Twisted Fate

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Summary: In the midst of chasing a Grimm creature, a wayward spell collides with Nick and changes everyone's life especially Monroe's.

Chapter 1

"Stop!" A figure dashed straight through the deserted road and into the forest. Without a second thought of precaution Nick chased after it. Though he couldn't hear its footsteps he heard the swishing of leaves and grass as it passed through in a hurry. His vision obscured by the dark of night Nick followed the sound deep into the forest. Occasionally he raised his gun as he stopped to listen to the split second sound of a rustled leaf or crunch of grass. A burst of wind blew past his right ear along with a whispered laugh. He growled as he turned around and chased after the creature that had just mocked him.

"Stop! Portland PD!" Nick shouted as he caught a fleeting color of the creature dashing behind a tree. With his gun raised and ready he rounded the tree only to meet empty space. A quick sweep of wind past by behind him, he turned only to feel it again at his back. Nick spun around and shot a random shot, not caring if he caught nothing but wind. The eerie whispered laugh grew louder as he caught the fleeting color once more before it disappeared.

"Show yourself!" Nick shouted, quite out of character. "You're under arrest for the murder of Michael Buyers!" Nick shouted to the mass amount of trees, unsure where the creature was hiding.

"Murder?" A humorous and curious female voice answered back. This time it was solid and still. He whirled around following the voice. His eyes trailed up one of the trees to find a dark female figure sitting on one of the thicker branches. She was toying with the braids in her hair. The shadows obscured her face.

"Miss, you're under arrest for murder. If you come with me now I can put in a good word with the DA, that you surrender voluntarily." Nick raised his gun and locked onto her heart just in case she leapt at him. The woman instead hummed in amusement. The gun seemed to have by passed her comprehension.

"You know better then to negotiate with the likes of us, Grimm." She spoke the words with slight disgust but that disgust was out weighted by playfulness. Nick inched forward.

"I'm different. I promise I won't kill you if you don't resist. I just want to help." With each word he inched forward.

"You see, you can't." She answered back almost immediately.

"I can." Nick countered.

"No, you can't." And with that she leapt off the branch and dashed past Nick in a breeze. This time he was prepared. Just as she passed he turned and grabbed onto her arm. She grunted as he tugged back and threw her against the tree. The woman slid to the ground. The moonlight lit up her features. She was built healthily with slight muscle tone. Her braided red hair was long and shiny. She jumped up and growled at him. Veins appeared along the contours of her cheeks and eyes. It throbbed as her eyes glowed purple. She advanced but Nick raised his gun and shot twice into her chest. She tumbled back and screamed in shock. Nick took a step forward ready to shoot again when he heard a sharp whooshing sound.

Quickly he turned just in time to see a bright string of obscuring light crash right into him. The force knocked him onto his back. His gun flew out of his hands as he involuntarily pulled the trigger one more time during impact. His muscles ached painfully as he felt his entire body heat up then grow arctic cold. His heart rate sped up and his breaths grew shallow. He stared up at the cold and dark canopy of the forest trees disoriented. He thought of many things. What had just happened? Where did it come from? What was it? Was the woman he shot alive? Was she dead? Did she leave? Was she still there? Could she have moved? What was she?

And the most important question of them: was he going to die?

Fluidly the canopy spun around him and blurred into a haze. He felt the feelings in his limbs numb over and travel to the rest of his body. Slowly he felt the dark safety of his inner mind approaching. Nick struggled to keep himself conscious but the urge to sleep was overwhelming. Surrendering to the droop of his eyes Nick stole one more peek at the dark canopy before sliding his eyelids close.

A twisted fate you have.


Ever since the beginning Monroe knew Nick was going to be a pain. Ever since Nick chased and tackled him into his front door, Monroe knew his life was going to be different. His peaceful reformed everyday trudge of a life was replaced by an action-packed and rebellious life. He had never seen a Grimm and was ecstatic to see one. But now that he did, he wanted to go back to his oblivious lifestyle of always wondering what Grimm was like and who was one. Nick was not worth the trouble that he kept causing. Yet here he was, power walking down the hospital that smelt of fresh and dried blood. He gripped his upper arms tightly as he made his way to the front desk.

The lady behind it smiles at him. "How may I help you sir?" she asked politely and professionally.

"Hi, I'm here to see Nick Burkhardt. He was sent in about an hour ago." Monroe spoke in a controlled voice. Last thing he needed was to start growling at her. She tapped away on the computer before nodding affirmatively. She produced a sign-in clipboard from the other side of the table.

