Sorry for the cheesy title. I had an idea going around in my head and I just had to write it down, hahaha. Beck/Jade pairing, as always.


Slap. Slap. Slap.

"Tori, wake up!"

Tori opened her eyes, regaining consciousness. Another slap landed on her cheeks.

"Tori, wake up!"

"I'm already up!" Tori said loudly, and realized she was lying on the floor. Her head was throbbing, and in front of her very eyes was a familiar figure. She was surrounded by darkness, only lights from the PearPad held by the figure enlightened her view.

"Good. My hands hurt from slapping you awake. You have hard, sharp cheekbones."

"My cheekbones aren't sharp," Tori said, holding her cheeks. She recognized the voice immediately. "Anyways, you could've just wake me up with a… more decent way, Beck."

"I'm sorry that you were sleeping like a log." Beck responded, tapping the screen of his PearPhone so that the backlight would not go out so quickly.

"Where are we? Why is it so dark?"

"Apparently, we're in the bookstore. And it's past midnight, so there's no sun."

Tori sat up, leaning at the nearest bookshelf in hope that nothing would be able to surprise her from the back in the darkness. Yes, she believes in ghosts. "Why are we in the bookstore at midnight?" She asked, confused.

"Actually, I was hoping you could give me the answer." Beck sighed. "I don't know either. You don't remember what happened?"

Tori shook her head. "We're still in the mall, right?"

"Yup, we're still here. I don't want to open the lights because it would attract attention from outside. But I've managed to open the lock on the roller shutter while you were sleeping-"

"I wasn't sleeping!" Tori slapped Beck's shoulder.

"Unconscious," Beck corrected quickly. "So we could get outta here."

"Ah, you and your lock picking skills," she complimented quietly, pretending Beck wasn't there. "Wait, we aren't the only ones here, right?"

Beck shook his head, although he knew Tori wouldn't be able to see his response in such darkness. "Let's look for Cat, Andre and Robbie. Maybe they know what happened… Or at least remember."

"Okay." Tori got up on her feet, and grabbed on Beck's sleeves as he guided her to the entrance of the bookshop. She wanted to add Jade when he mentioned the names of their friends, but she would rather stay quiet. Beck would probably want to look for Jade too anyways, even when he didn't mention it.

They crawled through the opening of the roller shutter doors before Beck slammed it back. The dim lights from the wall-hung lamps of the mall illuminated the area. They're at the first floor of the huge mall. And they knew somewhere in the mall, Cat, Jade, Robbie and Andre are probably trying to get out – or at least wake up.

She couldn't help but wondering though, what happened?

I'm sorry it's short and non-poetic or whatever. Just something I had to do, before the scene faded from my head, haha.