Chapter 14

Death and Trust

Severus paced his study… he had finally given up on sleep and was trying to calm himself…. But tea didn't work… his potions journals held no interest so all he could do was pace and worry. He needed that letter. He had to know that his godson was okay, that he was alive.

He was going mad with worry!

Of course, just when he was sure his heart would burst from his chest an eagle owl tapped at his window. He threw it open and practically ripped the letter from the waiting bird's leg.

He shoved the owl away and with an indignant squawk it flew back into the night. He tore the letter open and began reading it with speed.


Stop pacing, I'm fine… well as fine as I can be. I took the mark… I think the crazy snake faced bastard came on to me! He asked if I wanted to service him in other ways!

I wish to tell you what the task is, I would wait until we meet again at school… but Mum is in a right state and I know her well enough that I know she will come to you for help. So this is a warning more than anything.

He wants me to kill Dumbledore Sev. I think I'm going to have to as well. This isn't a game anymore, some fun, or a rumor… this is for real Sev.

It's real and I'm frightened. I know you'll help me in any way you can just please don't do anything stupid. Harry would kill us if something happened to the both of us.

Just be careful and try not to worry about me too much.



Severus nearly screamed as he read the letter again and again. This was horrible! He honestly didn't care about or trust Dumbledore about as far as he could throw him… but the rest of the world did and that's what would count. If Draco killed Dumbledore before the world saw the old man for what he really was… Draco would be a criminal. He would be an outcast from any sort of comfortable society and even if Draco was sure he wouldn't care as long as it helped Harry it still felt wrong.

One thing was for sure though… they weren't going to say anything to Harry until the school year started. He didn't trust Harry to not go and try to find Draco, and make sure he was okay instead of trusting the blonde's words. He was having a hard time not doing it himself and he had years of controlled experience to back him up.

Severus collapsed onto his couch tossing the letter into the fire while summoning his strongest scotch.


Harry was in Ron's room with said boy and Hermione. They had been doing regular summer activities, helping Molly do chores, hanging out with Ron's siblings… but whenever they had the chance they began to talk about the upcoming year and what it meant that now Harry was forming his own side under Dumbledore's nose. Would they try and recruit other students and friends into their group or would they wait?

There were so many things to discuss and plan for… and on top of that Harry still hadn't even told them about Severus and Draco already being in on it… or that it was actually Severus that had made him start this whole thing in the first place.

He knew they trusted him. But how did he expect them to trust Draco and Severus when a few months before even Harry hadn't trusted them they had all hated each other. This was becoming very overwhelming and they weren't even back to school yet.

He tried to not let it bother him too much. He was enjoying his time with the Weasley's and wanted this time with them. He wasn't so sure how they would react when or if they found out about his defection from Dumbledore.

Ron was trying to reassure him that his family would support him, at least most of his brothers would… but Harry still wasn't convinced. They all seemed so sure that Dumbledore was the solution, the leader, the original power-house savior. If Harry didn't know all the things Dumbledore had done he knew he would feel exactly the same way.

But the Weasley's hadn't been betrayed so personally by the man so they had no reason not to trust the old coot. Harry sighed, flopping back on his cot as Hermione and Ron just kept on discussing the future of the war.

"Harry? Are you sure you're alright?" Hermione asked breaking through his own private thoughts.

Harry sighed again before turning his head to look at his two best friends. "There is more that I have been keeping form you two. I feel bad but it felt necessary. I'm not sure how you'll react and I'm scared you'll leave me when you find out. But I also can't keep hiding it from you two. Eventually you're going to find out anyways so it's just easier to tell you now I suppose…" Harry was rambling which was always a sure sign he was nervous since he was generally so quiet.

"Harry, mate… what are you on about?" Ron asked, squeezing Harry's shoulder to get his attention.

"I have two other confidants. They saved me from the Dursley's this summer and one of them is actually the one that came up with this new 'light side' thing."

Hermione and Ron shared a wide eyed look. "What are you talking about?" They said almost in perfect unison.

Harry couldn't help but smile if only a little. "Did you know that the Malfoy's have a summer cottage in Little Whinning?"

Hermione and Ron immediately started talking, asking if he was okay, what had happened and other topics of that nature both too worried about him to put the pieces together that Malfoy might be one of the people Harry had mentioned. He quieted them with raised hands and shushing noises which they eventually listened to.

"Let me explain yeah?" They nodded slowly, with expressions that showed they thought he might have finally snapped. "I was hiding away from the Dursley's and I was in this field… on this hill… and Draco found me. I was caught much by surprise by him just standing over me. He could tell there was something wrong and after an awkward exchange I just kinda spilled my soul. I told him everything about how they had treated me and by the time I was done he was insisting that I leave the Dursely's and stay with him in his home."

He took a breath gathering his thoughts to continue. "Somehow he convinced me, I mean anything seemed better than going back to those abusive people. I agreed. As it turned out the conversation with him had gone longer then I had thought and so I got home late, you remember me telling you about that… well the whale beat me into unconsciousness and I guess when I didn't show up to meet Draco he got worried and walked around looking for me until he found #4 and he broke in and rescued me."

"How? He can't do magic outside of school yet." Hermione as always wanted details and facts… she wanted to know everything.

"He called the only man he could trust… he called Snape."

Ron's eyes bulged from his head, the big blue eyes reflecting Harry's face they were so wide with shock. "Snape saved you?! Because Draco asked him to?! What's happening to the world?"

"I know it sounds crazy. But up until that time Snape thought I was a spoiled little brat because that's the lie Dumbledore has been feeding him… obviously it wasn't true upon seeing me like that! Snape felt horrible and patched me up as best he could before taking me to Malfoy manner where he set all my bones and healed most of my bruises and let me sleep to recover. Neither left my side while I slept and they took care of me when I couldn't anymore." A fond smile spread across his face for the men.

"They saved me and I'm grateful. I was with them for a week before I got your letter Ron and I actually miss their company. After getting to know them they aren't bad at all… in fact I think if circumstances had been different we could all have been friends…" Harry looked almost wistful at the thought.

"The Point is, they took care of me and they are with me on this 100% and if you can't trust me to trust them then you should go back to trusting Dumbledore."

The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Hermione and Ron sat starring at him obviously trying to believe him and understand… trust him. He knew this was asking a lot, he had felt similarly overwhelmed at first too.

Finally though, after what felt like a life time Hermione spoke. "Okay…. Look, this is a lot Harry. We just got used to the fact that we can't trust Dumbledore and now you're asking us to trust two people a few minutes ago we were calling Death Eater slime… I trust you and your word… I trust in what you believe because you are usually right about things like this… but I know I'm going to need time and I'm going to have to see it for myself when we get back to school." They both nodded at each other before looking to Ron.

Ron just nodded in agreement…."Yeah mate… what she said."

"I think you broke him Harry." Hermione chuckled.

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