Chapter 1

"Are you sure he is here?"

"Thats what Dumbledore said"

"But this is ridiculous! Look at all these people!"

"I can't believe Dumbledore would endorse these!"

"Well, these are the worst of people. They did so many horrible things! Look, that is Bellatrix Lestrange – she tortured people to insanity!"

The three looked into the cell to see a thin, shaky woman with wispy white hair and an emaciated form.


"Lets not tarry, come on!"

"Arg... look at this floor, it is so grimy!"

"Who are thse people? These cells are so small!"

"They are people who are horrible enough to be permanently kept here. Now we are almost here."

There was a brief silence before they reached a huge bolted steel door. The man leading them stopped and turned the wheel that unlocked the numerous locking mechanisms of the door as he spoke quietly, "This is where the most dangerous people in history are stored. Grindelwald is in here along with five of his most trusted compatriots. Also older dark lords like Vladimir the violent, Erabus the Salient and so on all the way to Salazar Slytherin and Lady Morgana."

"WHAT? How is that possible? They should be long dead right?"

"No, no they arent. Merlin created this chamber a long time ago to hold dark lords and ladies as well as store dark artifacts. Since then its location has been handed down to a select few in history. Dumbledore is the latest. He was the one who placed Grindelwald, his cronies and you know, the traitor here."

The locking mechanism of the door gave way to reveal another smaller door in front of them with a similar wheel lock. The man leading the group of three said, "There are five more doors like this. The inner chamber is so well protected that even if the prisoners could break their confines, they could not escape."

"Oh, how do you know of this place, Alastor?"

The man's eye whizzed and his wooden leg thumped as he opened the second door, "I do not know its exact location – only Dumbledore does. He gave me a specialized portkey to retrieve him."

"Oh ok. How come each door is smaller than before?"

"Because it makes it harder for the prisoners to get out. The last door is a small hole in the wall – you will soon see."


There was more silence as the group made their way through the next three doors. When Moody was opening the last door, he spoke, "Stand back everyone."

Everyone took a few steps back even though they were all crouching as the walls enclosed on each other. Moody opened the thick steel door that was a small square in the wall an everyone saw the hole in the wall, barely big enough for a person.

Moody entered first, followed by the other three. They stepped out of the hole to find themselves in a large semicircular room. All along the walls were statues of the most feared dark lords and ladies in history. Each bronze statue depicted the person wearing their robes but with their hands shackled to chains at their waist. More chains extended from the ones at the waist to shackles around the ankles. On closer inspection, it could be seen that the chains along the waist were directly fused to the wall behind limiting movement completely.

"So where are the people?"

Moody snorted, his eye whizzing madly, "These statues are the people. Each dark person was converted into a statue and placed in this room. If you look into their eyes, you can see they are alive."

One of the group members looked at the closest statue's brown eyes, jumping back when the eyes moved to zero in on them.

"They... they are conscious!"

"Yes they are. Now come on. The person we were asked to bring is here."

The group went further into the large chamber to the figure they were looking for. The man was very young, probably one of the youngest in the room and he had a fierce, rather dangerous expression on his face as avada kedavra green eyes zeroed in on the four people widening a fraction.

The three in the back looked at each other nervously as Moody growled the statue. He turned to the three, "You kids, stand back. Charles, cast a shielding charm on all three of you."

The black haired boy nodded whispering a strong "Protego!" as a thin blue shield erupted, encompassing all three of them.

Moody for his part walked around the statue to where the chains were fused into the wall. He tapped the fusion with his wand whispering a spell. The three watched as the statue suddenly seemed to melt away revealing a youngster with messy black hair and piercing green eyes. The man began coughing as soon as oxygen was able to enter his lungs and Moody stepped back to allow him to cough.

A few minutes passed before the man regained his composure and took a look at the four figures. A cocky smirk played on his lips as he looked at the old auror up front "Mad-Eye, always a pleasure."

Moody growled, "I wish I could say the same traitor."

the man rolled his eyes before looking behind the auror to the three, "Bringing kids to uncase me? You think so little of me?"

Moody growled again and was about to say something when the man made a jerking movement aimed at Moody's wand. He almost retrieved it before shouting as the chains holding him glowed a dangerous red.

Moody laughed unpleasantly, "A bit of a shock eh, Deimos? Those are enchanted chains."

The man, Deimos, regained his composure before his face contorted angrily, "So what do you want?"

Charles decided to speak up as he dropped the barrier and walked to Moody, "Who says we want anything?"

