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Years had gone by before the kingdom of Planet Vegeta was stable. It took about a year to get all the supplies they needed to fix the homes of the other Saiyans. Now, their people could finally sustain themselves. Bulma had created a water purification system using the ground water they had and convinced her husband to for a treaty with an aquatic planet. They traded protection for more drinkable and usable water that the desert planet lacked. Over the years, Vegeta had managed to repair the damage his father caused as well as create treaties with planets he had never known of. The tōgoku that had been used against the people was now running everything they needed power for by utilizing energy from the planet's suns. Planet Vegeta was back to its former glory, and its rulers were able to rest easy after about four years into their rule.

During that time, Bulma spent her time trying to balance technology, defense, mothering her children, and supporting her mate. She had been more than wiped out until she found a rhythm. Vegeta had been worried about her since the woman required a lot more rest than she was getting, but he made sure to help her as much as possible, especially with their boys.

Vegeta never remembered his father in his early childhood. His mother had always been the one to nurture him while his father stayed away until he was old enough to train. Then he nearly forced his mother out of his life, though the stubborn woman would not yield. The young king did not wish for either of his boys to grow up like that and co-parented with Bulma. When he could, he was there feeding them and making sure they were dry and comfortable. His father would have said it made him weak, but Vegeta felt like bonding time with the twins and his mate was what he needed after suffering for so long.

It was a peaceful seven years for Planet Vegeta, and its inhabitants were living in state-of-the-art homes. Children, even the princes, trained in the square with the adults overseeing their training. Kakarot was acting as the head trainer on training days. On days where the children did not train in the square, Kakarot was in the palace acting as Vegeta's second in command. With Kakarot as his second and Nappa as his general, Vegeta knew that their planet, families, and people would always be safe. Nothing could interfere with the peace they created.

"Vegeta, slow down!" little Trunks called after his older brother. His lavender hair was starting to grow over again and it was harder to chase after his brother when it got in his eyes. The child kept pushing the locks of hairs from his face. He would need to get his mom to cut it before his sparring session with his brother and father, later.

Meanwhile, the older twin, who preferred to be called Vegeta, was laughing as he ran through the palace gardens. He had started this race today, knowing his brother would be at a disadvantage. It was easy to torment his younger brother when he chose to study for a day. While his father was in meetings and his mother was in the lab, he would take and hide whatever book Trunks was reading and tell his brother he'd have to catch him to get a location. Since Trunks loved to study, he would give into his brother.

Little Vegeta threw his head back, laughing at the exhilarating feeling that came when he and his brother competed. Whether it was for fun or actual competition, the two had a fairly healthy sibling rivalry. Ultimately, though, the firstborn wanted to rule and the younger twin wanted to follow in their mother's footsteps. There would be no competition for the crown when the time came.

"No, brother!" Vegeta called back. "Speed up!"

Trunks rolled his eyes, but smirked and did as was asked of him. Ignoring the hair in his eyes, he charged at his older brother and started to catch up with him. The two of them were about to run into the palace when the Vegeta lookalike crashed directly into his father. Trunks halted in his sprint when he saw his father standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. He was looking down at his brother with a frown.

"Goku, again?" he asked. Little Vegeta frowned when his father used his first name. He had always asked his mother why his father didn't call him Vegeta, but always called him by his first name, and she just told him not to worry about it and to go along with it when his father was around.

When his son pouted and didn't respond, Vegeta sighed and shook his head before taking the textbook out of his cloak. He motioned for Trunks to take the book, and Trunks walked over to his brother and father to take it back.

"Our room," Vegeta told the young boy. That was where Goku had been hiding the books he took from Trunks. "The rest were returned to your room. Goku, let your brother study."

With that, Vegeta walked away from his two boys to return to the throne room. There was one more meeting he had for the day before he could enjoy time with his family. He was not looking forward to it when he heard who the visitor was.

Little Vegeta pouted and crossed his arms, mimicking his father's stance. "Why can't he call me Vegeta like you, mom, and Uncle Tarble? Does he not want me to have his name or something?"

"I don't think that's it," Trunks said. "I've heard mom talking to Uncle Tarble about it. I don't think dad knows it's your name."

