All's Fair In Love And War

Chapter 6: Glad You Came

The next morning, Hermione woke with a start. She had slept in her favorite corner of the common room; it may be favorite part, but it wasn't the comfiest. She sat up and stretched. She noticed that there was her tape recorder on the table in front of her. She picked it up and read the note:

Dear Hermione,

By the time you read this, we will probably on the train back. Please just listen to this tape recording. It explains everything. The train will be leaving on 11 am and Ginny has packed your trunk just in case you want to come back to the burrow and stay with us for Christmas.


Hermione played the tape recorder and listened to the conversation between Fred and Ron two nights ago. Once the recording had finished, Hermione dropped the recorder onto the floor causing it to shatter to a million pieces. Hermione ran up the stairs calling for Fred. She entered his room, "Fred, I was wonder-" Hermione stopped in midsentence to notice that the room was empty. All the trunks were gone and so were some of the pictures on his study. Something pulled her into the room, she wasn't sure if it was because of Fred's cologne. She stepped inside and breathed the scent deeply. She sat on the side of his bed. A tear ran down her face a she saw a framed picture of them during their first date. She picked it up and put it to her chest. She looked at the clock on his study, it read 10:30. She had 30 minutes to make it to the station.

She ran to her room and grabbed her trunk. She didn't care about changing out of her pajamas; she didn't care if she froze to death. She ran out of the castle and finally treaded through the snow.

She still didn't let go of the picture and kept running with her trunk. She caught a glimpse of the clock on the Honeydukes wall, it read 10:46. She sped up; she wiped the frozen tears off her face. Her mouth was dry and people stared at her like she was crazy. Running to the station, she wished she had worn a coat. People stared at her as her bushy hair flowed behind her. Her clothes were damp from the snow and was weighing her down. She cursed under her breath, she needed to find Fred.

She finally reached the platform. It was 10: 52. She still had time. She stumbled through the crowd. She nearly collided into a couple of fully-grown witches who were also in a hurry. The lump in her throat became larger. Her vision was starting to fog up because tears were filling her eyes. She wouldn't give up.

It became a lot easier when the students started to come into the train. She took a deep breath as she found Fred sitting in a compartment with George and Lee. George was offering Lee a sweet then he looked out the window and saw Hermione waving at him freezing.

"Um, Freddie." George hit him in the head.

"What now George?" Fred turned to his twin annoyed. George nodded towards the window. Fred turned his head seeing Hermione standing there in her damp pajamas. Her face was red and Fred could see her shivering. He stared at her holding the picture of them on their first date. Then he looked back at her numb face. Her eyes filled with tears and she was biting her lower lip.

The whistle blew, 10:55. Fred stared at his twin. "She's freezing. Are you going-"

"Shut up George." Hermione's face lit up when she saw him leaving the compartment. She glanced back at George who gave her thumbs up. Fred got off the nearest exit.

"Granger," Fred couldn't believe her. How stupid could she get? "What are you doing here? Without a coat." Fred asked.

"You forgot this." Hermione handed him the picture. Fred ran his hand through his hair.

He took a deep irritated breath. "Why do I need that?" He looked away from her.

"Because. I love you and you love me." Hermione stuttered.

Fred laughed. "You love me? Huh didn't seem like it." He was turning towards the door.

"No Fred come back." Hermione was trying so hard not to cry. "I love you. I'm sorry I put you through this. I heard the conversation with you and Ron. I love you." Hermione waited for a response. She looked into his warm brown eyes. Then she realized nothing was ever going to happen between them. "You know I'm sorry I embarrassed you." She tried to push past him. Then she noticed a tear roll down from his eye. "Hey why are you crying?" The whistle blew. 10:58.

"Do you mean what you say? That you love me." Fred wanted to know.

"Yes. Every word Fred Weasley." Hermione was starting to cry to. Fred laughed and offered her his coat. He hugged her and his warmth spread throughout her entire body. "Come on Weasley let's get on the train." Fred's grin grew larger. He kissed her; Hermione grabbed his arm so she won't fall. The more their lips touched, Hermione's knees buckled more. George banged the window and the two broke apart and smiled, not saying another word. They entered the compartment hand in hand. Hermione sat down snuggling next to Fred to warm her body up. "I love you Hermione." Hermione was too cold to answered. She just feel asleep in Fred's arms. She never wanted to wake up, that's where she wanted to be, in his arms.

"I told you a lot can happen in a week George." Fred to his twin as he soothed Hermione.

"Fred, was the bet worth it?" George said as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Yes George, it was very worth it." Fred couldn't help but kiss her again.

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