AUTHORS NOTE: This chapter is for Mature Audiences and contains graphic sexual content. Read at your own risk.

My detention with Mr. Sebastian was scheduled from 4:30 to 5:30. This meant my mother had to take me back and drop me off at St. Vinnie's, and gave her a good fifteen minutes to lecture me about how I shouldn't be passing notes.

So now, as I was walking closer and closer to hisclassroom – my heart thumped in my chest faster and my forehead began to sweat. Why was I so nervous? Oh great, and now he was standing in the door way waiting for me.

"You're right on time," he said and opened the door wider so I could walk in.

"Yep…" I mumbled back, not meeting his warm gaze as I walked by him and into the room. I set my bag down and then heard the door shut and lock. Suddenly all the lights went out except for one dim lap in the corner of the room.

"Mr. Seb ~"

His hand was covering my mouth now as he stood inappropriately close behind me. "Sssshh," it's time for you to serve your punishment…" I felt his gloved hand run down the outside of my body, before he lifted me off the ground.

We neared his desk. Oh god - what was he going to do! I screamed at myself to run, to kick – do anything to get away but I couldn't move my body. It was like I was frozen. He set me down on the desk and put one hand on the wall behind me so I was pinned as he stared into my eyes.

"Now how shall I punish you first?" he asked, licking his lips.

"W – What are you doing…?" I stuttered, feeling the fear rush through my veins. I knew I shouldn't have trusted this man in the beginning.

A wicked smile formed on his lips. "I'm only going to punish you…" and then his lips were on mine. His tongue was pressing against my closed lips, begging for entrance, but I refused. I refused to be taken advantage of by this man. I reached up to hit him away, but he immediately grabbed my wrist without even looking. He took my other wrist and brought them above my head, using only one hand to pin them both together.

Oh my god…I was going to be raped and there was nothing I could do about….Even still, I wouldn't go down without a fight. Even if he managed to rape me, I'd let him walk out of here with his blood underneath my fingernails. And doing it on school grounds no less! I realized. What was he thinking!

*Pop* I felt cool air brush over my bare skin. And I then I realized that with one small movement of his finger he'd unfastened all but one button on my white button down shirt. The cool air made me gasp, giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth.

It was soft, nice…warm…if I hadn't been afraid of this man I might have enjoyed it. And he wasn't being forceful about it either, but I refused to let him continue. I felt his hand slowly cup my left breast and squeeze gently.

I whimpered and squeezed my eyes shut as the tears spilled through. Why was he touching me there? Why wouldn't he just go away…? After a moment he pulled away and let go of my wrists. I hesitantly opened my eyes to see him staring at me – and then I crossed my arms over myself.

"Now, now," he said. "Don't hide yourself from me." He placed one hand on the back of my head and pulled me into his arms as I sobbed. I felt his fingers run through my wavy blonde hair. "Sssshh…" he whispered. Ah, this must be a "reward" now.

And then punishment…he was going to tease me back and forth with the two, I was sure of it. "Let me go!" I cried, pulling away. "I'll call the cops – I'll tell them what you did!"

"But my dear, I haven't done anything yet…" and then my wrists were pinned me again. "Now…punishment…" His lips caught mine once again, and I felt his hand slowly sliding up my thigh. He grabbed my skirt and tugged it to an angle.

I started to kick my legs; if I kicked him where it counts he was sure to let go. But instead, despite my efforts, he spread his legs and captured mine in between them. Now I couldn't move at all. I was helpless. I was going to be raped and there was nothing I could do….his hand lingered, and then he pulled away.

"I'll scream…" I threatened.

He chuckled. "Go ahead. No one can hear you."

"…you're a rapist…" I mumbled. "You're going to rape me…"

His lips formed to a wicked grin. "But my dear, I'm not a rapist unless I penetrate you. Would you like me to ~"

"No!" I cried. The scenes of him raping me violently ran through my mind. "I'm saving myself for someone else…"

"Oh." His grin fell and his eyes darkened in what? Jealousy? "That boy in the hallway?"

