Hugo admired her from afar. Like he always did. But he didn't know much about her, really.

He knew that her name was Julietta, and that she was one of the richest girl around.

So why does she always come to the train station? That's something he'll never figure out.

He also knew that her and her friend, Evanna would preform music on the streets, he usually stopped to watch them play. Julietta played the violine, and Evanna played guitar.

He was far too shy to actually go and meet her, he just liked looking at her from far away. One day Isabelle noticed this.

"Come on, Hugo, I go to school with Julietta! She's really sweet, and please? Just let me introduce you to her."

But Hugo was feeling emberassed and shy. "Isabelle..."

"Awww, you're blushing!" She gushed. "Come on, they're preforming now!"

Hugo was dragged by Isabelle towards the two girls and joined the crowd that surrounded them and they watched their preformance.

Hugo still admired her, like how he always did. Her nice brown curls delicately framed her face, and to him her eyes shinned beautifully. The way she played the violine was beautiful. it seemed as though she could never make a mistake.

Hugo was out of his trance when they finished their last song and the crowd cheered. Isabelle walked closer to them. Evanna smiled. "Hi, Isabelle!"

"Hi, Evanna, hi, Julietta! You two played brilliantly!"

Julietta smiled. "Thanks, Isabelle!"

"Who's your friend?"

"Girls, this is Hugo, Hugo Cabret."

Julietta reached out her hand towards him, and he shyly shook it. Butterflies formed in his stomach at her touch. Then he shook Evanna's.

"Where are you from?" Julietta asked him.

"Around..." He murmered, he didn't feel like telling her he lived in a clock tower, while she lived in a mansion.

There was silence. "You play really well." He told Julietta. She smiled brightly. "Really? Thank you, Hugo!"

Hugo nodded. "When did you learn how to play?"

"Um, a couple years ago, I've been doing it for awhile. Music kinda runs in the family. It's thanks to Evanna that I'm out here playing." She laughed. Evanna smiled at her friend. "Oh? Yeah, you're good too." Hugo told Evanna. She nodded in thanks.

"Oh, Julietta, it's six o'clock, we'd better go." Evanna sighed, looking at her watch. Julietta teared her eyes away from Hugo and looked at her friend. "Oh, alright. Well, see you later, Isabelle. Maybe I'll see you again, Hugo?" Julietta asked him. Hugo could feel his cheeks turn red. "Maybe." He really wanted too. But how would he ever approach her, again?

"Well, bye." Jul;ietta smiled and him, and waved goodbye, and Hugo watched her walk away.

Bujt one things for sure, he'll always admire her from afar.

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