Truth was that Trunks had eavesdropped on many conversations between his mother and Bardock, his grandmother, and his uncle. They all knew about the names, but their father didn't. For some reason the little prince did not understand, Vegeta did not want either of them to have his name, yet their mother had made his name their "middles names," whatever that was.

"Still," Vegeta muttered. "I just wish I knew why he didn't call me that."

Trunks didn't want to tell him. He knew that his mother would have to deal with their father when he found out. The young boy was protective of his mother, so he'd keep what he heard quiet for now. Changing the subject, he said, "I'm going to go back to studying. You're welcome to join me."

"Hmph," his brother scoffed. "No thanks. It's boring. I'll catch you later." And with that, the other prince flew off over the palace walls. Trunks knew he wouldn't be back until much, much later.

Vegeta was walking swiftly to his throne room with Bardock following close beside him. "But sir, how do you expect me to keep her busy?" he asked with concern. "You know that she'll be heading to the throne room. She knows of the meeting."

"Keep her out of there," Vegeta mandated adamantly. "If he finds out she is here, she will be in grave danger."

"Why are you even meeting with him?" Bardock pressed. "This is not wise."

Vegeta just shook his head. "It is wise," he assured him. "We need to make him think there is nothing to hide."

"Alright, well I need to get to the throne room now," Bulma said dusting her dress off. Despite the fact that she worked around oil and dirt didn't mean she couldn't look presentable.

Tarble hesitated when Bulma said this. He knew that his brother was concerned about his next meeting, but he didn't know why. "Bulma, wait," Tarble said. "Vegeta can handle it, but you've been working without food the majority of the day. Come get something to eat with me. You can go after."

"Oh Tarble, I had a little to eat this morning," she told him. "I don't need to constantly eat like you Saiyans. It's not like I'm pregnant again."

Now, in the past, she would have been offended by comments like that since she was hesitant to be in a physical relationship; however, over the years, she managed to get over her fears. With how much she and Vegeta were together, she was actually surprised she wasn't pregnant again. Bulma couldn't imagine a time where she was afraid of Vegeta's touch or closeness. All of the past seemed like nothing but a distant memory to her. Vegeta was the one who continued to dwell on the past, though it never seemed to affect their relationship anymore.

"Bulma, please just go with me," Tarble pleaded.

Bulma didn't understand why Tarble was acting the way he was. The eighteen year old was normally pretty calm. The last time he acted like this was back when his father was still alive and a few years after. "Tarble, this is something I need to do," she told him. "It's my duty to be there for my mate."

Before the conversation could continue, Bardock entered and was slightly out of breath. "My queen, the king needs you to take care of something right away."

"What is it?" Bulma asked shocked that Vegeta would ask her to do something on a day he was having an audience with an off planet visitor. "You know what, I'm just going to go ask him. I'm sure it can wait until after the meeting."

"Wait, Bulma!" Bardock exclaimed with slight panic. Now Bulma knew; something was up.

Bulma huffed and put her hands on her hips. "Okay, what is going today?" she asked. "Why is everyone trying to keep me away from that meeting?"

Bardock couldn't tell her, because he knew she'd go anyway, but if he stayed silent she would still go anyway. Either way, she'd find out and go directly to the throne room. When no one spoke, Bulma shook her head and left the lab. After she was gone, Tarble walked over to Bardock. He didn't know Vegeta's reasoning, and now he needed to know.

"Why was my brother trying to keep her here?" he asked.

Bardock heaved a heavy sigh. "Because Tarble," he started, "he's meeting with Frieza."

Vegeta was not happy with this. Frieza had contacted their planet a few weeks prior to this day. Once capsulation technology was out there, the tyrant had heard and Vegeta knew he suspected its origin. The king had lied to Frieza telling him that he had never been to Earth before when he asked the seemingly random question. He was trying to hide his mate while making it look like the planet had come up with the technology separately. Frieza wanted to make a deal with him but, as he promised Bulma, he would not cave.

"You have a wonderful palace here, Vegeta," the tyrant said with a sickeningly effeminate voice that grated on Vegeta's eardrums.

"That is King Vegeta to you, Frieza," Vegeta replied. They were on his planet now, and not the other way around. He was not going to let this lizard disrespect him in his own palace. "And it is."