"Yes…" I sniffed. "We've been together for two years….I'm wearing his ~" Glancing down, the Promise Ring on my left ring finger wasn't there anymore. "Where's my ~"

"Oh, you mean this ring?" He held it up to show me it gripped gently between two of his fingers. How had he gotten it off of me without me noticing?

"Give it back!" I demanded.

He chuckled, lacing my fingers with his as he reluctantly handed it back to me. "Such a cheap, worthless ring…"

"No it's not!" I cried, looking away.

He made an amused sound, before his lips were on mine once again. The tears welled as his lips made their way down my neck, stopping right at my pulse to kiss and nibble.

"Oh…" I moaned, beginning to pant. Bradley had never done this before. Heat pooled between my legs. Curse my body for feeling this way – I didn't want to, but the aching was too much…

His lips kissed down my collarbone. His hand ran down my thigh, and he sensually took of my knee high socks and Mary Jane shoes. I couldn't believe what I'd gotten myself into. His hand made its way back up, and then his fingers were stroking the outside of my panties.

He pulled away. "Oh, you are enjoying this…" he whispered against my neck, feeling the dampness. I blushed, and then he lowered me to the desk so I was half dangling off, watching him get ontop of me.

"No…" I mumbled. "It's just a natural body function…"

"Oh? So you don't want me?" he had a sad look in his eyes.

"No…" I answered. "And I won't let you be my first either!"

"But my dear, I'm afraid I already am…" I watched him slowly unbutton his own shirt so I could stare at the pale muscles of his body. Oh god how he was so beautiful…and his lips were on mine again for a moment, as I glanced down to see him undo the last button of my own top. He pulled down my shirt and threw it across the room, leaving me in my bra. He ran his fingers up my back, before finding the bra clasp. He ran his finger on it -and then it burst open. He tugged my bra off of me and smiled.

"Well now, aren't these nice and plump…" he took my left breast in his free hand and squeezed gently. Luckily it didn't feel good, it was actually kind of annoying – feeling his squish me over and over again. I guess it was fun for – oh god.

And now his lips were on my breast. Kissing the tops at first, before he took my nipple into his mouth. His tongue was swirling, coaxing it into hardness as he bit down playfully.

My hips buck upwards slightly. "Oh god…" I moaned.

And then he stopped. "My lady, I would ask you not to utter that name in my presence…" he said it in an annoyed tone. Was he an atheist?

"Why not…?" I asked.

He raised his head and sat up. And I gasped in fear, staring into his once reddish eyes that had now become a pinkish swirling color.

"What are you…?" I asked.

"Oh dear me, did I show my true nature?" he chuckled, and then leaned down to my ear. He bit the lobe softly, before I heard an evil, amusing noise escape his lips. "Can you keep a secret?"

"…yes…" I mumbled. I didn't want to answer, but I had the feeling he would tell me either way.

"I'm a Demon," he whispered.

"Oh my god…" I whimpered as the fear overcame me.

He growled, his hand tightening around my wrists. "I thought I told you not to say that name…" he growled.

"You're lying…you must be joking…" I mumbled, now shaking in disbelief.

He sat up, his eyes glowing that wicked pink color. "Oh but my lady, I never lie." He brought his left hand to his mouth and he pulled off his glove with his teeth. His fingernails were black, a dull color, like they grew their naturally. Just like Ciel's. And I noticed the glowing, purple pentagram infused into his skin – like a birthmark.

"No, no…" I mumbled. "I won't let a Demon take me…"

"And you're hoping that boy will?"


"And you think you'll be together with him forever, don't you?"

"Well…" I would have liked to say "yes, me and Bradley will be together forever," but that was nothing but a silly fantasy. It would probably never happen, even though I wished for it to.

Mr. Sebastian smirked and pulled my skirt up around my waist again. He got off the desk, then picked me up and carried me over to the window. "You think you'll be together forever with him?"

