A/N: Ok, so this is a sex scene between Monroe and Nick that my friend MysticParadox wrote for me since I'm too chicken to write one myself. Seriously, what is wrong with me? I freeze up whenever I try to write one. It's like my mind is telling me "no, don't go there, you'll never come back ALIVE!" ... lol... Anyway, enjoy.

Twisted Fate

End Part of Chapter 21

By: SlashingToTheDeath

(Sex Scene written by: MysticParadox)

Nick landed on Monroe's bed with a thump, followed by a sigh escaping his lips and a shudder overtaking his heated body. He propped himself on his elbows, gazing at Monroe, who hovered above him. The look of hunger that the older Wesen was directing his way made the Grimm's body flush with unrestrained arousal.

Monroe spread Nick's jean-clad thighs with his knees, comfortably situating himself in between them, pressing his hardened cock against Nick's own. With a wicked smirk, he ground his hips into Nick, eliciting a moan and an eye roll from the younger man, attacking Nick's lips. Like a missile seeking its target, Monroe's tongue easily invaded Nick's mouth, capturing the younger man's tongue and sucking it in a fair imitation of what Monroe wished to do with Nick's more sensitive member. As he glued his lips to Nick's once again, he manage to swallow the rest of Nick's moans while he slowly dry-humped Nick into the mattress. The sound of wet lips smacking against each other, heavy breathing and a creaking bed reverberated throughout the bedroom.

Nick wrapped his legs around Monroe and ground his own hips against the werewolf.

"Fuck, Monroe, if you don't slow down you're going to make me come inside my jeans," Nick managed to say with a guttural voice as Monroe moved his open mouth kisses to his neck; where he bit and lapped, leaving a wet trail and red teeth marks along the Grimm's neck. "Please Monroe," Nick begged, meeting Monroe's sensual thrusts with a hip roll of his own. "I want to…. Please."

"Tell me what you want me to do to you, Nick," Monroe whispered into Nick's ear. "Come one, baby. Tell me," he said, taking Nick's earlobe into his mouth and nipping it with his teeth.

"I want - aaahhh!" Nick started, but was interrupted by a powerful thrust of Monroe's hips. "I want," he continued, "I want to have you inside me when I come. I want to feel your cock filling me up with your essence. I want…I want you to fuck me so hard that I'll be able to feel you the rest of the week."

Hearing Nick talk dirty prompted the Wesen to unglue himself from the Grimm. Getting on his knees and breathing hard, Monroe took off his shirt, tossing the garment across the room. He faintly heard it hitting the floor.

He reached for Nick's shirt, and quickly took it off, jostling the Grimm and eliciting a harsh "hey" from the younger man. As soon as they were both free of their upper body clothing, Monroe proceeded to glue himself back onto Nick, his eyes zeroing in on the younger man's hardened nipples. But before Monroe could take those pink peaks into his mouth Nick pushed him away.

"No, Monroe," said Nick. Before Monroe could argue he continued, "I want all of our clothes off. I want to feel your skin all over mine. I want to feel your bare cock against my own bare cock. So please, take it all off."

And before Nick could blink, Monroe unsnapped, unzipped and pulled Nick's jeans roughly off his legs. He hurriedly got off the bed and took off his own jeans, hopping back on and getting in between Nick spread legs. Monroe paused for a minute, his cock curving upward towards his stomach, his chest heaving and sweat slicking up his overheated skin. The sight that Nick made; sprawled wantonly on the bed, body flushed, legs spread invitingly for Monroe to see and touch, made the Wesen growl deep in his throat. A feeling of possessiveness overtaking his very being. Nick was his. No other being will be allowed to see Nick in such a vulnerable state. Monroe will make sure of that. The trust radiating off of Nick wasn't something to be taken lightly, and Monroe will treasure such trust bestowed upon him.

Nick gazed at Monroe, the look of hunger devouring his naked body made his cock ache. Moisture leaked onto his stomach. He went to reach for the source of his pain when Monroe slapped his hand away. "No touching. Don't want you coming before I'm done with you." Nick whined, humping his hips into the air, silently begging Monroe to touch him.

Without warning, Monroe started lapping at Nick's hard nipples. He sucked them into his mouth, massaging them with his tongue and nipping them with his teeth. Nick's oversensitive skin heightening his pleasure ten-fold. Monroe grasped Nick's leaking cock, rough hands stroking it slowly, running his thumb over the wet slit. Nick couldn't help but shiver with delight. Monroe trailed kisses down Nick's stomach, until his mouth hovered over the younger man's cock.

"Mmm… Look at that. So sensitive. It can't help but twitch every time my breath grazes it." Monroe looked up at Nick. At seeing Nick's pinched look he decided to take pity on him and took the Grimm's hot cock into his mouth. Nick let out a moan, his lips parting in pleasure.