"So, when did your scientists first come up with capsulation?" Frieza asked in curiosity though Vegeta knew he was trying to determine if it had been since his purge of Earth. "I know it only went on the universal market a few years ago."

Vegeta shrugged. "Not too long ago," Vegeta lied. "We marketed it as soon as we learned of its nature. Our scientists were very optimistic."

"As they should be," Frieza replied smoothly. "I hear that your scientists are headed by your wife. Is that so?"

Vegeta hadn't been expecting that question, but he should have. When capsulation went on the market with their allies, Vegeta made them swear to keep her name a secret. He couldn't control the information that civilians talked about in the square. If any of Frieza's men visited their ally planets, then they would at least know something regarding his mate.

"Yes, my mate is the head scientist here," he answered calmly.

Frieza chuckled darkly. "I must ask where you picked up such a brilliant woman," he badgered. "Are you sure she was not of Earth?"

Vegeta narrowed his eyes at him. He was just about to answer Frieza with an insult veiled threat when the doors to the throne room flew open revealing his angry mate.

"Vegeta, why-" she started to ask before freezing when she saw Vegeta sitting in the throne room with the destroyer of her world.

Frieza noticed Vegeta's stunned and panicked expression and decided to turn around. He smirked sadistically when he saw the girl he had suspected standing right in front of him. "Well," he said to her, "you are a sight for sore eyes, Miss Briefs. And here I had your husband telling me that his wife was not of Earth. Keeping secrets, perhaps?"

Bulma looked over to Vegeta with fear and question in her eyes. I wasn't planning on making a deal with him, Vegeta quickly alerted her through the bond. He contacted the planet a few weeks ago and asked for an audience.

You were trying to hide me, she replied knowingly. What do we do?

"Bulma," he said out loud calling Frieza's attention to him. "This is Frieza. He requested an audience with me."

"Oh, I assure you," Frieza said jovially, "we have already met. You know, my dear, my second was very worried as to where his prize had gone. Do tell me, how did you get off the planet?"

"Frieza," Vegeta growled darkly, "I should not have to tell you to show my queen respect on our planet and in my presence. Refrain from making such rude remarks. As for you," he said to Bulma, "your son needs a talking to."

Bulma realized that Vegeta was trying to get her out of there while appearing indifferent to the situation, and she desperately wanted to take the out. "Which one?"

"Goku," Vegeta replied.

Bulma nodded to him. "I will deal with him."

When Bulma left, Frieza grinned over to Vegeta. "So I take it you know some things about me," he said. "Or did she keep the destruction of her planet from you?"

"I don't know all of what happened," he lied. "I just know that when I met her, she was traumatized but brilliant, and I desired that for the kingdom. Her past and planet never interested me. We have not discussed it."

"Then why did you look so panicked when she entered?" Frieza pressed. He seemed too amused by the situation for Vegeta's liking.

Vegeta remained calm and said, "Wouldn't you be slightly worried for your mate if there was the look in terror in her eyes? I am not too closed off to her that her fear means nothing. Whatever happened to her planet is none of my business; however, in light of this revelation, I do not wish to do business with you or your planet. I hope you can understand this, but the mental health of my queen takes precedence over a business deal."

"I do understand," Frieza replied in a still amused tone, "but I have a proposition for you that could be beneficial to both of our kingdoms."

"Go on?" Vegeta responded, permitting him to speak though he wanted this meeting to be over. Still, if he wanted to appear indifferent to Bulma for this tyrant's benefit, he needed to play along.

"I suggest you hold a tournament," Frieza suggested, "to signify a new era. Planet Vegeta has come back from a terrible point and, where I don't know the details, I'm sure this would boost the morale of not only your men, but mine and many other planets. You could welcome competitors from all planets, and my men would jump at the chance to enter as well, and give a prize to the victor at the end."

Vegeta knew that Frieza was challenging him, and the Saiyan could not argue that competition would be a welcome celebration; however, he did not like the way Frieza said the word 'prize' or the aspect of him participating.

"If the 'prize' in question is anything like what you implied to my mate, then no. She is off limits," he stated. "And where I did not know you were the destroyer of her home world, I know your reputation. Your participation in the tournament would be denied."

