Purposely Physical

Rating: M for smut in chapters 3 and 4, and for overall swearing. Lots of it.

Summary: Momoshiro and Kaidoh sure get physical a lot.

A/N: How I think MomoKai could plausibly happen in canon. It was intended to be a one-shot, but grew into a chaptered story that spans several years.

They always do this, whether due to stress, due to genuine happiness, or simply because they hated each other's guts; Momoshiro would always try to pick a fight with Kaidoh, and Kaidoh would happily oblige. Though lately, it's been getting more ... aggressive. They used to have senpais who would stop them from beating each other up too much, they drew the line. Without them, Momoshiro and Kaidoh have no line to tell them when to stop, and such it continues.

Momoshiro twirls his fingers around Kaidoh's jacket, clenching it tightly, and then he pulls the snake close to him to give him a headbutt. Their foreheads crash into each other, and he hears his rival yelp in pain while he grins in satisfaction. Kaidoh of course, has to retaliate, and manages to trip Momoshiro when he's too distracted looking at the way Kaidoh's bandana is all disheveled on his head; it could slip off any moment now. Then they're in the dirt, still pulling on each other's jackets, and Momoshiro yanks Kaidoh's bandana off of his head.

"Asshole, give that back!" he yells.

Momoshiro smirks, then runs the bandana through his fingers, taunting Kaidoh. "Make me."

Kaidoh places both of his hands on Momoshiro's chest, pushing him down towards the ground, and he climbs over him, temporarily stunning Momoshiro as Kaidoh's jacket grazes his nose. He reaches for Momoshiro's hand, which is stretched out behind him—as far as he could stretch, and Kaidoh attempts to grab at it, while still firmly putting weight on Momoshiro's chest. It's getting a bit harder to breath now, especially since Kaidoh weighs a ton, and the jacket was obstructing him from taking in any oxygen. Damn that Kaidoh, what the hell does he eat, and when did he become so strong? Momoshiro punches him in his side, which causes Kaidoh to move a bit, but he's still on top of him, trying to get his bandana back. He vaguely contemplates just handing it back to him, but it's much more fun teasing him. Kaidoh moves forwards.

And then Kaidoh's knee ends up in between his crotch, Momoshiro barely has time to react when he feels the impact.

"Oww!" cries Momoshiro because of the sudden pain in his balls. He flies upright, to cup his precious jewels, and then bumps his head into Kaidoh's as well, managing to knock him off, and now they're both on the ground groaning and writhing in pain, each for different reasons.

"Watch where your knee ends up at, you idiot!" yells Momoshiro in a squeaky voice. He's desperately grabbing onto his balls, and he's all curled up in the fetal position. It hurts, it hurts!

"You deserved that, dumbass, for stealing my bandana!" Kaidoh yells back.

"But, the balls, man! The balls! You don't hit a guy there! Owww," whines Momoshiro.

Kaidoh finally gets up, then staggers towards Momoshiro, bends down and grabs the bandana that's lying in the dirt. Yeah, leave Momoshiro on the ground who is writhing in pain, and pick up the fuckingbandana, what a vicious emotionless bastard. Momoshiro tries to shoot Kaidoh an ugly look, but he's sure he looks positively stupid when he's grimacing in pain instead.

When Kaidoh inspects his bandana, he sees that it is now covered in dirt, and Kaidoh is not happy. Not. Happy. He steps close to Momoshiro, his body standing tall before him, Momoshiro looks up at him and tries to act as a desperate puppy that's in pain, and hopes it works, because he wouldn't be able to defend himself when he's already down. But Kaidoh wouldn't do that, would he? Kick him when he's down? Momoshiro looks at Kaidoh's frightening glare, and then thinks that he wouldn't put it past him. He sees Kaidoh taking his hand out of his pocket, and now he knows for sure he's gonna sock one to him.

Kaidoh holds out his stretched out hand in front of Momoshiro. "Get up, lazyass, stop pretending it hurts."

Momoshiro wishes he could spew fire from his eyes so that he could burn Kaidoh. And his stupid bandana. Laser beams would work too.

"I'm not pretending," he protests, because it really does hurt. He still feels the sharp pain tingling down there, and it makes him wobbly, so he grits his teeth and grabs Kaidoh's hand. The snake pulls him to his feet, and they're face to face again. And dirty, not to mention that.

Momoshiro shakes Kaidoh's hand off, then mumbles something under his breath, and stomps away. Stupid snake, he'll get him back for that next time.


