his attention back. "Do you know of Kirsty Cotton?"

The man looked up and Pinhead, whimpering. "Y-yeah. She lives a-across from m-me."

"That's all I need to know. Go now you three. Give our guest the special treatment. After all, he has just handed over Kirsty on a silver platter."

The others tittered and wasted no time into tearing into the other man. As Pinhead left the room, his screams were becoming gurgled due to the blood that was pouring into his throat from his lungs.

The door of room 262 gave way to him, the locks bowing down to his mind. The door creaked open as he wandered in. The lights were off, the moonlight outside outlined the living room. The clock on the wall read midnight.

He ignored everything else. Furniture and such meant almost nothing to him now. He was interested in the hallway. Or to be more specific the hallway that lead to his greatest treasure.

What felt like ages but was only mere seconds he reached her bedroom door and was delighted to find that the lights were out here as well. He opened the door and was almost instantly greeted with the sight of the woman's body. A quick scan of the place told him that there was no man to be found. As much as he liked challenge, he was in no mood to have a fight.

Kirsty lay on her back, her hair was about her like an inky halo. She was in a deep sleep and her arms were halfway above her head. It was as if her very body knew he was here and submitted to his will. Both greed and lust shot through his body as his eyes drank in the sight of the other. The prize was here at last. There was no bargains to be made, no knight in shining armor to save the fair maiden. Just the two of them.

Wasting no time he gently scooped her up, blankets and all. Her little white nightgown peeked out from the top of the blanket, teasing him. He wanted nothing more than to pull it off and take what was rightfully his. But that would come later. They had an eternity now.

Carrying the bundle through her home and back to the Schism was easier than he thought. The others had long left with thier newest toy. Normally he would have joined them but he had something better now. Entering the Schism he felt Hell pull them both onward and back to where he started.

Once back in his bedroom he walked down to his bed and lowered the girl to it. Cradling her a little as if she was a delicate china doll. Not once did she stir. That was it. Kirsty was now in Hell. The Schism had closed, allowing its favorite son to keep his prescious treasure. The beautiful woman was now his to deal with as he pleased. If so desired her destruction there was nothing she could do about it. But he had a much better idea.

Pinhead allowed his mind to sift through his many servants until he found the Female. Tapping into her mind he commanded her silent attention.

"Go. Tell everyone that there is a new bride here." Was all he said.

He felt the Female give her consent and knew that it would be a short time before the others knew. He sat back at his desk and regarded the young lady before him. Now he was complete. His goal was here and there was nothing she could do or say that could change it.

"Welcome to Hell Kirsty."