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So, summary time: Vegeta and his battle partner Kakarot are sent to Earth to take over the planet, but when they get there they find that the entire planet is deserted save one young girl. Vegeta finds her strange, yet intriguing, obviously since she's the last of her race, and brings her back to Planet Vegeta and as time goes on, he learns about what really happened to her home world and why she was the only survivor. FYI, the Saiyans do not know of Frieza, so Vegeta has a softer side, though he is still a ruthless killer.

I hope that interests you enough to keep reading)

"Paranoia: the irrational fear that someone's after you.~Desperate Housewives

"So, how long until landfall, Vegeta?" Kakarot asked.

"Kakarot, shut up," Vegeta growled. "I thought we already discussed that when on missions and around others you call me by my title."

"Yeah, but well…it's weird."

Vegeta rolled his eyes. He too found it weird, seeing as he and Kakarot had been best friends since childhood; however, with his father being the king, he had to draw the line somewhere between business and friendship. "Suck it up and do it, Kakarot. I don't want to risk my father finding out I have given you any special treatment."

Kakarot sighed in defeat. "Yeah, okay."

"Landfall in twenty," a computerized voice said. "Be seated and fastened for landing."

"I guess that answers your question." Kakarot nodded.

After landing, Vegeta and Kakarot exited their space pods and looked around. They landed in the middle of an abandoned city.

"Wow, looks like a bomb went off here," Kakarot stated. Vegeta ignored him and started to walk into the dismal looking wreck in front of them.

It was…bad, desolate, decrepit, and everything in between. Kakarot was right; it did look like a bomb went off. If Vegeta was easy to scare, then the random bangs and noises would have made him jump out of his own skin, but he wasn't so nothing bothered him.

It was when he flew around the city and a few of the neighboring cities that he felt uneasy.

"Vegeta…I mean Prince Vegeta, I just checked all the cities south of here and there is no sign of life…not even any animals."

Vegeta nodded. "Same, in the northern parts…someone or something has already eradicated all life on this planet."

"But who or what, and how?"

Vegeta and Kakarot were stumped. Earth was uncharted territory. It was a fluke that Kakarot's father had even seen in the latest scans.

"Something is off," Vegeta stated. "I'm going to go look around here some more. Find food and we will reconvene at the ship."

"Yes, sir," Kakarot said reluctantly. It's official, he thought. Titles suck.

Vegeta checked out some of the abandoned buildings and noticed that some of the technology was similar to Planet Vegeta's which he was not expecting. Of course, most of the technology was destroyed. Whatever had happened must have taken a huge toll of the circuitry and also the population. There weren't even any remains or bodies.

It's almost as if someone has already purged the planet, but who? Vegeta asked himself. He was of course met with no answer.

He left the building he was in and patted off the dust from his armor. Then he noticed a large dome in the center of the city and was highly intrigued. It looked like it was the most durable building in the city with plenty of defense systems outside, yet it was definitely broken into. What was so important about this building?

The door of the building fell when Vegeta lightly pushed it. He was a little taken aback, but entered anyway. The building had a lot of electronic equipment and looked to be a place where weapons and battle vehicles were constructed. Vegeta's attention was drawn to the cut, dangling wires as they mixed with water. He knew that he'd better stay away from them. Electrical shock treatments were the Saiyans' way of torture, after all.

Vegeta continued to check out the building and found a series of rooms up the stairs. There were as many rooms as was in the king's summer home. Whoever had lived here must have been very wealthy.

All of a sudden, Vegeta had the strangest feeling and turned to his right. He was facing a door that was partially opened. With a small shove, the door revealed a tattered room that used to be very well put together. That wasn't the shocking part. What shocked the prince the most was that there was a girl, sitting on the ground naked, next to tattered clothes and she wasn't responding at all to his presence.

The girl looked young, though her youth was somewhat conceal due to the blood caked on her. She was sitting, holding her knees with her arms and staring at a spot on the floor. The girl looked as if she hadn't moved in a long time, nor had she eaten as was evident by how thin she was.