Kaidoh tries to trip him again, because he loves doing that for some reason. Perhaps he's got a fetish for bringing Momoshiro down to the ground where he can tower over him and reign in his supreme dominance over him. Not that Momoshiro would ever allow that or something, especially not now, or that Kaidoh ever held some sort of dominance over him. So Momoshiro pulls one over on him, and gives him a very forceful shove so that Kaidoh stumbles backwards and trips over his own clumsy feet. Momoshiro's smiling broadly when he sees the snake go down, and then he yelps out loud when Kaidoh grabs his shirt, dragging him down with him. They're on the ground, and Momoshiro's elbows are jabbing into Kaidoh's side, and Kaidoh's knee is riding up his ass—and it's not comfortable, not comfortable.

It takes him two seconds to realize—right after noticing Kaidoh's knee—that his lips were touching something squishy and soft. Momoshiro blinks a few times, and realizes his lips are on Kaidoh's cheek. His left cheek to be exact, right underneath his cheekbone. He notices the stubbles of Kaidoh's growing beard, and it prickles against his lips. He wonders if he should buy him a razor. Kaidoh then finally shoves Momoshiro off of him, having amazing strength in just one arm to throw off Momoshiro.

"Fshuuu, disgusting!" says Kaidoh. He then wipes his cheek with the sleeve of his jacket, rubbing at it angrily.

Immediately on the defense mode, Momoshiro glares at Kaidoh. "That's my line!" he says, and then he rubs at his own lips as well. Right now, he really wishes he could shoot laser beams from his eyes to burn Kaidoh to the ground. And burn out the memory from his mind of having kissed his nasty, squishy, stubby red cheek.

Kaidoh rubs his cheek faster when he sees Momoshiro wipe at his lips. Momoshiro narrows his eyes, and rubs harder at his lips. Then they're in a rubbing contest, each rubbing away more furious than the other, they couldn't possibly lose to one another at ... at ... rubbing. Or something like that. Momoshiro doesn't care. He cares about Kaidoh's squishy cheek, the spot right below his cheekbone, and how he needs to buy a bottle of bleach when he goes home after practice and chug it all down to flush out the dreaded memory.

Kaidoh finally turns around after rubbing his cheek until it was bright red, and sulks away. Momoshiro wishes he could burn a hole in the back of his jacket with laser beams. He then rubs at his lips some more.

He wonders how much razors cost.


Kaidoh loves to trip Momoshiro, and Momoshiro loves to give headbutts. So Kaidoh is grabbing onto Momoshiro's jacket, trying to throw him off balance, and Momoshiro is getting ready to give him one nasty headbutt. Things somehow go wrong at the right time, because when Kaidoh pulls, Momoshiro is already putting in a lot of force, and then Kaidoh looks up, wondering why there is no resistance. They're locked together. They stand still for a couple of seconds, their eyes wide and breathing harshly in each other's faces.

Kaidoh's brown eyes are looking cross-eyed at his own, and it would have been funny if it wasn't for the fact that it was completely mortifying. Momoshiro can hardly process the information, in fact, his brain has pretty much shut down, so it takes Kaidoh shoving him away to get it back up and running again. Then a blush creeps across his cheeks and he angrily glares at Kaidoh, already blaming it all on him.

"Damnit, Mamushi!" Momoshiro yells from embarrassment.

Kaidoh is already furiously rubbing at his lips, and spitting out some saliva each time his hand leaves his ugly and stubby face.

"Dumbass Momoshiro!" Kaidoh yells back.

Momoshiro furiously rubs at his lips as well, and his eyes finally dart away from Kaidoh, because now he can't stop picturing how just moments ago, their lips were touching. Both boys turn their back on one another, and they walk away, each rubbing at their lips. Momoshiro fails to see that he wasn't the only one with red cheeks.

That didn't count as a kiss, did it? Momoshiro admits, he has never kissed a girl before—let alone getting kissed by a guy, but did it really count as a kiss? It was an accidental bump, and their lips just happened to cushion the blow. It was a mere coincidence that they happened to end up in that position, so it can't count as a kiss, right? A kiss is with a pretty little girl who is standing on the tip of her toes to reach you, and then you smile and lean down and give her a kiss that makes your stomach fill up with butterflies.

It was not supposed to be an accidental bump with the ugliest guy on earth who had very thick and chapped and squishy and soft lips, that made him feel as if he downed a bunch of poison that's rotting in his stomach. Definitely not.

Momoshiro rubs at his lips again, he's been doing it all day since he left practice. He's also been avoiding Kaidoh all day, which is easy, because it's not like they're friends or anything and see each other after school. Thank god for that. He wonders if Kaidoh is thinking about it too. For some reason, that makes him feel queasy and restless, so Momoshiro rubs at his lips again.

