Letters Of love

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No one'spov~

"SHE WILL BE MINE!" a voice boomed across the castle "SHE WILL BE MY BRIDE!"
A picture of The Beautiful Lady Larmina showing on the holo screen.
A servant bowed in front of his master.

"My King everything is set." The servant spoke "and On your command my lord. you will have complete control."

The king sat on a throne looking at his servant he wore a black cloak covering his face so all you could see was his smug grin.

He Laughed evilly

"Good Now SHE will be MINE! MUH HA HA HA HA! MUH HA HA HA HA!"

the King tossed back his head revealing...

Daniel's Pov~

We Walked into the control room and The whole team was there. Along with A representative from some planet.

"Ok" I said "We missed something..."

Everyone turned to look at us. giving me a good look at the representatives.

I froze I knew that face...I know That face...

He had messy Black hair and golden eyes. a small scar lay under his left eye he had a strong build and was about 6'2. I stared at him trying to remember where I knew him from...

I let out a shaky breath I didn't know I was holding. and in return received a worried look from Larmina.

"Hello" the man said as he bowed to Larmina. "I am Sir Damion hassar But please Call me Damion." he reached out his hand and Larmina took it shaking it.

"Well hello Damion I am Lady Larmina." she stated but please if you don't mind call me Larmina "And I'm not being rude but why are you here?"

Damion Frowned "Well Larmina I am here in search of our missing prince. when he was just a baby we were forced to send him away because Lotor was Attacking. It wasn't safe for the only heir to our great planet Cressence to grow up on."

Cressence...I knew that name I KNOW THAT NAME!

Allura walked up with tears in her eyes "we will help you in your search...

Damion Smiled "I only hope WE can find him Before its too late..."

Its horrable isnt it...im sorry

but it will get better!