Happy Valentine's Day. Ok so what if I'm late. DEAL WITH IT! Oops sorry caps lock. Well I was inspired by Valentine's Day to write this and I will be writing more. I will update as much a possible but I am only human. Or am I?

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It was Valentine's Day, I don't really mind Valentine's Day but I don't obsess over it like some people (Donna Tobin). I pulled out my cell phone and sent a text to my best friend.

Kim: Happy Valentine's Day!

Kelsey: Yeah. I guess. I wish Jerry had asked me but instead he asked that new girl Kaitlin.

Kim: Wait there's a new girl? And that stinks Kelsey. You deserve better than him.

Kelsey: But I don't want anyone else. I want Jerry.

Later that day at the dojo:

I had just walked in to the dojo when Jerry ran in chasing Eddie.

"Jerry and Kaitlin sitting in a tree.

K-I-S-S-I-N-G—" Eddie taunted as he raced around the dojo. Just at that moment Jack and Milton walked through the doors to the dojo.

"Please stop him before he does something he might regret later." I said pointing at Jerry who was screaming at Eddie as they ran around the dojo. Jack caught Jerry and held his arms behind his back.

"What's going on?" Milton asked the two panting teens.

"Well I was going to Jerry's locker to ask him about this new chick at school and when I came around the corner to where his locker is I saw he already knew her. He knew her very well." Eddie said wiggling his eyebrows. Jerry lunged for him again but Jack still had his arms pinned behind him.

"What do you mean? Who is this new girl everyone is talking about?" I demanded.

"Why don't you ask Jerry?" Jack said. Jerry glared at him.

"Her name is Kaitlin, her eyes sparkle like emeralds, and her hair is like fresh spun gold, cascading down her back in a fountain of curls." Jerry said sighing. Everyone was staring at him; mouths open, shocked that anything that romantic had just been spoken by Jerry Martinez.

"Whoa. You really do like this girl, don't you?" Jack said supportively.

"Yeah, I do. The only problem is that she is really smart and I'm, well—" Jerry broke off.

"Not?" Eddie offered helpfully.

"Not what?" Jerry said, back to himself. Everyone laughed at him and went into the change rooms.

After practice:

I was just getting ready to leave the dojo when Jack came up to me. He handed me an adorable Valentine with a puppy on it. The other guys walked out of the change rooms at that very moment.

"Oh, look Jack's giving a card to his crush!" Jerry shouted.

"I don't like Kim you guys. I have cards for you guys too." Jack defended himself. I took the card and started to read it.

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