He wonders if he should buy Kaidoh chapstick.


The incident didn't stop him from picking another fight with Kaidoh. In fact, there was a silent agreement between the both of them to kick the living shit out of each other, in the hopes of burying the memory as much as they could. Which is why he's holding Kaidoh in a headlock, right under his armpit, his arms snaked around his neck. Momoshiro grins and Kaidoh flails around with his long arms, trying to get out of it.

"What's wrong, Mamushi, can't get free?" he mocks him.

"You bastard ... fshuuuu." Kaidoh's breathing heavily, and then in the blink of an eye, he has thrown Momoshiro on the ground, judo-style.

"Yaargh!" Momoshiro's back hurts like a bitch, and he moans in pain, his eyes squeezed shut. When the hell did that snake learn such a move? He's gotta know where he's learning these things from, damnit!

"You're 100 years too early to defeat me," says Kaidoh, who is looming over him in triumph.

Except of course, Momoshiro can't accept such defeat, and then stretches out his hand to grab Kaidoh's ankle, he pulls it towards him. The tall boy loses his balance and falls on his behind, and now Momoshiro's head is in between Kaidoh's legs, and he's having a really unpleasant view of his ... Momoshiro's head is kicked by Kaidoh's foot before the image is permanently burned in his mind, and he's sort of happy he did. He's not going to let him get away with kicking him in the head though, so now he's up and on top of Kaidoh, holding his wrists and pressing his knee down on the boy's chest.

"Get off me, asshole!" he growls. He tries to wriggle himself free, but Momoshiro knows that he's got more strength than Kaidoh, and he happily continues to hold him down.

"What's that, I'm sorry, I can't hear you over my awesomeness." Momoshiro then proves his superiority by straddling Kaidoh at his waist, and sits on top of him, dominating him. That gives him a kick, to see Kaidoh so defenselessly below him, unable to throw him off. Serves him right, that stubby and chapped-lipped bastard.

"You ..." Momoshiro doesn't get to hear what curse word Kaidoh had in mind, because Kaidoh raises his body with tremendous speed, and their heads crash against each other.

Momoshiro immediately releases him, and is rolling around on the ground in agony—that heatbutt hurt like hell! More than his own! Kaidoh is a little ways across him, also moaning in pain, because heatbutts go both ways, and that makes Momoshiro feel a little bit better. Just a little. He rubs his forehead, then stops to look over at Kaidoh, who was doing the exact same thing. For some reason, Kaidoh is straining his eyes at him, perhaps he's thinking that he can shoot laser beams too? He glares back, and Kaidoh hisses, and he growls—and then they're at it again.

They roll over each other back and forth, jabs, stabs and punches are dealt continuously, there was really no end to it. Somewhere in the background, Echizen sighs loudly and leaves the tennis field, along with a bunch of other tennis members. Momoshiro and Kaidoh pay absolutely zero attention to them, giving absolutely no fuck to anyone else, as they're too busy trying to rip each other's clothes off.

Not like that stood for some kind of hidden meaning or anything, Momoshiro simply wants to tear Kaidoh apart. Starting at his clothes, which looked ugly on him anyway. Though his regular clothes weren't much better. His fingers tighten around Kaidoh's collar, and he pulls at it, the jacket quickly sliding off of his shoulder, and exposing some of his skin. Kaidoh's doing the same, and manages to completely rid Momoshiro of his jacket, and smirks at it when he's the first one to do it. As if he's won or something, topped him, bested him. Momoshiro pulls his face into a scowl, then gets on top of Kaidoh once more and tries to get him out of his jacket, while Kaidoh's furiously pushing Momoshiro away.

They wrestle and it's getting a bit harder to breathe now, Momoshiro notes. He doesn't fail to notice either that Kaidoh's the same, his infamous stamina is running out and he's sweating too. And then the jacket is off, clutched in his hands, and he's still on top of him, breathing heavily and sweating—same goes for Kaidoh. They stare at each other for a while, maybe because they're thinking that they ruined their regular jackets forever now, or maybe because they don't really know why they were fighting in the first place. Or perhaps they wondered why the fight even took this long, and why no one stopped them. Momoshiro narrows his eyes at Kaidoh; it's all his fault for indulging him in his antics that it got to this point.

Kaidoh finally has enough of Momoshiro dominating him, and flings him off of him, and now they're lying next to each other, still panting. Momoshiro stares at the blue sky.

"I forgot why we were fighting," he says after taking a large breath.

Kaidoh huffs. "It's because you're an idiot, dumbass."

"Who's the dumbass, dumbass!" yells Momoshiro as he turns his face towards Kaidoh.

