I guess I'm back again. I always seem to write more in the winter.

Her whole body was sore like she had been plowed by a train. And for once she was completely satisfied. Which scared her to death!

She slowly got up and rubbed her temples. She noted that there were bruises on her skin now. Faint smears of dry blood adorned her as well. Kirsty sighed to herself. She did it again. Was she that desperate for attention that she would willingly crawl into bed with a demon?

She sighed and got up, scanning the room for her demonic lover. She didn't see him.

'Figures. Men are men. They want one thing and then they're gone.' She thought rather irritably to herself while rolling her eyes. Kirsty wrapped the sheet around her once more, thankful that he at least left a few candles lit so that she could see her way around.

Kirsty began to walk to her wardrobe and promptly hit the stairs. There was a pulling at her ankle that had caused her to fall. Kirsty nursed her injured side for a moment before unraveling the sheet all the way. Her ankle was bound by a silver metal cuff with a chain that led to no where.

In her rage she pulled at it but to no avail. She was stuck there. A slight fluttering sound caught her attention. Scanning the bed, she saw what looked like a piece of paper near her pillow. Making her way over to it, she snatched up the paper and read the message on it.


There are many things that I have yet to teach you. So, you shall remain here where you cannot hide until I return. I'm sure that you will like what I have in store for you.

There was some kind of insignia at the bottom, that she could only guess was his signature. It was written with very prominent curves and points, making the whole thing seem like some kind of alien language.

But the handwriting aside, she was in deep trouble. He said that he was going to teach her, and that meant pain. I mean, he must have been more gentle as a lover just to lower her guard right? Like a spider weaves its web and then wraps its prey in silk. The venom would make it feel safe, as though nothing was going to happen to it, and then bam! It would gobble down the fly like nothing.

And that was how Kirsty felt right now. Like a fly that was caught in a web, and that pretty soon she would be eaten. Her soul to be devoured by the demon that kept her prisoner. And that thought scared her. She would have to get herself free somehow. If only she could lock pick it. She examined her cuff a little more.

Scratch lock picking, there was no key hole to be found. There was probably some sort of magical way to get it off. But she didn't have time for that! Her husband was going to be back anytime now and start his horrible tortures unto her. Or worse...

Maybe he thought it was time to make her into one of them. Kirsty had slept with him, twice now, after all. Pinhead probably figured that she was ready for the next phase. Kirsty could imagine it now. He would make her twisted like the others, or maybe he would just contort her figure slightly. Allow her to remain more humanoid than anything.

Kirsty pulled at her chain uselessly. She would have to think of a way out or else she would become one of them.

The Heavens. Some people think that it is a place where all things are beautiful and the clouds sing lovely tunes. And they are half right. The Heavens was where angels were created, and where new lives would be given.

A place where the place glowed with a strange and yet soft gold. The floors were made of white marble and clouds would lazily drift on the top, giving the impression of walking on clouds. Great homes stood tall and cozy. Flowers of every different color and even animals lived in harmony with the humans. A true and wonderful paradise with no worries.

But not for the Chosen Four and the Great Creator.

News had reached the Heavens about the kidnapped mortal and her forced husband. And now matters had to be attended to. All angels had been told to stay in their homes for the time being, for only the Chosen Four could see their great God. If one were to ever gaze upon their Majesty, they would go mad and inevitably, be kicked out of Heaven.

"I see. What else do you wish to tell me?" The Great Creator's voice boomed out. Powerful and yet so peaceful, like a lullaby.

"The cenobite that kidnapped her my Lord. He said that he would do anything to keep her safe, and has even asked that we keep her from becoming like them." Michael said, bowing before his Greatness.

"And what do you think?" The Creator spoke.

"I think that he is telling the truth my Lord. He seemed very odd for a cenobite." Michael again replied.

"How odd?"

Raphael knew exactly what Michael was getting at. "Well, he didn't have that look. Every cenobite I've ever encountered has always had this look in their eyes. Like they always have to have more. A greedy look on their faces. But not this one. It was like he was content with what he had."

The ball of light that served as the Great Spirit pulsated as if it was thinking. They knew what he was doing, he was looking down and looking at the woman below. And then he turned his attention to the lead cenobite. And finally, the truth was out.

"I understand the problem now. But now, how to fix it?" The Creator spoke after looking into each of their souls, or in the case of the cenobite, what fragments were left.

Gabriel looked at his brothers with a questioning look. "What problem my Lord?"

"You are well aware of soul mates are you not?"

Orielle looked at his God with an awestruck face. "You don't mean-"

"Yes I do. These were two souls meant to find each other later in life. But my brother got the older of the two and tore them apart. How ever, they had to meet at least once in their lives in order for the souls to connect. Even if it is just once. But because the male's is shattered his soul hungrily latches on to hers. It yearns to be complete. And it is only through her that his can feel whole again."

"But what shall we do now?" Michael inquired.

His Lord thought for a moment. "We shall have to invoke the ancient rule provided that we have a testimony from both mother and father. Go now and tell my brother that he must give up a soul for one day."

The angels bowed one final time to their Savior and departed from the Heavens.

Kirsty pulled until both her ankle and hands were raw. She lay there panting and rubbing her sore hands. It was no use, she guessed that she would have to face her fate. A terrible one she was sure.

"And what have we been doing since I've been away?"

Kirsty sat bolt upright and looked to see her lover steadily making his way toward her. He held a cup and a small bottle of liquid. She couldn't make out the contents of the bottle, but she was pretty sure that whatever it was wasn't going to be good for her.

Pinhead had a feeling that she would try to escape. That was good. It meant that she still had the will to fight her way out. She was so strong and Pinhead agreed that she might be even stronger than he.

He sat next a little ways above her so that Kirsty had to spin around to see him. Their eyes locked onto each other, black filled with calm, and brown filled with anger and fear. It was a staring match between life and death, at least Kirsty believed that he might be dead. His cold skin told her so.

"Only you will ever now that child." His voice sounded kind of smug.

Kirsty couldn't help the blush that steadily rose to her cheeks, so she let him win the staring contest and looked away. Being chained to the bed could mean certain pain if she back talked him. Instead she would reward him with silence. At least that's what she planned before she heard the bottle open.

She watched as he poured the contents in the glass. It was some kind of blue liquid. The color was so pretty and Kirsty watched it a little mesmerized until she forced herself to blink. Pinhead handed the cup to her and she stared skeptically at the contents of her cup.

Kirsty gave him a questioning look. Pinhead understood that she wanted answers, just as he predicted.

"It's nothing more than a healing drink. It shall leave you whole and new. I'm sure that you want that don't you?"

Whole and new? She wasn't all that injured herself. He told her nothing more but silently urged her to drink it. And Kirsty knew that there was no way that he would allow her to leave until she drained it. With shaking hands she brought it to her lips and drank.