And out on the sidewalk, Bradley was kissing another girl. I felt betrayed as I watched her giggle and his hand slide up her skirt and disappear. How long had he been cheating on me! My eyes welled with tears that I thought had run out. I was going to be raped by a Demon. My now ex-boyfriend had been cheating on me. Today was not going well.

"BRA ~"

He covered my mouth with his hand. "Now, now, you don't want him to come up here and spoil all of our fun, now do you?"

Yes and No. I was enjoying this in a way, maybe more if it was with a man I trusted. But this man's hands and lips were experienced, he'd probably done this to hundreds of women. He had to be at least a century old. A spark of jealousy even formed in my gut – I only hoped he didn't sense it.

I felt him pick me up once again, and then he set me down on my classroom desk. I crossed my arms over myself and watched him move around his desk, before reappearing with a pillow and blanket in his hands. He laid it put nicely on the floor, before turning back to me.

"Where were we?" he asked. "Ah yes, rewards." He neared me – his pink eyes not even looking anywhere else. He pulled me into his arms, squishing my breasts against his own chest. I felt numb inside – I was violated and betrayed. I bit my lip to fight back the oncoming tears, but they fell once again. He pulled away and cupped my face in his hands.

"Now, now, little one. Don't cry. I would like to spend all of eternity with you." He licked his lips seductively.

""No – no!" I cried. "You can't ~ just no…" I hung my head. "Why won't you let me go?"

He checked his pocket watch. "My dear, we still have twenty five minutes left. You're detention hasn't been served just yet." He took my chin in his hand and lifted my face so I would be forced to look at him. "Would you like to form a contract with me?"

"A contract…?" I asked.

"If you pay a price. Normally my kind would in the end eat the souls of their master, but you are so intoxicating I could never do that. Instead, you would become my bed mate. My concubine. My lover…"

"I get it," I snapped, wondering how much he would have gone on if I hadn't interrupted him. "And what's in it for me…?"

"That I be with you for eternity," he answered with a smirk.

I blinked. "And if I refuse this offer?"

"Then you will never get it again."

"…fine. Do what you want, I don't care anymore…" My brain was a fog. I didn't care what he did to me now – if I had a demon on my side couldn't he protect me too? I really didn't see any faults, except maybe the endless sex. But it was supposed to feel good right?

"Are you positive with your answer?" I nodded. "Very well then," he replied. He leaned down, then pressed his lips above my breasts and the same mark on his left hand was etched into my skin. He pulled away and stroked my face. "Now then…" he picked me up and laid me down on the blanket, resting my head against the pillow. He smiled, and then began kissing down my stomach. I felt his hand pull off my skirt.

"My, my, what lovely material…" he mumbled, and then my panties were pulled off of me. "Mmm…" he purred. "Your scent is magnificent and you're so wet for me…"

I blushed and sat up on my elbows – then immediately my eyes wandered to his long, swollen member. He'd somehow undressed himself without me knowing. I continued to stare. Yes, I knew what a penis was – but I'd never seen one in person before…

He noticed me watching. "Would you like to touch?" he asked. My face reddened, and I noticed the small drops of pre cum escaping from the head. A wicked grin formed on his lips. "Or taste…?"

I shook my head vigorously. "No!" I cried. "Not at all!"

"You will soon enough," he replied. His eyes wandered between my legs, and then he leaned down, licking his lips before his face disappeared.

I screamed. His tongue was rolling itself around my clitoris, up and down and tracing along my woman hood. I heard him inhale deeply – and my face reddened. I was so glad I took a shower before I came here. And I'd never trimmed my pubic hair – I had no one to do it for. Would he laugh at me…? I began to pant as my hand fumbled around for something to hold onto. I loved what I was getting, but why did it have to be from him? Of all people – a Demon was taking my virginity. I wanted it to stop...i shifted to close my legs, but he set his hand down on my inner thigh to prevent me from doing so.

He sat up. "Why would you close those pretty little legs?" he asked. His pink eyes seemed to glow brighter, and his wicked lips were coated with my feminine juices.

"…I hate you…" I mumbled in all honesty.