"I'll just need you to sign in for Detective Burkhardt and then you can go on right ahead. He's in room 345, on the third floor, use the blue elevators." She instructed. Monroe signed quickly and headed to the blue elevators. He stood awkwardly in front of them as he watched the numbers descend. The doors opened and he quickly shuffled in, dodging the others who were getting off and giving him disapproving looks.

The third floor was massive. If there hadn't been signs it would have taken Monroe at least a day to find room 345. Lucky for him the signs were clear as day and he found the room in less than five minutes. Uniforms that stopped him when he tried to enter the room heavily guarded the door.

"I'm sorry sir, but you can't go in there." One of them informed him. He glared mildly at him.

"Detective Burkhardt is my friend." Monroe glowered. The uniform shook his head.

"I'm sorry, sir. But Detective Burkhardt is under protective custody and we would have to verify your claims before we let you in." That statement chilled Monroe's attempt to argue with the man. There was no one other than Nick who can verify that Monroe was his friend. Their friendship wasn't as open as many friendships were. Left with no other choice, Monroe took a seat in front of the officers. They looked annoyed but otherwise ignored him.

He watched many people walk in and out of Nick's room. Of course they were all detectives or uniforms. He saw Hank and Wu but they ignored him other than to say hello and good-bye. Neither even bothered to ask him if he wanted to see Nick. They could care less he gathered. He, after all, was a suspect once in a kidnapping of a child. Half the day went by with Monroe sitting in front of the uniforms. He grew annoyed himself when he realized they were just as good at the patience game as he was. And he was a blutbad, a natural predator with extreme patience in hunting and tracking. He applied that concentration in waiting to see Nick. He wasn't going to lose to these stuck-up uniforms.

It wasn't until late at night did Hank visit again. He looked sleep deprived even though it had only been a day since Nick's assault. Hank rubbed the edges of his eyes as he nodded to the uniforms. He stole a glance at Monroe who took to staring at the white wall to keep himself sane and seated. Quietly he entered Nick's room. Quickly Monroe darted his eyes over to the slight opening door. He caught a glimpse of Nick lying on the bed motionless with an IV line attached to his arm and an oxygen mask on. The sound of the steady beat of his heart assured Monroe he was going to be fine and he could wait till Nick awoke to verify he was a friend so he can see him. The door closed much too soon to Monroe's dissatisfaction.

Ten minutes later Hank came out looking just as distraught as he was when he went in. Monroe didn't know what came over him. A sudden urge pushed him out of his seat and cornered Hank. The man eyed him suspiciously, his hand on his gun. Monroe sighed and backed up a bit.

"Sorry, I don't know what came over me." He apologized. Hank adjusted himself and covered his gun. He sighed heavily before looking at Monroe.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Is Nick alright?" Monroe asked with a small voice. Hank arched an eyebrow at him. "We've became… friends… sort of… after the incident where you guys accused…me of… you get the idea." Monroe waved off the rest. Hank considered the fact for a moment before relaxing.

"They won't let you in, huh?" Hank looked at the uniforms. Monroe shook his head.

"Something about having to verify my status as Nick's friend." Monroe knew it sounded weird when he said it like that but he didn't care. Hank got the idea seeing as he was nodding.

"He's stable and doesn't appear to have suffered any serious injuries. Right now, he seems to be in a coma and the doctors are doing all they can to make him as comfortable as possible. We're just sitting and waiting and praying for him to awaken." Then Hank's face contorted into confusion. "One strange thing though, his body temperature is unstable. One minute he's cold and the next he's boiling hot. They're monitoring him for any signs other than that but it's been hours so… I'm not a doctor so don't take my word for it." Hank shrugged. Monroe stole a look at the door longingly. He was going to hate himself for this but he was left no choice after hearing about Nick's condition.

"Do you think you can get me in to see Nick?" Monroe asked politely. He cast a hopeful glance at Hank. The man fell silent for so long that Monroe thought he was going to say no. Then Hank clapped him on the back and led him to the uniforms.

"You should have asked earlier. You've been sitting here since morning. I wasn't even sure you were here for Nick anymore." Hank smirked at him. Monroe laughed awkwardly.

