As I journey down to Hell to save my girlfriend, Jenny, from the Darkness, I come to various fights with the demons there.

How did Jenny end up in this place?

It's because while I was trying to rescue her from my former boss, Uncle Paulie, and corrupt police captain, Eddie Shrote, the Darkness suddenly hold and forced me to watch them kill her.

But now, I'm coming to rescue her. I used the power of the Darkness to fight the demons and save Jenny. As I was about to free her, the Darkness warns, "You doom yourself!"

"She's worth it!" I said.

I looked down my hands to see they're not dark. This means I don't have the power. Then, a hand just touched mine; it was Jenny's.

"Jackie, you did it."

Yes, I did it. I freed her.

"I didn't mean for this to happen. Any of this." I said in a remorseful tone.

"Shh... we don't have much time," said Jenny.

As I touched her hair, she looks at me with an angelic smile. She has grabbed my hand, and I kissed her lips. Then I hugged her ever since.

I let go of her, finally stop the hug.

She then said, "I love you, Jackie Estacado. No matter what happens, I always will." Jenny then goes far away from me as she looks sad in her face. "I'm so sorry..."

What the hell's going on? I'm the one who should be sorry, not her. I tried to tell her that I was a hitman for Uncle Paulie, but she ignored me. Guess she never knew what my true job is.

"Sorry? Jenny, I'm the one who should be..."

Suddenly, I witnessed her flying out of my arms and getting impaled by one of the spikes of Hell. Jenny begins to glow in white, growing angel wings, and her hands and chest are golden. She begins to grow horns as well.

"We are the Angelus," she said in a menacing voice. Her eyes are glowing green. "The world has gone too long without my light."

The Angelus? I remembered about her. Johnny has told me that the Angelus is the complete opposite of the Darkness such as being a light element, wants order, and needs a female host. Oh no, Jenny has become her host. This is not good.

"Oh yes, it's been so long."

"Where's Jenny?" I asked her.

The Angelus laughs at this request. She knew that I loved her very much. The reply coming out of her is really not looking good. "Don't worry, she's still in here. And, after all you put her through, she still loves you. But, she knows what must be done."

She still knows? That explains why she apologizes to me before this moment.

"Give her back to me!" I demanded.

"Don't you understand, Jackie? Jenny's soul wasn't the only thing trapped here. It was you who gave her to me."

"I won't fight you," I said. The reason I made this saying is because deep inside, I know Jenny is inside there.

The Angelus then touched my face with her right golden hand. She said, "What makes you think I'm even going to give you the chance?" Then she lets go and pointed her finger onto me. "You have become too powerful a Host, caused too much suffering. You, and it, are now where you belong."

She then flies away from Hell. This means I was left behind here to rot with the Darkness, the entity who is responsible for Jenny's death.

"No... No... NOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed to the depths of Hell.

"And that is the third time I died, and I just doomed myself."