His eyes saddened. "I'm sorry to hear that. But I will say that I do not hate you, more the opposite." His smirk turned seductive. "No matter, I'll have you screaming my name eventually."

My eyes widened. "Never…" I spat at him. Even still, I couldn't fight the aching in my womanhood. The aching for his touch…I gasped as he stuck one long finger inside of me. Ow – it hurt a little bit. And he was staring at me. Why did he have to be staring? He smirked and inserted another finger.

"Oww…" I groaned softly. He curved his fingers back inside of me and I moaned as he found my G spot. I lifted my hand and covered my mouth so he wouldn't hear. A third finger – Ow. Now it really hurt.

"Oh? No sound yet?" he chuckled. "You are a feisty one, aren't you?"

I removed my hand. "Please stop…"I begged.

His forth finger entered me and caused my hips to buck upwards, out of my control. "I'm afraid I cannot do that," he replied. Then he moved all four of his fingers inside of me, twitching them in a rhythm.

"Ah –ah…" I moaned. He leaned down and licked my clit once again. "AH!" I cried, fisting my hand into his soft black hair. His lips closed over the little bud, and he began to suck gently. "Ahh….!" I moaned louder, a wave of pleasure running through me – but he pulled away and sat up. I opened my eyes and stared at him. He removed his fingers, and then slowly licked my womanly fluids off of them.

"Eeeww!" I cried. How could he do that!

He smiled. "How delicious you are, Lona. So sweet, so spicey….so addicting…" He thrust his hips forward and I yelped as his head entered me. "You can hold onto me if you want," he whispered.

I didn't want to. I didn't want to touch him if I didn't have to. "Oww…" I groaned, and he lowered his body to mine so we were pressed together like puzzle pieces.

"Imagine it's that boy…"

I reached up to smack him, but he grabbed my wrist and brought my knuckles to his lips. He kissed gently, and then he leaned down and kissed me softly. Slowly I felt him sliding in, and it hurt a lot more than I imagined it would. I dug my nails into his shoulder, and squeezed my eyes shut.

I felt his lips move from mine. "Open your eyes," he ordered. "I want to see them as I thrust myself into you."

I opened my eyes slowly and stared into his pink ones, before he slowly slid out a little and pushed himself back in again. It hurt – but felt good as well. I didn't know which one was worse. The pain or pleasure? I imagined if I hadn't been a virgin he would have been a lot rougher with me. I glanced into his eyes to see a look of ecstasy in them. But he was also a man, and men were pigs. Human or Demon.

He thrust his hips forward and I gasped sharply in pleasure. Now it was starting to feel good as the pain subsided. He snapped them forward again and I squeaked. He smirked in amusement. I closed my eyes and let the pleasure overwhelm me. Sadly I didn't want this to end – I wanted to know what an "orgasm" felt like and why it was so great.

A wave of pleasure passed through me. "Oh…oh god…" I moaned.

A hand tightened around my throat gently. I opened my eyes to see him glaring down at me with his devilish eyes. "Why don't you say my name instead?"

"I told you…no…" I panted.

He thrust his hip hard once again and I moaned. Again he did it with a grin. I watched him take his forefinger into his mouth and lick the single digit, before reaching down and beginning to stroke my clit in a circular motion. He continued and thrust harder, faster, and deeper. I let out a loud moan, then covered my hand with my mouth.

"Do not worry," he groaned. "I've placed a special seal inside the room. No one can hear us now." He leaned down and kissed the mark on my chest before sitting up. "Now be a good girl and say my name…"

"Never!" I cried.

He thrust his hips and began to stroke my clit once again. "Ah!" I cried. Again he thrust his hips. Again he stroked my clit. Again I cried out, making moans, sighs, whimpers – all kind of erotic noises I didn't know I could make. A feeling built in my belly – a feeling of some sort of release.

He leaned down to my ear. "Now, princess," he stroked my clit once again as the pleasure began to spread. "Say my name…"

And then the pleasure released itself, causing my toes to curl and my hips to twitch and I threw my head back to scream, "M - MR. SEBASTIAN!" I felt a stickiness coat my insides, and then I realized that he'd come as well.