"Oh of course," Frieza replied waving his hands at Vegeta as if he were teasing. "I never had any intention of participating. I feel us royals should stay out of the tournament, you included King Vegeta."

Vegeta nodded. He felt better about that. He'd rather be beside Bulma anyway if this tournament was going to happen. "I can agree to this," Vegeta told him. "We will be spectators. If this event is to happen, you agree that my mate is off limits?"

"Yes, I believe I can agree to that," Frieza answered. "And 'if?'"

"But of course, Frieza," Vegeta said, his voice becoming amused at Frieza's glare. "I'm sure you understand that a lot of planning goes into a tournament. I also do respect my mate's opinion and do not wish to blindside her. The people would not react well if they ever saw their queen in distress, and our sons are quite attached to her and strong for their age. They will, as I will, protect the queen at all costs."

"I understand," Frieza remarked, though now he seemed irritated. "I forgot how much Saiyans could be dedicated to their 'mates.'"

This took Vegeta by surprise. He looked questioningly at the Arcosian tyrant. "Explain," he demanded. "I have never heard of any business with you in the past."

"Oh, you haven't, have you?" Frieza questioned, his voice regaining his previous mirth. "I do suppose it has been a long time since I visited this planet. Well, King Vegeta, I will tell you. Back when your grandfather was in power, I attempted to make a deal with him. This was before the decline of the kingdom, of course, but at the time he had denied my request to do business. His wife was not pleased with me; I am unsure as to why. Your grandfather chose not to do business with me."

"And you did not attempt to arrange a tournament as you are with me," Vegeta remarked. "What counter did you have for him?"

"There was no counter," Frieza whispered sinisterly. "His 'mate' just met with an untimely accident. It was such a shame, but very lucky that he hadn't fully 'bonded' with her or whatever you Saiyans say, or the planet could have been without a strong ruler. Where would the people have been then?"

Vegeta sensed a threat, a heavily veiled threat but a threat nonetheless. There was no way for Frieza to know that he and Bulma were fully bonded. He had acted indifferent enough to his mate to make it appear that they weren't completely connected. Hearing Frieza blatantly admit to killing his grandmother, though he never knew her, angered him. Still, he kept his anger in check, slightly clutching his throne. "Yes, that is a shame. Anyways, back to business. I will discuss the potential tournament with my mate. You will have your answer by the end of the week."

Frieza grinned maliciously at him, though tried to cover it up with an upbeat tinged voice. "Oh, how marvelous. I will await the call. We shall see how it all plays out."

Vegeta nodded and called for Nappa. When Nappa entered the throne room, Vegeta calmly said, "General Nappa, escort our guest back to his ship."

"Yes, your majesty," Nappa said with a bow.

After the two left the throne room, Vegeta let out a breath he hadn't even realized he'd been holding. He could feel Bulma panicking through the bond, even though she was giving Goku a small scolding for stealing his brother's books. He needed to discuss this with her and prepare her for the possibility that Frieza might return. He wasn't worried about the planet or the people. They would be able to handle whatever Frieza threw at them. He was more concerned with how his mate would handle it if Frieza returned in the future without warning if they did not go along with his tournament idea.

"Son, I must speak with you for a moment," Kalina said entering the throne room from the back.

Vegeta sighed when he heard his mother's concerned voice. He would have to put his discussion with Bulma on hold.

Bulma had tucked both of her boys in that night, holding them a little longer than normal. Little Vegeta didn't understand why his mother was acting so strange, but shrugged it off. Trunks, on the other hand, tried to ask his mother what was bothering her. He could tell she lied when she told him nothing was wrong. It made him feel uneasy, but he trusted both his mother and father to handle whatever it was that was upsetting her.

She returned to hers and Vegeta's room on the other side of the palace. Vegeta had chosen to place their boys so far from them so they didn't have to grow up hearing what went on behind closed doors as he had, though it was in different context. When he brought this up to Bulma, she remembered blushing profusely at the thought of anyone in the palace hearing them. Vegeta just laughed her concerns off assuring her that no one was in earshot of their room.

