Chapter 4: Escaping Dooku

Nigel along with Chad and the other Galactic Kids Next Door operatives were running for their lives as an angry Count Dooku was hot on their trail.

"You can run, but you cannot hide, for I will have my way with you" said Count Dooku as he was joined by some other Battledroids.

"Hurry, we have to get to the escape pods" said Chad.

Nigel along with Chad ended up knocking down two Battledroids whom were guarding the escape pod area.

"I'll close the hatch" said Number 33.34 as he then pressed some buttons on the panel closing the sealed door.

Outside the sealed door, Count Dooku ended up ordering a Battledroid to acquire a blow torch to unseal the locked door.

"So, you think you can escape me that easy?" laughed Count Dooku as the Battledroid was quite busy with the blow torch, "Well, think again."

But as the Battledroid took its time with the blow torch, Galactic Kids Next Door operatives ended up getting into the escape pods and leaving the ship.

"Sir, there are a few escape pods already leaving the ship" said a Super Battledroid who came to the Count with the news.

"Hurry up with the blow torch" said Count Dooku.

"I'm going as fast as I can sir" said the Battledroid.

"Oh move aside" said Count Dooku.

The Count used his force push to push the Battledroid aside and instead used his lightsaber in replace of the blow torch to unseal the locked door.

"Oh great, just when we're the ones going to leave the ship!" cried Nigel.

As Chad and Nigel were trying to get to their escape pod, Count Dooku ended up breaking down the sealed door, along with also closing the hatch to the escape pod using his force powers.

"Not so fast" said Count Dooku, "the rest of your organization may have fled, but I still have two of you here, I think my master would like to have a word with you two."

"We can do the humiliation right here if you want it sir" said a Battledroid.

"Perfect" replied Count Dooku.

"And just who is your master anyway?" asked Nigel.

"He is quite a powerful being indeed" replied Count Dooku, "so much so that he has plans far beyond what I cannot even comprehend."

An R2 unit then emerges from the Battledroids that were with Count Dooku showing the hologram of Darth Sidious.

"Master, these are the two intruders I was talking to you about" said Count Dooku.

"I see, quite cunning foes" said Darth Sidious, "in due time, your organization shall submit to me."

"Ha, we'll never surrender to you" said Chad.

"Yea, the Galactic Kids Next Door will never surrender to any adults!" added Nigel.

"Pity" replied Count Dooku, "the Galactic Youth could have been brought help."

"It's a shame I have to get rid of your organization as well" said Darth Sidious as he then vanished.

The Battledroids then were ordered by Count Dooku to take down the two operatives. Chad and Nigel ended up dodging the oncoming lasers from the Battledroids, and ending up hiding around the escape pods.

"Search the area" said Count Dooku.

"Roger, roger" said the Battledroid.

As the Battledroids continued to search the area, Nigel along with Chad ended up heading into an escape pod and closed the hatch.

"Quickly, we have to get out of here" said Nigel.

"What does it look like I'm doing" said Chad as he was playing around with the wires of the escape pod, "ha, got it!"

The escape pod ended up leaving its platform to which the Battledroids then began to notice it.

"Sir, they're leaving in the escape pod, they must have snuck around us" said the Battledroid.

"Let them go" said Count Dooku, "I have a feeling we'll meet them again soon enough."

After a few hours of the rescue, Nigel along with Chad soon ended up heading back to Number Infinity to give their report.

"Very disturbing, Count Dooku may actually be a graver threat than we ever thought" said Number Infinity, "though I'd have to say a good job on rescuing those other Galactic Kids Next Door members from his grasp."

"All in a day's work" laughed Nigel.

As the scene ends from there, the scene switches to Count Dooku having a private meeting with Darth Sidious.

"This Galactic Kids Next Door sounds like it could become a graver threat than the Republic or the Jedi could ever become" said Darth Sidious toward Count Dooku.

"I know my master, but how can we ensure that every youth is a member?" asked Count Dooku.

"For the time being, rest on this" said Darth Sidious as the hologram faded.

As Count Dooku prepared to do just that, he had to ponder for quite awhile to come up with a plan for a new scheme.