I breathed heavy as an overwhelming tiredness and warmness came over me. Was this the afterglow of sex? It was quite pleasant, actually. Except for when I snapped back to reality and realized I'd had sex with a Demon.

"See now," he whispered, staring at me with his hair falling over his face. He brushed his hand through my own hair. "That wasn't bad, now was it?" he leaned down and kissed me softly. All of a sudden, he pulled out and in a second we were dressed.

"Wha…?" I asked, but then heard the footsteps. Of course, him being a Demon – he probably heard them a hallway away. Mr. Sebastian stood in front of me and handed me Bradley's ring.

"You know what to do, don't you?" he asked, an evil grin plastered on his face.

"Lona? Are you ready for me to take you home?" Bradley was waiting outside the door. Mr. Sebastian had turned on the lights just in time too. And he'd cleaned up the blanket and pillow. I stumbled over to the door. My inner thighs hurt, I was tired….

I swung the door open and glared at Bradley before throwing his ring at him. "You were cheating on me…" I spat at him. "Don't ever talk to me again." I swung my bag over my shoulder and started walking down the hall.

"Wait Lona! You don't understand ~"

Mr. Sebastian chuckled. "Really now, Mr. Dawson. Going after a woman completely out of your league isn't a wise decision, now is it?" I glanced back to see Bradley glaring at Mr. Sebastian before turning back and walking into his room.

"Thank you…" I mumbled. "For making him go away…"

He smiled. "Anything for you, my princess." He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me gently. "And please, call me Sebastian when we're alone. Would you like me to take you home?"

"No!" I cried, spinning on my heels and leaving his room. As I walked down the hall I pulled my phone from my pocket to text my mom.

"I look forward to seeing you tomorrow," Sebastian said.

On the ride home, my mom bitched. And bitched and bitched all about me being unorganized and getting detention. She said was being "corrupted by the devil." Ha. If only she knew…but her bitching was getting so annoying.

I clenched my fists. "Mom!" I cried, looking at her. "Shut up!"

Anger filled her face. "You are grounded for one week, Lona. Don't ever say that to me again."

Fine. I'd told her about Bradley too, but she didn't care. She only cared about herself and having the perfect family. As soon as we pulled into the driveway, I stormed out of the car and into my room. I pulled out a pair of P.J's and walked into the bathroom to take a hot shower. I stripped off my clothing, and then stared at myself in the mirror.

My body had been tainted by that Demon. He'd touched and kissed me. He'd sucked on me…I traced the mark on my chest with my finger. And now I was bound to him. And now I understood that Ciel was a Demon too…

"Lona, dinner's ready," my father called through the door.

"I'm not hungry," I replied and turned on the fan so I wouldn't have to hear him. Huh? I felt something wet running down my thigh. I looked down and then saw Sebastian's extra seamen running down. A wave of nausea passed over me and I lifted up the toilet seat to vomit. Could I get pregnant with a demon baby? If I did he probably wouldn't care…

I wiped my mouth off and then got in, letting the hot water ease my sore muscles. I had to get the scent and feeling of Sebastian off of me. Maybe I could switch my schedule so I wouldn't have to see him – I could drop out of APUSH and take something else…but it was probably too late in the Semester. Once I got out, I changed into my P.J's, making sure to cover the mark so no one could see it.

Afterwards I walked back to my room and looked down at my desk. On it was a rose and envelope with my name written elegantly on the back. What is this? I picked it up, then opened it and pulled out a piece of paper and unfolded it.

Tonight was wonderful. I only wish you were home alone so I could do more naughty things to you. I loved the way my name rolled off your tongue. I cannot wait to see you again tomorrow. I have a special surprise for you.

~ Sebastian

I began to shake. How did he get into my room? I looked over to see my window wide open, then ran over and looked out. And on top of our garage, there he was, staring at me with his pink eyes. I slammed the window shut and locked it, pulling down the blinds so he couldn't peek in. I crawled into bed then, and tried to calm myself down.

Maybe in the morning it would all be a dream.