Deimos rolled his eyes, "I may be many things but I am not an idiot, boy. Obviously you want something or why would you have come into this hellhole?"

Moody growled as he waved his wand at Deimos. Instantly, his hands were moved to be cuffed together at his back, still attached to the waist chain which tightened around Deimos's thin waist.

Deimos gasped a little for air as Moody grabbed his right hand roughly, pushing the chains agains his diaphragm. But he wasn't given time to recover as Charles took the other hand and they both dragged Deimos out. The remaining two girls barely glanced at the room as they hurried behind the men.

Just as they were about to exit the room, one of the girls called, "Wait, stop!"

Moody looked disgruntled as he turned to her, "What is it, Holly? Forget your purse?"

She sent him a look before fishing around in her jean pocket and pulling out a black cloth. Moody's good eye widened, "Good call. Very good call. Give me that."

She smirked triumphantly as she threw the cloth at Moody. He caught it deftly and before Deimos had a chance to speak, the cloth was being pushed over his head so it covered his eyes completely.

"Goodness, so much preparation for little old me! Who knew I was so special?" A smirk played on Deimos's lips.

Moody jabbed him in the ribs causing him to wince, "Watch it Deimos, I might accidentally drop you a knife."

Deimos snorted a little in apparent amusement as Moody and Charles continued out with Deimos in between them, the doors automatically locking securely behind.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Dumbledore looked at Lily Potter for what had to be the trillionth time. She was fidgeting all over, her brow creased in worry.

He sighed, "Lily, there is no other way. We can no longer defeat Voldemort. He has become so powerful that we need someone equal in strength to take him."

Lily bit her lip before her son, Danny said gruffly, "What if he doesnt agree to fight against Voldemort?"

Dumbledore sighed again and he didn't even mouth his answer before Danny's wife Ginny spoke up, "And did you really think sending our kids would help convince him? Honestly!"

Calla Longbottom nee Potter nodded, voicing her own problems with sending her daughter. Dumbledore looked upwards as if praying for an end to this just as the door opened. The entire Order instantly quietened to see Moody and Danny Potter's son, Charles dragging a blindfolded figure into the room. The figure seemed to be speaking but nothing could be heard.

The girls, Lily and Holly trailed closely behind. While the men were securing Deimos into the chair at the head of the table, Holly said, "We had to silence him."

Dumbledore smiled at her, "No problem. Did you encounter any issues retrieving him?"

Charles shook his head, stepping back, "Not really sir. The shackles were pretty good in subduing him."

Dumbledore nodded, "Good, now lets see our prisoner, shall we?"

The four nodded, sitting down at different places in the huge conference table. The Order of the Phoenix had grown over the years to have more than a hundred members. So when they were sitting in meeting, each person got their own magically enhanced mike to be able to be heard.

Everyone watched with baited breath as Dumbledore waved his wand at the figure, removing the blindfold and the silencing charm at once.

Deimos blinked a few times to adjust to the light before squinting as he saw the huge amount of people in front of him. Seeing Dumbledore, he smirked, "Ah hello Dumbledore. I assume this is your little Order? Looks like it has grown... How many years has it been? Five? Ten? Twenty?"

Dumbledore didn't say anything, choosing to observe the man in front of him. In a mere five years, he had risen to be the most feared dark lord in history, even feared by the prominent Lord Voldemort. It had taken the combined efforts of Voldemort and Dumbledore to capture him and that was by accident. To be asking such a figure for help was a big risk and Dumbledore knew it. So he forced his eyes to twinkle and put on a benign smile as he turned to their prisoner.

"Hello Harry."

Deimos blinked, stopping his prattle as he turned to look at Dumbledore, "Interesting choice to call me by my given name. You can drop the grandfather act Dumbledore, it has absolutely no effect on me."

Dumbledore sighed, seeming to age significantly.

"So... How long has it been?"

"Twenty years." A different voice spoke. Deimos strained to look at who had spoken, his eyes widening fractionally as he took in the appearance of James Potter. The man had more wrinkles on his face and the childhood mischievousness that followed him around was notably absent.

"Hm..." Twenty years... Twenty years had passed since I was captured!

There was more silence and Deimos took the opportunity to to test the chains holding him to the chair and the floor. Noting no way to escape, he decided to bide his time waiting for someone to speak.

Finally he asked, "So Tommy still around?"

That seemed to spark some attention. Some of the newer members looked at each other wondering who Tommy was and the older members started.