"Let him in, guys. He's Nick's friend." He told the uniforms. They nodded and stepped aside. Monroe opened the door, thanked Hank who waved good-bye, and finally entered the room. It was as plain as any hospital room was. There was a couch next to the door and the bed sat in the middle. He focused on Nick as he walked up to the bed. Hesitantly he took a seat at the chair positioned next to the bed. Nick looked frail and fragile, more fragile than Monroe saw him as when the man was healthy and running about. His skin was pale and flushed red at certain spots like his cheeks.

Testing out Hank's words Monroe placed the back of his hand to Nick's cheek. It was cold, really cold. Just as he was about to pull away he felt the cold dissipate into boiling hot. He tore his hand away, blowing on it to ease the burn. Nick's face blossomed quickly into in deep rose red. The heart monitor sped up a sixteenth of a beat in response to the sudden heat.

Monroe spent the entire night sitting by Nick's bedside. He only moved to use the bathroom, stretch his legs, and get something to eat or drink. He checked the detective's temperature every ten minutes, cataloguing whenever the detective felt cold or hot. By the morning light Monroe's head started to dip as he sat by Nick's side. He watched the detective's chest rise and fall. Quietly he slipped into sleep himself.


Movement within the room awoke Monroe. He shifted and yawned as the movements registered as the doctor and Hank. The slight buzzing of their talk became coherent as he stretched. He peered over to the two who stood at the foot of the bed. Hank looked up with an apologetic look.

"Sorry, didn't mean to wake you." Hank apologized. He seemed more at ease with Monroe than he did last night.

"It's ok," Monroe stood from his seat. "How's Nick, doctor?" Monroe asked instead. He was unable to contain the worry in his voice. The doctor turned to fully address him.

"He's progressing steadily. He seemed to have hit his head seeing as there's a tender bump at the back of his head. I checked the rest of his body for scrapes and bruises as well. There is nothing major, just some minor cuts from running through the forest."

"Then why is he still sleeping?" Monroe asked. At this point the doctor sighed.

"I'm not sure. I did all the tests I can and checked every part of him. I even gave his brain an MRI but I don't see anything. Perhaps it's an effect of hitting his head. Sometimes the brain takes a shock when it's been hit. He might sleep for several days. We'll wait for a week and see if he comes around. If he hasn't by then I'll do some more testing." The doctor smiled and patted Monroe on the shoulder.

"I see… thanks doc." Monroe dismissed him. Hank and the doctor left the room discussing some more police stuff that Monroe will never get. Once the door clicked shut he ran a hand over his face before deciding he better freshen up. Borrowing the bathroom, he took a quick shower, brushed his teeth, and dressed again. He stepped out just as the nurse walked in. They blinked at each other.

"You know… you know what never mind." She smiled. He knew what she was going to say. He wasn't allowed to use the bathroom for his uses unless he was a patient here. But she had let it go when she spotted the dark circles and tired slump shoulders that defined his tired state. In her hands was a bucket with a sponge. He watched her every move as she moved towards Nick, who was still slumbering peacefully.

"Every time I do this, I feel so sad." She spoke suddenly. Monroe dropped himself onto the couch by the door to keep out of her way. She laughed a little. "Normally I'd talk to the patient but it's the first time there's an awake person in the room." She turned her head around to smile at him. Monroe just looked back. She turned back around. "They're never awake when I help them. Even though they're breathing they lie here like the dead. I talk to them and tell them about current events but they never respond. They just sleep."

"…" Monroe was in the mood to tell her to shut up but didn't have the heart. She sounded so heartfelt that someone was here that could respond. But she fell silent when Monroe didn't and concentrated on cleaning Nick. He watched as she trailed the sponge up Nick's arms before running a dry towel over it. She tucked it back into the sheets and moved to his legs. She pushed the pants legs higher than was appropriate. She tucked them in and began to wash his legs. That's when he kicked out suddenly. She fell back but Monroe darted off the couch and caught her. She thanked him but moved away from Nick who was failing about on the bed. He kicked and waved his arms maniacally. Monroe pushed past the nurse who rushed to alert the doctor. He grabbed onto Nick's shoulders and pushed him back onto the bed.

The Grimm fought him but he was stronger. "Nick! Nick! Wake up! Come on, man!" Monroe shouted. Nick's eyes remained closed as he wiggles beneath the Blutbad. Monroe, on instinct, pushed him deeper against the bed.

