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Percy`s POV

We were in trouble. The Giants who loomed over us could not be defeated; the gods were still not listening. The doors of death remained open, and even more cracks to the underworld were opening. Monsters only disappeared for a few minutes… if we were lucky.

"Percy duck!" Nico screamed. I ducked as Nico stabbed a monster that was going for my head. "Thanks'" I don't know if he heard me over the battle, but he still nodded and then ran off towards a group of Romans who were being overwhelmed.

Greeks on pegasi flew overhead trying to distract the giants. Roman infantry hacked and stabbed at monsters on the ground as a group while Greeks went in between, fighting in pairs or by themselves.

A shadow fell over me, and I turned in time to see the Gorgons Stheno and Euryale looming over me. "You, I thought I sent you for a dip in the Little Tiber!"

"You did Demigod Slime. But we are here for payback. It is a shame the Medusa is not here to see it." Sneered Euryale.

"Yeah, well medusa is a good Gorgon; at least she knows how to stay dead!" With that I ran them through with riptide. They turned to dust only to reform instantly. Why did I always get the ones who came back? Man, I was one unlucky demigod.

As the gorgons screeched at me about how I was going to die (like I hadn`t heard that before), I came up with an idea.

"Oh my gods, Medusa!" I cried. "Where?" they said in union as they turned around. Taking the opportunity I drove riptide through them again, but this time I created a hurricane. As the gorgons went out with a poof they became torn apart from the winds. Not the Little Tiber, but it would hopefully make do for a while.

As I fought off another monster Hazel ran past. "Percy if you have a moment I could really use your help!"

"Just a second," I said as I stabbed and sliced. As the monster turned to dust I ran after her hoping it took it`s time reforming.

"What is it?" I asked after I had caught up to her. "I found a crack that leads to the underworld."


"Top of the mountain."

"but that`s across the battle field!" I said.

"I know, but it has to be done."

I started to call Arion but got cut off. By Arion.

I looked at her. "Well we better start running."

"But I can just call-'

"Um yeah, about that…"

"Percy, what did you do?" Hazel yelled.

"Honestly, nothing. But I can hear Arion all the way from here. Between things I never want to mention aloud, he is telling a monster to go to hades and that If I call him over here he is going to trample us.'

"How does he know we want him?" Hazel asked.

"Because I was about to call him, back when we established we had to get to the mountain. Now run."

As far as monster, weapon and giant dodging goes, we weren`t doing too badly. Of course we had to dodge a freak tornado that was probably Jason kicking monster butt. And did I mention the telekines doing the chicken dance? Piper was behind that of course. If I survived this prophesy, I was going to ask Piper if she could make my math teacher never give us homework.

When we got to the mountain, somewhat unscathed, we looked around. Thank the gods there were no monsters waiting to eat us for lunch. Slowly we started climbing. At the top Hazel stopped and knelt down. 'It`s here" she whispered.

I looked down the hole that was part of our problem. Before we could officially close the doors of death, any escape routes had to be sealed. "How are you going to close it?" I asked.

"I'm going to try and seal it with gems. That way anyone who tries to open it from here will be cursed and therefor stopped."

She smiled sadly. "At least cursed gems finally have a use."

I looked at her, glad that none of my powers caused people to become cursed. I can`t begin to fathom what that must be like.

"So what do you need me to do?"

She gestured around us. "When Gae figures out what I am trying to do, she`ll send some of her forces up here. I need you to hold them off."


Hazel breathed a sigh of relief and started to work. I turned out towards the battle field. Flames erupted in the center of it all and sent monsters and demigods alike running. The flames seemed to follow the monsters though. I had a feeling that our very own human torch had something to do with the fireball.

Demigods continued to fight the monsters, but from up here, are side was looking even worse. I hoped this set back would cause Gae`s forces to retreat. We didn`t have enough people to hold the monsters and giants off for much longer. And we still had to close the doors of death…

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Hazel bent over the hole with sweat dripping down her face. I didn`t know exactly what she`s doing, but if she kept it up I am sure she won`t be able to walk away, She looked really tired.

Looking back towards the battle I saw a giant break off from the mass of monsters. A group tried to stop him, but he just plowed right through them.

His destination was clear. He was making his way towards us.

"She knows you`re here Hazel…" I warned.

"Great, just great." Hazel muttered from her position crouched over the hole.

I waited. Slowly the giant made his way up, he probably thought he had it easy. But there was no way I was going to make it that way. "Hazel," I asked. "How much do you have left to do?"

"Almost done" she said through her teeth.

The Giant was closer. Breathing slowly, I imagined a wall of wind circling us, creating a hurricane with us in its eye. A strong wind picked up and in no time, I had a level four hurricane around us.

The giant looked at me once he stood just beyond the storm. "So Demigod, you think you can keep me away with a little wind and rain. Do I look like I will fly away?"

"Of course not." I called back. "But you`re dirty, didn`t your mother ever teach you about hygiene. You reek. I think a little water might take care of that."

I thought of water and rain started to fall, the ground was quickly drenched. The Giant narrowed his eyes. "I Think it`s about time you learn about how to treat your future rulers." He started moving closer and walked into the wind.

That's when I noticed he was not our only problem.