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Percy's POV

"What do you mean?" Hazel exploded, "You were supposed to keep watch!"

"I was! But I was kind of distracted watching the giant…"

Gritting her teeth Hazel talked as she worked. "Well, get. Rid. Of. Them."

What did she think I was going to do? Invite them to lunch? I think the menu would go something like celestial bronze and imperial gold weapons with a side of demigod shishkabobs. Not quite my taste.

I could feel the giant`s presence within the storm and the pressure I felt from where he was pushing against the wind and rain told me he had gained a few feet. Raising my hands I spread them out beside me, as if bracing the wall of the storm`s eye so that it would not collapse. I also directed more of the storms wrath towards him. I started to sweat from the strain. What did the giant eat for breakfast, wind resistant crunch? Heck, a Titan was ten times lighter than he was.

I knew I couldn`t hold this storm up for much longer. We had to get out of here fast. Looking around, I started to form a plan. A plan that was probably stupid, but hey, I don`t exactly have time on my hands now do I?

"Hazel" I called out. "You have to stop now and get ready to run!"

She stopped working for a moment and shot me daggers. "I am not done yet! I can`t leave until the hole is filled, otherwise a hiker or someone might stumble on the cursed gems by accident. Just hold them off for a little while longer."

"Um, Hazel-"


"I know you`ve been busy, but why don`t you take a look for a second."

Standing up Hazel looked around and saw the advancing telekines, dracaenae, and earthborn (to name a few) that were about half way up on all sides of the mountain. She breathed out. "Oh my gods."

"You see, you have to get out of here."

"But, but the gems, other people, we can`t just-"

I cut her off. "Hazel, you have to get ready to leave now. Otherwise you won`t be able to close any other crevasses to the underworld, because you`ll be there." Hazel looked around once more and must have realised that I was right, because she didn't move towards the hole.

Concentrating on the storm I pulled in my arms and it followed, condensing around us; leaving the giant stunned when he suddenly found himself out of the wind and rain.

I willed the wind to blow stronger. The eye grew smaller and smaller around us until we only had enough room for the two of us to stand shoulder to shoulder. The Storm`s momentum was building quickly, which was exactly what I wanted. And considering the dirty oaf had decided to make a run for us now… it was even better that it went faster.

There was fifty feet between us.


I yelled over the wind to Hazel. "I`m going to release the storm and the momentum that it`s gaining right now should stun the monsters. Then you can run and hopefully get away. But you have to run right behind the wind!"

Hazel looked worried but she nodded. She understood.

Thirty- five feet now.

I was shaking from reining the storm in.

Twenty feet…

Hazel turned to look at me and yelled over the wind "You're running too right?"

I didn`t have enough energy to say no, so I just shook my head.

She looked at me. "But what are you going to do?"

Looking straight at the charging giant, I responded through clenched teeth. "I have to show someone how I welcome my new leaders."

The giant reached ten feet and before I could think twice about my plan I threw my arms outwards and yelled "NOW HAZEL!"