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Chapter Seventeen

Baby Hale

All night, Rosalie was reading through all the books she had gotten from Port Angeles, going through magazines about caring for newborns, and anything that she found on the internet, with the words "baby care" in it. The thought of the fact that in just three weeks time, she would have the baby she has waited so long for, made her extremely happy.

"Um... Rose?" Bella said, awkwardly.

"What?" Rosalie asked, not even looking up from her magazine.

Bella sat down on the stool next to the sofa. "Look, I know we don't get along-"

"Bella, you've been selfish, and stomping around here like a spoilt child," Rosalie summarized.

"Yeah... I have. I'm sorry. I had a long talk with Edward, and I agree. You're right about everything. I have been selfish, but you have too. I bet that not everyone agrees about this, but you're so irrevocably focused on it, that you can't see it," Bella said.

Rosalie slowly raised her head, and looked at Bella. "You're wrong. Everyone is happy for me. Everyone knows I want this. Yes, I am "irrevocably focused" on this, because this is everything I've wanted since I was human. Honestly, Bella... if I had the choice, I would have done the same thing you did with Nessie, just to have a child in my life. But I can't, so I'm adopting."

"Are you sure, though? What about when the child grows up, leaves home... grows into an old woman or old man. Then what? They will die of old age, and it will hurt you so much. I've been thinking about this constantly. I've even asked Alice how it will end, but she won't tell me," Bella said. Bella opened her mouth, and closed it again. She looked down at her ivory white hands. "But... I wasn't like you. I guess I don't understand. If I hadn't have gotten pregnant with Renesmee, I probably would have been fine with not having children."

"I've thought about it, but then I remind myself that there's more to life than when people die. It's like, if I had one day to just be human again, I wouldn't be thinking about when it was over. I would make every second count," Rosalie said, looking at the baby on the cover of the magazine. Rosalie traced the cheek of the photo baby. "Bella... you and I are two different people. You threw your life away, and I was robbed of mine."

"But... Rose... can you really bring up a human baby, that will be surrounded by vampires?" Bella asked.

Rosalie rolled her eyes. "I knew it... you can't just think of someone else, it always has to revolve back to you. Bella, just get over it. Accept that you're not the only one here with a child of your own."

Bella stood, she paused like she was going to say something, but thought better of it. Retreating back to the kitchen, to talk to Esme, Bella allowed herself just for a moment, to think about what Rosalie must be going through.

If things had gone differently, if Edward had have changed her after they made love for the first time. She would have gone year after year as his wife, unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. Say fifty years from now, or maybe even sixty years, there felt like there was someone missing in their cottage. Would she adopt a child?

Regret flooded over Bella, as she realised that yes she would. But she was more fortunate than Rosalie was, and was blessed with a child of her own. Bella turned around, like she wanted to tell Rosalie that. Tell her that she understands now, and will support her. But, she knew that just saying it wouldn't be good enough. She would have to show Rosalie.

The day of their baby shower was approaching, but the expecting mother wanted to play her part well. Granted that she wasn't really pregnant, but that didn't stop Rosalie from wearing the prosthetic baby bump that Carlisle had made especially for her. Rosalie tried on a new top from her wardrobe, one she had never wore before. It was a strappy halterneck, that was very loose around the stomach.

"Does this one make me look more pregnant than the last one, or less pregnant?" Rosalie asked, turning around to face Tanya, Alice and Esme. Bella was only there, because she wanted to make amends, but didn't know how.

"Well..." Alice said, sounding a tad unsure. "It does make you look more pregnant... but not obvious enough."

"That silky blouse that made me look pregnant, when I tried it on, might be the one," Tanya said, picking up the white button up blouse.

"No, that wouldn't be right... it would leave dents in the prosthetics where the buttons are," Esme said, holding it so the buttons were over her hands.

"That sweater would help," Bella said, picking up a short sleeved button up sweater.

Rosalie took it from here, and looked at it. "No, I don't think so." Rosalie was about to throw it on the pile, when Alice rushed over enthusiasically.

"Actually, it would! If you wear it, with all the buttons undone, and knot it just over the bump, that would draw the eyes straight to it," Alice said.

Rosalie put the sweater on exactly how Alice had described. She had to admit, that it did draw the eyes to the bump. "Perfect!" Rosalie said, with a smile.

"Absolutely perfect!" Tanya and Esme agreed.

Rosalie examined herself in the mirror, she was very happy with how pregnant she looked. It made her very happy, that she would soon be a mother. For the rest of the day, Rosalie made sure to behave just like the women that she had read about in her books. Whether it was sitting down on the sofa with her feet up, or demanding that Emmett bring her empty cups for her to pretend that there was some fruit juice in it.

Jasper had found the whole situation quite humorous. Instead of reading in his and Alice's room, he collected enough books to last the afternoon, he sat on the sofa, hiding his growing smile behind the book he was reading.

Rosalie rearranged the cushion, to make the sofa 'more comfortable' but it didn't make any difference. Being a vampire, she would have been comfortable if she lay on a pile of bricks. Rosalie glared at Jasper, when he couldn't contain himself any more and snickered.

"Shut up, Jasper," Rosalie snapped. "Carry on, and I'll convince Alice not to give you any for a month."

Jasper raised his book, to hide his face. He really wanted to laugh, and was completely unaware that he was spreading his humour through the room, until Esme stepped into the room and burst out laughing.

"What was so funny?" Rosalie asked, surprised that it was Esme that laughed at her.

"I don't know. I just suddenly wanted to laugh," Esme replied.

Jasper quickly composed himself, to pretend that it wasn't him, but Rosalie wasn't fooled. Rosalie would have thrown something at him, if Emmett hadn't walked in with a small envelope. He sat down beside Rosalie on the sofa.

"Dee stopped by with this," Emmett said, as he handed her the envelope. "She thought that you might want to see it."

Rosalie opened the envelope to find a sonogram picture of a baby. To Rosalie it was the most beautiful baby in the world, she knew that this was her child. It was like an instant connection, just seeing it before it came into the world... if it were possible, just this picture would start her heart beating again. There was a note with the picture;

I know you'll make great parents,