Ruby didn't particularly enjoy the movie. It was a "dude" movie, with explosions and boobs and gore. Then again, since Alan so avidly suggested it, Ruby really had no reason to be surprised.

Ruby only had an hour break and he was nowhere in sight. "Alan?" she called, making her way down his driveway. Then she saw a pair of boots sticking out from beneath his old car. "Alan," she said again. "I've got that DVD I borrowed… hello?"
He didn't move. Finally, Ruby bent down (much to the discomfort of her tightly clad jeans) and tugged at his pants. He was on a skateboard and he came rolling out. His eyes stared up at her, not seeing a thing. His jaw was slack; his hands lank.

Ruby fell backward and her scream sounded like a terrified howl in the quiet suburbs.

…. …. … ….

Belle traced her finger across his protruding collar bone. "It'll be hard for me to remember that it's Mr. Gold and not Rumplestilskin in public," she said thoughtfully.

"Are we going public with this, Belle?" he asked.

She stopped tracing and met his eyes. "I'd like to. I'd like the entire world to know how much I love you."

He smiled at her. "As you wish."

She exhaled and laid her head back down onto his bare chest. It was what? 12:00? And they had only left the bed long enough to brush their teeth and eat some breakfast.

"So why this world?" asked Belle.

He stroked her hair absently. "My boy…"

"Right, of course. We'll find him. I promise you, Rumple."

Truth was, in the past few days, Gold had been neglecting his duties. But having his Belle in his life again, well, who could blame him? She planted soft kisses across his chest. She truly was irresistible. He'd really only managed to leave the house while she slept, which was often strange hours of the night. When he'd return, she'd be waiting for him with a smirking smile. "Where have you been, my night owl?"

"Attending to business, my love," he'd reply.

As he stroked her hair gingerly, the phone rang out. Belle rolled off of him to answer it.

"Ruby? Ruby, what's the matter…" Gold watched her. Her creamy white skin caught the light beautifully, but shadows played across her face—she was distraught. "What!? Oh my God. I… had no idea. Yeah, yeah of course I will."

"What is it, Dearie?" he asked, sitting up.

"Alan," she said simply. The phone was beeping off the line but she didn't bother to move her hand, "is dead."

Gold's eyebrow rose. "Dead?"

She nodded. "Oh, oh Gods. Dead. Murdered. The last things I said, did, to him. Oh Gods, dead. His poor family. I… I need …" She got up and dressed quickly. "Emma said she wants me down at the Sheriff's station to give some information. I don't know how long I'll be out."

Without bothering to do her hair and make-up, Belle was out the door. Gold sat, suddenly aching in her absence. After a long while, he got up and dressed. His entire body was sore from long ago abandoned activities, and he made his way to the living room with a particularly painful limp.

There came a gentle rapping at the door and Gold inhaled sharply.

"Madame Mayor," he said. She was beaming at him from the other side of the door way.

"Just saw your little pet passing by. She really doesn't get out much, does she? I've been waiting ages to talk with you."

"Whatever you did," Gold began hotly, "It needs to be fixed. This was not what I wanted."

"There's no fix to death. Surely you know that."

He opened his mouth to speak and then closed it again.

Regina ran her hand smoothly down the door frame. "And don't worry, no one's not locked up this time."

"Listen," he said, his voice dangerous and low. "He was already out of my hair. I had no need for you to do this."

"Oh Gosh," she said, bringing her hand up to her O-shaped lips. "I had no idea. You don't think… oh what a terrible thought…"

"What?" he nearly growled.

The sound of the cop car came rushing down the street. "Ops. Guess they do think."

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