Dumbledore nodded in resignation, "Unfortunately Voldemort is still around, yes."

Deimos smirked, "Ah... So that is why you have brought me from the hellhole."

More silence except for muttering on the part of younger members answered him. He clucked his tongue against his teeth observing the members. Most of the members from his time were there though some were clearly missing including Kingsley Shacklebolt and Hestia Jones.

Ah Dumbledore is speaking. Deimos turned to look at Dumbledore again.

"Voldemort has, unfortunately progressed beyond our imagination. He has taken over most of Europe including Britain, Germany and Italy and created concentration camps for muggles where they do menial labor that will slowly kill them. Half-bloods and muggle-borns have been taken and forced to serve purebloods as slaves."

Harry smirked, "Tommy found my scrolls didn't he?"

The muttering around the room got suddenly louder before Dumbledore said fiercely, "Silence!"

he turned to look at Deimos, "What scrolls?"

Deimos rolled his eyes, "Ah so you do not know! My scrolls, Dumbledore, contained many many things none of which you would like."

Puzzled looks were exchanged before Dumbledore cleared his throat, "We are providing refuge for as many people as we can in Hogwarts and its grounds but we cannot hold out anymore."

The smirk was back on his face, "SO what do you want me to do? You want to trade me in for a deal? I would love to chat with Tommy..."

Dumbledore shook his head, "No, that will never happen under my watch."

Deimos's face showed confusion as he looked at Dumbledore, "Oh then what did you hope to accomplish by bringing me here?"

Dumbledore looked suddenly nervous as he said, "Harry, you are our last hope. You are powerful enough that even Voldemort feared you. We need you to save the world from the calamity that is Voldemort!"

That seemed to spark something as Deimos began darkly laughing – not just laughing but chortling as tears ran down his face and he snorted.

It was almost ten minutes later that he stopped to look at Dumbledore, eyes blazing "You must be out of your god damn mind, you sick old coot! Why the hell would I want to help you bastards who have made my life a miserable hell for the past twenty years? Do you think I am some selfless puppet who would be grateful to be let out of the hell you put me in to follow your each and every order? Did you dare to think that I, Deimos, the most feared dark lord in history – so feared that the gods put their heads down to me – would simply acquiesce to destroy another lord who has, much to my pleasure, been torturing you? My god, you miserable wench, you truly do not know anything about me, do you?"

His tirade was interrupted by a loud voice, "SHUT UP YOU BASTARD!"

Deimos stopped to look at the voice, his face showing amusement as he regarded his twin brother, "AH! Daniel Potter, pleasure to see that time has done wonders on your face."

Danny, the exact albeit older replica of Harry colored a little before shouting, "Show some respect, traitor. You should be grateful Dumbledore is even offering you a chance to redeem yourself!"

Deimos snorted at that, "Grateful? You are all out of your fucking minds! Tell me, Daniel, if your Dumbledore is so great, why did he put me in that hellhole instead of killing me?"


Daniel was cut off by a silencing spell as Dumbledore said, "That is enough. I guess we were wrong to think that you could change, Harry."

Deimos rolled his eyes, "Guilt-tripping me much? Do you honestly think I have a conscience, old man?"

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled remotely, "I had hoped you would. Moody, the blindfold."

In mere seconds, Deimos's vision, hearing and speech were all cut off as he was led away flanked by Moody and Charles again.

As soon as they returned, someone asked, "Albus, do you really think that he would help us?"

Dumbledore nodded, "I do. I think somewhere deep within him, Harry has the ability to change and become the boy he once was."

Daniel looked at his three sisters Calla, Rose and Violet as they exchanged disbelieving looks. But nowhere dared to question Dumbledore as he spoke, "I want everyone, including the younger members to take turns guarding his cell. Please sign up for shifts here."

A sheet of paper was quickly passed around as the members quickly wrote down their names.

It wasn't until two hours later that the stupefy that had been cast on Harry wore off. His eyes fluttered open and he looked around wondering where the hell he was. Moving a little, he quickly found that the chains the held his hands to his waist and connected to his ankles were adjoined to three different chains that were welded into the wall but had been loosened to allow a little movement in his hands. Getting up he took a few experimental steps noticing how the chains restricted his gait to a few inches at a time and began a slow walk to test the limits of the chains holding him to the wall. He was able to get five inches or so from the checkered bars before he could advance no further. Rolling his eyes, he looked around at his new home. There was a bare, straw cot in a corner, a toilet in another corner and a sole slight bulb hung from the top.