Vegeta walked up to her and stood over her with his arms crossed. The girl still didn't react, almost as if she was in a catatonic state from trauma.

"Girl," Vegeta called, but he received no response which greatly angered him.

Vegeta picked the girl up by the throat, but she just let her limbs dangle and still stared in front of her. She had no fear in her eyes, no hate. This girl had no emotion reflecting in her eyes. If Vegeta hadn't felt her pulse under his grip, then he would have mistaken her to be among the dead. He let go, letting her drop and crash into the floor.

She was now in a position where she was lying flat on her face. Vegeta raised a confused eyebrow at the girl. He had never seen anyone so lifeless, surprisingly since he had already decimated his share of races. Something about this girl was tugging at his non-existing heartstrings, though, and he looked around to find something to cover her up. It was obvious by now that she was the last of her race, and he wasn't planning on leaving her. Plus, his father was always pushing him to get a 'concubine. This had always disgusted Vegeta, but in this case, he'd make an exception. No one should die when they were already dead on the inside, and no one should suffer the mental abuse she must have already received.

All the clothes the girl had were either short or tattered and would not protect her from the cold environment outside. He settled for a knit blanket that was at the top of the closet and brought it over to the girl. He carefully wrapped the broken girl up in the blanket. She finally had some emotion in her eyes along with some tears.

"Ma…ma…"she said while grasping on to the blanket. That must have been who knitted the blanket, Vegeta concluded.

"What happened here, girl?" Vegeta asked softly. The girl shook her head and clenched her eyes shut. Vegeta sighed knowing he wouldn't get an answer right now, but it didn't matter. What did matter was getting the girl something to eat and drink or he would never have his answer. "You're coming with me," he whispered in her ear. The girl nodded and Vegeta took that as a sign to blast through her roof and fly back to the ship.

"Hey Veg…I mean Prince Vegeta…dang it," Kakarot muttered. Then he noticed the girl Vegeta was carrying. "Who's she?"

"The only survivor," Vegeta replied. "She's not very responsive."

"Why did you bring her?" Kakarot asked. Vegeta usually didn't bring a living being anywhere, unless you would count Kakarot in that.

"She knows something of what happened, I'm sure. We need answered. Besides, my father wanted me to find myself a pleasure slave sometime. You must admit that she's attractive."

He noticed the girl in question tense at his words and he was pretty sure he knew what happened to her. Oh well. It was something she needed to face, so he would not apologize for stating what he did, even though he would never act on this technicality.

"I guess," Kakarot said hesitantly. "You know I already have a mate, though, so I won't comment on that."

"Fair enough," Vegeta responded."Did you find a water source or food?"

Kakarot frowned. "No, and Planet Vegeta is about two weeks travel."

"Hn. We will stop at the nearest planet and restock. It should only be a day or so away. This one needs food and water." He motioned to the still unresponsive person in his grasp.

"Well, then I guess we better leave now," Kakarot suggested. "It's pretty safe to say that this planet is clear."

Vegeta nodded in agreement. "Let's get the hell off this rock."

Vegeta took the girl into the ship and lied her down on his bed. She could see out the small window of his ship and a few tears escaped her. Vegeta could tell what she was thinking.

"Look, girl. Did you want to stay on this abandoned planet and starve to death? If so, I would have left you to die in that house."

The girl flashed her eyes his way and then back to the window. "Home," she muttered.

"What was that?" Vegeta asked, although he had heard her.

She looked back up at him. "Home. Earth. Leaving?" Vegeta nodded and the girl looked back outside."Sad," she said.

It may not have been much, but Vegeta had gotten something out of her. Little did he know that eventually the things she would say would be the most intelligent and important things he could ever hear.

The ship started to shake and Vegeta moved the blanket to make sure the girl was covered. "We are about to take off," he explained. "Stay here and do not move until I come to get you or you'll be hurt by the pressure. Understand?"

"Yes," the girl said as she nodded.


Vegeta started to walk away when he heard her say something else. "Bulma."

"Excuse me?" Vegeta questioned.

"My name…Bulma."

Vegeta turned to face her."Vegeta."

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