Vegeta returned to their room after discussing things with his mother, Nappa, Kakarot, and Bardock. His mother and Nappa had known who Frieza was before learning he was the one who had destroyed Bulma's life. They were not happy to hear that his actions had already affected the girl. Bardock remembered him too. Frieza was the one responsible for the death of most of his team save Gine. Bardock was thankful that Gine had just given birth around the time he and his men had a purging mission.

Vegeta learned that day that Bardock's psychic abilities came from the planet where he met Frieza's men. His team had gone to purge the planet, but when they learned they weren't alone they turned their attention towards Frieza's men. Frieza's men had been arrogant and told Bardock and his men just who they were. After wiping out Bardock's team, Bardock tore into each and every one of them, though the team leader had gotten away. The inhabitants of the planet decided to award Bardock their abilities to help give him warning against potential dangers and successes. It was then, almost three decades before, when Bardock returned to Planet Vegeta and decided to work the medical ward instead of continuing to purge.

Kakarot had never known about Frieza. He only knew of some of the horrors Bulma had seen. If Frieza was responsible for her pain, then he was an enemy. He wasn't entirely sure about the tournament, but he assured Vegeta that he would continue to train the other Saiyans and the children to handle anything. Vegeta was grateful to him for that.

He found Bulma lying on her side, stiff as a board. He knew she was awake and probably terrified about what had happened earlier. Bulma felt Vegeta get into the bed, lying down next to her, pausing until she relaxed enough for him to take her in his arms. Vegeta knew Bulma would never be one hundred percent recovered from her experiences, but he worked with her instead of against her. He made sure never to sneak up from behind and to always let her make the first move unless she was completely at ease.

"So Goku has been stealing from Trunks," she said awkwardly with a strained voice. "He shouldn't be doing it again, but we'll have to watch. He's a troublemaker just like his father."

"Mm," Vegeta grunted fondly. He loved his boys very much and was as protective of them as he was their mother. "About today…" he said getting out of his reverie. "There is much we must discuss."

"I didn't mean to ignore the others," she said. "I was just put off by the fact that you didn't want my help. Why didn't you warn me? I would have taken the boys out into the square to play with the other Saiyan children. I would have stayed away; I swear."

"I know," Vegeta told her. "But you would have been worried. It would have made me appear worried. That lizard already suspects that I have a deep connection to you. I had to work very hard to seem indifferent."

"I know. I saw."

"You are not offended?" he questioned. Where he cared about her physical safety, he also worried about her emotional state as well.

"I didn't like it," she told him, "but I understood. If he had suspected how much you knew, how closely tied we are to each other, he would have used it against you right then and there. I don't trust him."

"Neither do I," Vegeta assured her. He wasn't going to tell her about the threats. There was no reason to worry her more than he already had to regarding the tournament. "He made a proposition."

Bulma tensed again, though Vegeta tried to relax her by rubbing her side which only worked slightly. "Which is?"

"He knows that I respect you enough not to do business with the destroyer of your world," he explained. "He, however, posed the idea of a universal tournament held here to celebrate our rebirth as a unified planet. The victor of the tournament shall be given a prize. I already made it clear that you are off the table. He and I will not take part in the tournament. If we do this, I will be at your side at all times. When I cannot be, you will be accompanied by either my mother, Nappa, Kakarot, or Bardock. Kakarot is planning on entering the tournament. If we do not agree within the week Frieza will be back without warning. At least this way, we eliminate the element of surprise while showing him that we Saiyans are not a force to be trifled with. I did tell him I needed to discuss the planning of the tournament with you."

Bulma hesitated, especially when she asked, "The boys will want to enter, won't they?" Vegeta nodded against her. "I…I don't want them to get hurt."

Vegeta turned her in his arms so that she was facing him. He was smirking down at her and kissed her lips. "They are too strong to let this creep's soldiers harm them. But, if it eases your mind, we will create rules to hinder too much harm. I would prefer to have a clean tournament. We shall discuss the specifics tomorrow. For now, rest easy. I am here, and I will not let you handle any of this alone. Understood?"

Bulma nodded, ignoring the tears that started to glisten in her eyes. She kissed her mate passionately as he pulled her closer to him. Now that Bulma was feeling less anxiety, they decided to take advantage of the last fully peaceful night they felt they'd have before the chaos regarding the Arcosians and the tournament would bring. They didn't know when they'd have peace like this again.

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