"Nick!" He shouted louder than he intended to. Instantly Nick's eyes snapped open. With incredible strength he detached Monroe's hands and pushed the Blutbad halfway across the room. Monroe tripped at the foot of the couch crashing down onto it. He stared at Nick, who had, by this point, sat up. The man was staring at him with curious wide grey eyes. Monroe stared back, unable to tear his own brown eyes away. They sat still for minutes just staring at the other. Time seemed to have stopped for them even their own breathing.

Then the magic broke as the doctor charged in through the door, followed by the nurse. But they stopped as they saw Nick sitting up. Monroe tore his eyes away. The doctor rushed over to Nick with a confident smile. Slowly Nick pulled his eyes up to stare at him.

"Good morning, Nick. How are you feeling today?" He asked politely. Nick blinked at him. "Do you know where you are?" He asked. Nick blinked then nodded. Concern grew in Monroe's heart as he noticed the dumb looking face Nick presented. There was a twist to it though, as though he was on the verge of crying.

"Nick!" A strong female voice rang out from the door. Monroe recognized it as Juliette. He had met her once or twice. She leaned heavily on the door looking disheveled and in a hurry. She took one look at Nick and panic strolled onto her face. Frustrated Monroe darted off the couch and pushed her back out the room. He turned to the doctor and conveyed a private message: I'll take care of her; take care of Nick. The doctor nodded. The door slipped closed behind Monroe. Juliette tried to shimmy past him but Monroe stood strong.

"Monroe! What's going on? What about Nick?" She whined. Monroe placed both his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back a little.

"Juliette, breathe." He ordered. She did as she was told. "Nick is fine. He didn't suffer any major injuries. He just hit his head during the chase and slept till now. You came at the right time." Monroe answered her questions.

"I knew I shouldn't have gone to visit my parents!" Juliette shouted, placing all the blame on herself. Monroe shook his head.

"No, no, no, Juliette, don't blame yourself. Nick was doing his job. It was going to happen whether you were here or not." Monroe tried to reason with her. Juliette sighed and slumped down into the plastic hard uncomfortable chairs.

"I feel horrible. I wasn't here when…" then she looked up at Monroe. "Thank you, Monroe. Hank told me that you were staying with him. You stayed the night?" Juliette asked. Monroe nodded, suddenly feeling embarrassed and shy. She smiled. "Thank you."

The door opened and the doctor peeked out. He smiled. "Mr. Burkhardt is fine. Would you like to see him now?" He was asking Juliette more than Monroe. Juliette nodded and strolled into the room. Monroe stayed where he was, giving them space to talk some things out. The doctor and nurse retreated a minute later after giving Juliette a brief explanation of Nick's condition. They smiled at Monroe who nodded back and settled into the chair. Suddenly he missed the couch in Nick's room. Distinctively he heard Juliette's voice talking but Nick didn't respond. She talked about her parents, how she wished he got better, and how she felt horrible when she heard of his accident.

However that was all he heard, nothing more, just her voice and no response. He furrowed his eyebrows as it grew silent then a crash sounded. Juliette gasped and he heard take several heavy steps back. He listened intently as he heard her dash forward and a minute later the nurses came rushing his way. They were tailed by the same doctor and rushed into the room the second time that. Monroe stood from his seat as he listened to the struggle, with Nick he presumed.

"No! Let me go! No! I no want you!" Nick shouted suddenly in a childish voice. Monroe blinked. Then there was the slapping of bare feet on the floor that quickly approached the door. There were overlapping protests as the door flung open to reveal a panicking Nick. Nick looked straight at Monroe and a smile broke out on his face. He dashed forward and embraced Monroe in a tight bear hug. Nick stared up at him with wide laughing eyes, reminding him of a child.

"…" To say Monroe was stunned was an understatement. The doctor and Juliette appeared at the door. "What's going on?" Monroe asked. Nick hugged him tighter and burrowed his face into his chest. He was getting extremely uncomfortable with the Grimm attached to him by the hip. Juliette looked hurt as she took in the sight. The doctor sighed.

"If you'll come with me… Mr. Monroe and bring Mr. Burkhardt. He seems quite attached to you." The doctor waved at them. Monroe looked down at Nick.

"Nick," he called. Instantly Nick looked up at him with a hopeful face. Monroe grabbed his hands gently and detached them from his hip. He stepped back and waved for Nick to follow. He turned and began walking only to feel Nick wrap himself around his arm and nuzzle his shoulder. The Blutbad stared down at him wide-eyed.

What is going on?

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