"Aunt Sarah was right. I just become like my father because I couldn't let things go. Now that I killed Jenny so that I could save her from the Angelus, I think it's time for me to let her rest in peace by letting go of her. But she stays in my memories."

I went back to the mansion as Vinnie and Johnny saw the sight that horrified them.

"What happened, Jackie? Isn't that your dead girlfriend?" Vinnie asked in curiosity. I could say he wants answers.

"Yes, it's her, Vinnie," I said then I turned my attention to Johnny. "Johnny, she is the Angelus host. Jenny told me that in order to save her from it, she must be killed, and this is just what I did."

"I don't what to say, Jackie," said Johnny.

"You don't have to say anything," I said. "I'm planning a funeral for her so that she can rest in peace. Aunt Sarah was right about couldn't let things go."

"So you decided to let your girlfriend go?" Vinnie said looking curious at my face.

"Yeah, but she stays in my memories. I'll never forget her," I replied.

The next day, I went to the cemetery as Vinnie escorts me to Jenny's funeral. As we went there, I saw many people attending. I decided to give her an eulogy. I explained to the crowd that Jenny is a good friend from the day we went to the orphanage, and is shocked of how she died by the hands of Uncle Paulie. As I explained of how did she die again, I lied that she was killed by some criminal; as I thought, people are not yet ready to know of the Darkness or the Angelus' existence. I ended my eulogy saying the words Jenny could hear now, "I love you."

I sat down at my chair beside Vinnie and Johnny. As I looked at the sky above me, I saw an image of Jenny's head appearing; this means she's in Heaven watching over me. I hope someday I'll see her again.