I'm baaaackk!

Kirsty stared at the pomegranate. There was something stirring in the back of her head. A memory of a tale long forgotten.

"Take it child. Take what is yours. Claim all that lies before you as your right."

The brunette wasn't listening though. She was trying to recall something that seemed so familar and yet foreign to her. There was a hidden meaning and she couldn't remember what it was.

Pinhead took the opportunity to put his lips to her ears. Licking the outer shell of her ear, causing delicious shivers to travel down Kirsty's spine.

"There are so many pleasures to indulge in Kirsty. So many endless ecstasys that are waiting for you to try."

He sounded so promising but Kirsty knew that ultimately he was lying. He wanted her soul and that was it. For him she was but another victim. A new toy to play with.

Pinhead gave a slight knowing laugh. He was reading her thoughts again.

'Damn him!' Kirsty thought vehemently.

"But I am already damned my dear and so are you."

"I'm not damned yet!" Kirsty shot back.

"Oh yes you are. But you are avoiding a choice. Pleasure or pain? Choose or I will choose for you."

It was clear that he was becoming impatient. Kirsty tried to look at him but he kept her firmly in place. So she couldn't see the anxious look that was betraying his usual facade.

Kirsty stared at the pomegranate again. And then it hit her.

Persephone was the fair daughter of Demeter. She loved to dance in the meadow under the sun, laughing all the while. But she had captured the attetion of Hades, the god of the Underworld. He watched her and longed for her. Wanting to claim her for himself. One day Hades lured Persephone out of her mother's watch by placing beautiful white flowers in a line to another vacant meadow. Persephone took the bait and was far out of her mother's reach when he opened the earth and stole Persephone from the world of the sun.

Demeter wandered the earth and allowed it to become barren and frozen out of grief. She finally learned of her daughter's whereabouts and begged Zeus to have her returned to her. Zeus reluctantly agreed to have her returned before the humans starved.

But Hades was a very cunning man. He had tricked Persephone into taking a bite out of a pomegranate. The fruit of the dead. Zeus then ruled that she must return to her husband once a year for every seed she ate. Createing the spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The story played out through Kirsty's head. A horrible truth was finally revealed to her. She was trapped for all eternity here. And she either had to accept it or suffer.

"Choose now Kirsty!" Pinhead's voice became loud. He was commanding her.

The sudden sound of his voice startled her. It was either be damned and enjoy it or be damned and suffer for eternity.

"If I choose yes, I'll be trapped here for an eternity won't I?" Kirsty asked hoping to buy her more time.

Pinhead gave a secret smile. One that she couldn't see. "You are already here Kirsty. Here with me forever. We are now one child. But enough stalling. What is your decision?"

Kirsty thought about it for a moment. On one hand she could use this whole situation to her advantage. She could try to find a way out for her and...


"What about your father Kirsty?"

"It was just a thought that crossed my mind." Kirsty said, hoping that he wouldn't dwell on it.

Pinhead knew that she had something hidden up her sleeve. Knowing that she would try to escape. He could only guess that she was thinking of going to find her father. He knew that she woulld fight him every step of the way.

'Ah Kirsty. I will taste your flesh one way or the other. I will make you suffer as much as you have made me suffer. I have waited years for you, a lot longer than I have anticipated Kirsty, but I will reap my benefits at last.'

Kirsty took the fruit from his hand. She stared at it moments longer. An idea came floating to her head. Find out his true intentions.

"Persephone. She was made the Queen of the Underworld. Is that what I am now? Or am I another victim? Another soul to reap for your pleasure? Because if that's the truth then-"

"Then what Kirsty? What can you do? Stop me? Either way, your fate will be my pleasure."

He paused and kissed the outer shell of her ear this time. Kirsty couldn't help it. She felt herself becoming aroused again. Her breath had seized in her chest at the seemingly intimate touch.

"But, I would prefer to become your Hades and show you the beautiful sights of the dead." Pinhead whispered into her ear in an almost tender tone.

Kirsty battled with herself. 'What should I do?'

He could be lying. Just toying with her. Trying to woo her and then break what was left of heart.

But then he could be sincere. He sounded sweet to her. He was once human right? Maybe he was trying to become one again?

Kirsty swallowed hard and closed her eyes. She brought the fruit to her mouth.

"Yes. Go on." Pinhead urged her gently.

The fruit's skin touched her lips. Gently and hesitantly, she took a bite. Feeling the seeds go into her mouth. She chewed and then swallowed slowly.

That was it she was now here for eternity. There was no turning back now. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

"A fine choice Kirsty. And now I will hold my end of the bargain."

Pinhead swung her around to face him. Holding her tightly so that she couldn't run away.

"And what end are you going to hold?"

"Eternal pleasure."

Kirsty didn't even get to say another word before her lips were being crushed by his in an intriguing dance of fire and ice. Love and hate.

And now the game of chess would begin.