Looking through the bars, he squinted to see a form sitting in a chair watching his movements.

"Who are you?" he inquired lightly, taking a seat on the cot. The form moved over to the bars, dragging his chair along allowing Deimos a clearer picture. The boy looked like a replica of James Potter though some features were different.

"Ah... Charles, correct?"

The boy nodded, sitting down, "Yep. I guess you are my uncle."

Deimos shrugged, leaning against the wall, "Mere semantics, pal, just semantics. So whose kid are you?"

the boy looked rather proud, "My dad is Daniel Potter and my mom is Ginny Potter."

Deimos didn't show any reaction – he had assumed as much.

"Hm... so kid, do your parents know you are here?"

The boy looked proud of himself, "Oh yah. Dumbledore has asked me to help in guarding you."

Deimos raised an eyebrow, "Is that so? How old are you anyways? Sixteen? Seventeen?"

"I am nineteen, thanks very much."

"And Dumbledore let you join the Order eh? The standards have clearly gone down over the years."

The boy looked a little affronted when there were footsteps and a girl appeared holding two plates. She handed one to Charles as she sat down in her own chair.

Deimos took the opportunity to look at her, instantly noticing the reddish blond hair and green eyes,

"You came to retrieve me as well, right?"

the girl nodded, "Yep, name's Lily Longbottom."

"Lils, I was just saying that technically he is our uncle."

Lily made a face and Deimos repeated, "And I was saying it is mere semantics. Now Lily, your parents are Neville and Calla?"

she nodded, "Yep."

That brought out a stretch of silence that no one broke. Deimos watched the kids eat silently, the smells triggering sudden memories of food of a time long ago.

Deciding it was probably a good idea to catch up on sleep, Deimos lay on the cot, albeit uncomfortably and closed his eyes, sleep quickly overcoming him.

"Alright everyone, I would like you to practice turning your quills into mice now."

Rose and Violet Potter sat up front on the desk as they watched the room full of children wave their wands. The twins had married the Weasley twins and had had twins of their own at oddly enough, the same time. Four of the children in the class they were teaching were their own children.

"Ryan! Stop poking James and concentrate!" Ryan looked at Violet sheepishly as James sent a smirk at his mother, Rose.

The ladies rolled their eyes identically before turning to help the students who were actually trying to get their quills to turn into mice.

"So what do you think he is like?"

"I don't know. I heard he was an absolute terror before Dumbledore caught him."

"I heard that too – apparently everyone was so afraid of him that they started calling him you-know-who and not the current dark lord."

"I bet that made Snake face angry"

"Probably but you know even he was afraid of him."

"SILENCE!" Both Violet and Rose bellowed before looking at each other and laughing. They then turned to look at the four identical boys with cross expressions, "Lets see you boys try to change your quills to mice. NOW!"

James went first smirking, "Ok mum." A small white mouse stood where his quill had been seconds later. Arthur, his brother went next and an identical mouse stood there. Ryan and Ethan then went and succeeded as well causing both women to huff and walk around helping others.

"Right anyway, I want to ask Dumbledore if he would let us take turns guarding him."

"It would be pretty cool to be able to talk to him."

"I know... Imagine the things he knows about our mums."

"Oh yah! Bargaining chips!"


"I am afraid of what those four are planning." Rose commented looking at the four heads stuck together.

Violet groaned as she joined her, "I know. The last time they did that, the entire south tower exploded!"

"Hopefully it doesnt have to do with him."

"Oh him. I can't stand the fact that we have to turn to him for help. Honestly, he murdered thousands for no reason!"

Rose and Violet shared disgusted looks before ending their class. They continued chatting as they headed down to what used to be the Slytherin hangout spot and was now converted to a specialized dungeon. They entered to find Charles and Lily, their elder brother and sister's children respectively, guarding Deimos's cell.

"Hey auntie!" Both kids stood to hug the twins.

"Hey guys. Has he been causing trouble?"

"Nah... he commented that we looked too young to be in the Order before falling asleep."

Rose smiled, "Well you are too young but the times have changed. Go take a break. Vi and I will watch him for a few hours."

They both smiled gratefully before heading out. Rose and Violet sat at the vacated chairs staring right into the cell.

"He looks so young."

"Exactly how he did when he was twenty."

"I guess whatever Albus did to him causes him to stay the same age."

"I wonder what he did."

"Do you really want to know?"

"I guess not... It can't have been good."

Rose and Violet nodded to each other making a silent pact not to ask though they did wonder.