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I instantly dislike this smarmy elf.

His lies are worse than Varric and Isabela's combined: he claims to be an ex-Antivan Crow, as if such a thing is possible. He claims to be friends with the Hero of Ferelden and King Alistair. He must take us all for ignorant Dalish right off the caravan.

He's arrogant too. He has a Dalish girl tell anyone who asks where to find him. Really? He thinks he's that good? I could have his heart in my hand before he could blink!

Upon meeting Hawke, he immediately begins making lewd advances on her.

I feel the rage instantaneously building. What's worse, I see her blushing at his artless flattery, his double entendres, and his salacious jokes. She seems charmed.

My teeth grind so hard my jaw aches after an hour.

Hawke agrees to help the knife-eared swine to get rid of the Crows that have followed him here and want him dead.

Of course she does. That's how she became the Champion.

I would solve all his problems with a swipe of my blade. However, instead of fulfilling my fantasy, we kill a dozen or so Antivan Crows.

At least I get to kill someone.

As he rejoins us after the battle I could have sworn he was going to dare to proposition Hawke right in front of me. I clutch at the red sash at my wrist to keep from launching myself at his smug face.

Before I get to rip him to shreds, Isabela steps up and declares her intention to give the elf a good tumble. I thank the Maker for sending the bawdy wench with us. He bids us a cheery farewell on Isabela's arm.

I'm still seething when Hawke turns to me with a smirk on her face. "I couldn't help but notice that you weren't very keen on Zevran." She says once the pirate and the elf are out of earshot.

"No" I try to say, but it flies out of my mouth, angry and raw.

"Admit it, Fenris. You were dying of jealousy. You were burning up with jealousy! You were like a great forest fire of jealousy!" She teases with a sly smile.

I cross my arms over my chest. "I will admit to nothing of the sort. You are a woman of discerning taste and noble birth. Maker's sake, you're the Champion of Kirkwall! I wouldn't imagine that his dirty, common notions would appeal to you. I was offended at his crude treatment of you."

Her eyebrows reach for the sky and her smile widens into a grin. "Oh, I don't know. I can appreciate a handsome elf who knows his way around a blade. You two have a lot in common actually."

I feel my face darken and my blood boil. I know she's manipulating my feelings, but I am just that off balance after restraining my rage all day. If I could have had an hour or two to cool off, I wouldn't have grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her like that in front of Varric.

Ugh, Varric.

Loud mouthed, gossip-mongering, tattle-telling, busybody, nug-humping Varric.

But my mind isn't on that right now. All I can feel is the crush of her body against mine, the softness of her lips, the ardor that returns that kiss. I feel her arms wrap around me and we stay like that for an eternity.

I claim her with that kiss. I feel her doubts about my feelings for her disappear in that kiss. I know that I am hers to do with as she will.

When we release each other, her eyes are open wide; her mouth is red and swollen from my attack. She looks breathless and flushed.


Of course, that's when Varric butts in.

"Well, well, well! My goodness Broody, who knew all we had to do, was throw a little competition your way to get that ball rolling?" He chortles, clearly tickled pink by my slip of control.

Hawke puts her fingers to her lips and a smile spreads. "Honestly, if I had known that flirting with another elf would be this effective, I would have done it ages ago!" She shares a delighted grin with Varric.

I narrow my eyes at both of them. My dignity and patience have suffered enough for one day. I begin to walk back to town by myself. Let them hoot and holler all they want. I am done for today.

Back home, the following day; I start to reflect (not brood) on what happened on Sundermount. I cover my face with my hand as I imagine how Varric is going to blow my slip of control entirely out of proportion. By the end of the week he'll have concocted an entire romance novella about just one kiss!

I know what I have to do. I take a swig of wine for courage. Strapping my sword to my back, I make the brief journey to the Amell Estate. I knock and Orana answers the door.

Bodhan smiles placidly upon seeing me cross the threshold. Orana has melted into a shadow.

Orana and I know we make each other uncomfortable. We have a silent and mutual agreement not to speak to each other any more than necessary. We are living reminders of our degrading past. Still, I am glad Hawke employed the girl. Kirkwall would have eaten her alive on her own. Thinking back to that day, I cringe internally. I had barked at Hawke thinking she would keep using the girl as a slave. Obviously that thought never crossed Hawke's mind. I was embarrassed I had even suggested it. Mark another loss of control at Hawke's expense.

"Ah, serah Fenris! I shall tell lady Hawke that you are here to see her." Bodahn says jovially. He turns and walks to the study. He walks out with Hawke practically stepping on his heels.

She is dressed in her short house robe and soft boots. Her fists are balled on her hips, like she does when she is about to launch into a tirade. Her eyes are blazing with intense emotions and one eyebrow is raised inquisitively.

I know a challenge being issued when I see it.


I close the gap between us and stand up straight before her. At my full height, I am a few inches taller than she is. She is a tall woman and I had always assumed we were the same height. How about that?

"I have come to apologize." I say directly to her. I see Bodahn and Orana making for the great room in order to 'overhear' more discreetly. Before yesterday, I would have balked at having an audience. As of now, I don't care.

"Oh." Hawke responds flatly, her tone implies disappointment.

"I want to apologize for my dreadful behavior with you. Yesterday and…before. I have been a coward. We've never spoken of that night, three years ago. I – I was a fool." My voice dips lowers with emotion. This is not easy for me.

Hawke's arms drift to her sides, her fists relax. Her face shows amazement and she simply says "Oh!"

I carry on, before I stop myself. "That night was everything I could have hoped it could be. I remember every touch and caress like it was yesterday. I should have begged your forgiveness long ago."

She looks pained and confused. Her eyes lock with my eyes. "Why did you leave?" she asks quietly.

I shake my head. "I was afraid. The rush of memories I experienced, the intensity of my emotions, all the confusion about myself and Danarius. I didn't know what to do, so I ran away. I thought you would be better off without me." I clench my fists. "If I could do it over I would stay. I'd stay and tell you how I felt."

"So, what is it you feel Fenris?" she asks in a small voice.

Tentatively, I take her hands and step closer. We are just inches apart and I feel like a magnet is pulling me to her. I break her intense gaze and the words rush out of me. "Any future I have must be at your side. I can't bear being without you anymore."

Our eyes meet again and a wave of dizziness washes over me. But before I can react, Hawke launches herself into my arms. My dread turns to delight. We kiss passionately for who knows how long. When we finally release each other's lips she looks at me and simply says "It's always been you, Fenris. Only you."

She takes my breath away. All I can answer is "I am yours."