"Oh, Monroe," he breathed out. The sound and feel of Monroe sucking him whole, until he could feel himself at the back of the Wesen's throat, was bringing him close to ecstasy.

"Please, Monroe. I'm so close. I need you inside me."

At hearing Nick's desperation, Monroe released Nick's cock with a pop, trailed his tongue down the Grimm's length and took the younger man's balls into his mouth, just so that he could hear Nick's keening cries. After spending a few seconds lavishing attention at the hardened testicles, he abandoned them to circle Nick's opening with the tip of his tongue. When he was satisfied the hole was well lubricated, Monroe inserted a finger, gently twisting and hooking it so that he could brush against the bundle of nerves that would make Nick forget himself. He felt the Grimm tense up and cry out with a stream of unintelligible words falling out of his luscious mouth. Smirking, he inserted a second finger and gradually started pumping them in and out of the Grimm, continuously hitting the prostate. Fascinated by the sight of the Grimm's opening swallowing and griping his fingers.

"Please, stop, Monroe. I-I can't. I don't think I'll be able to la-la-last," Nick panted out. His body already on the verge of falling to pieces.

Monroe took his fingers out of the Grimm and reached for the bedside drawer, his hand searching for the bottle of lube he kept there. Once he found it, he proceeded to pour a generous amount onto his leaking cock, slowly stroking himself, getting his member nice and slick. He poured some lube onto Nick's hole, and as he kneeled in between Nick once again, he gently pressed himself inside the younger man. When Nick's hole covered the head of the Wesen's cock, Monroe leaned in and kissed Nick. Their tongues battled for dominance, and Monroe plunged his cock all the way, until he was seated to the hilt inside his younger lover. Nick was so tight. So hot. And this was his first time. The realization that the younger man had never had anyone else inside him hit Monroe like a bucket of cold water. "Fuck, baby, are you okay? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to just take you in one go. Fuck!" He'd tried to loosen Nick up with his fingers earlier, but those were nothing compared to his penis. Which was longer and thicker.

"No, no, no! It's fine. I'm fine." Nick frantically reassured Monroe, who was about to pull out of him. "No, don't go. Just, let me get used to it, okay?" Monroe nodded and stayed still, allowing Nick to get used to his girth. Nick smiled, caressed his hands up and down Monroe's arms and over his shoulders and kissed him, letting the older Wesen know he was fine. He felt full, the burn that accompanied Monroe's invasion of his body soon subsided into a slow burning pleasure. He began to thrust his hips into Monroe's stomach, encouraging the Wesen to slowly move his cock into him. He set a steady rhythm of in, out, in, out, that slowly increased. The slap of skin against skin sounding more frantic as the two men met each other's thrusts.

"Monroe, God, Monroe!" said Nick, and then gasped as Monroe started hitting his pleasure spot at every inward thrust. Not letting up. "Oh, fu…FUCK! Harder, faster baby. Please, harder."

Nick couldn't get enough, and Monroe couldn't keep his gaze from the writhing man beneath him. The Grimm looked wrecked, and the thought that it was all due to him, well, who could complain?

A smirk grazed Monroe's features. "Like that, huh?" At Nick's nod, he pumped his hips even harder, his balls slamming against Nick's ass, leaving the skin red with each slap. "How does it feel?"

"So, goo-good. So good, Monroe. I love feeling you inside me. Your cock, so big, so full. Fuck!" Nick circled his arms around Monroe's neck as he tried to keep up with the Wesen's frantic thrusts.

Monroe sat up and brought Nick with him, holding him tight in his arms. The Grimm straddled his legs over the Wesen and proceeded to ride him. Up and down he went as Monroe pumped into him, losing the rhythm he'd set up earlier. As they both moved to completion, neither could take their eyes off of each other, wanting to witness the moment when they would both reach Nirvana. And when that moment came, Nick screamed out his release as he threw his head back and let out a scream, stars bursting around his eyesight. Spilling himself all over his and Monroe's chest.

The Wesen continued to thrust up into the Grimm. He could feel Nick spasm around his cock, and when Nick said, "Come inside me, Monroe. I need all of you in me," he let himself go, filling Nick with his seed. He continued thrusting until his balls were emptied out. They stayed suspended in time for a few seconds, letting their bodies ride out the waves of their orgasms. When they were able to come down from their pleasure, Monroe lowered Nick onto the bed and leisurely covered the younger man with kisses on his cheeks, lips and down his neck, grazing with his teeth the hickey he'd left on the Grimm when they were in the living room. He pulled out of Nick, his seed oozing down the younger man's inner thighs and pooling onto the bed.

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