"You're the dumbass, you fucking idiot," he yells back, also facing Momoshiro now.

They grit their teeth at each other, and Momoshiro wonders if they're going to be fighting again—was there really no end to it? Then again, he likes pissing Kaidoh off, that's his hobby or something, so he baits him.

"The only dumbass I see is right in front of my eyes!"

Now Kaidoh's the one on top of him, and he has his hands wrapped around Momoshiro's throat, strangling him. Momoshiro gasps for air, but he's laughing as well—he can feel absolutely no murderous intent behind his actions. This pisses the snake off even more; how dare Momoshiro laugh at him. He squeezes tighter, and Momoshiro stops laughing, it's honestly getting a bit harder to breathe, but he stares steadfast into Kaidoh's eyes. Unwavering, determined, and most of all, he's not going to back down. He's not intimated by him; no way would Kaidoh actually harm him. There is just no way. And Kaidoh knows it too, because his face says it all, and the grip on his throat loosens. Momoshiro starts laughing again when his hands leave his throat, and Kaidoh raises his arm, his hand pulled into a fist.

Momoshiro's eyes grow large and then he squeezes them shut and prepares himself for the impact which never comes. But Kaidoh has moved, he knows he has, because their chests are touching, and he can feel Kaidoh's hair brushing against his forehead. Kaidoh's breath hits his face like a heat wave; it's so close it's nauseating. Momoshiro digs his fingers into the dirt, and his eyes fly open while his heart jumps up and down in his chest. Kaidoh's lips are pressed against his, and they're chapped, dry, and it feels like sandpaper—but they're definitely locked to Momoshiro's. Immediately Kaidoh pulls away, he tilts his head sideways and brushes the back of his hand against his lips.

"Shut you up, alright," he mumbles.

And he's completely right, because there's nothing but air escaping from Momoshiro's usual loud mouth right this moment. He watches in shock as Kaidoh gets off of him and leaves him alone.

How much would eye surgery cost to get those laser beams implanted? Would bleach really kill you if you swallow it?


Momoshiro sees Kaidoh at school, in the hallway, right after finishing their lunch. Their eyes lock, and he immediately wipes at his lips. Kaidoh does the same, and they both stalk away. Not before shooting imaginary laser beams at the back of Kaidoh's ugly head though. Pew. Pew.

At practice, when their eyes meet again, they're wiping at their lips once more, rubbing madly. Momoshiro's lips hurt; they're red and swollen from rubbing so much. Not because he tried bleach or anything.

When they're locking up because practice is over, Momoshiro is alone with Kaidoh in the locker rooms. They're each sitting on the opposite ends of the bench, it's quiet and awkward as hell. The atmosphere feels heavy, and Momoshiro feels uncomfortable and slightly sick. He looks over when tying his shoe, and so does Kaidoh, they look at each other, and then he rubs at his lips again.

"Fshuuu, stop rubbing!"

Momoshiro glares at Kaidoh, then purposely rubs some more.

"Stop it!"

He continues. "No! It's all your fault, you disgusting pervert!"

Kaidoh pulls him by his jacket, raising him up to his face. "What did you say!"

Momoshiro glares right back at him. "I said you're a disgusting pervert!"

He shakes Momoshiro. "Am not, asshole!"

Momoshiro grabs his jacket as well. "Yes, you are!"

"Shut up!"

Momoshiro growls. "Make me!"

Kaidoh's eyes widen just the slightest and he can hear a pin drop in the background. Realizing what he himself just implied, Momoshiro immediately backs away with wide eyes and a blush that's now spreading across his cheeks. It feels like he just got shot with a laser beam, it feels that hot. Kaidoh realizes what he said as well and his cheeks turn a bright red too—even his ears turn red. They both look away, swiping the back of their hands at their lips. It's silent and awkward, both of them are still rubbing.

"Idiot," Kaidoh calls out.

"Moron," he responds.

They're still turned away from each other.

Momoshiro finally gets up. "I'm going home."

He wonders why his cheeks are red when the only thing he's been rubbing are his lips the entire day.


They're fighting on the courts, as usual. They're up in each other's faces, yelling insults and simply growling and hissing at each other. It almost feels like everything was back to normal, almost. Almost, because Momoshiro has been feeling rather jumpy and sick lately whenever he was around Kaidoh. He finds himself glaring at the snake boy more often, wishing he could crack jokes about comparing his lips to sandpaper, but that would mean he'd have to talk about what happened. That's something Momoshiro is trying to avoid all together. He doesn't know why, but he blames Kaidoh entirely, which is why he's yelling at him.

"Bastard Mamushi can't even keep up with training schedules for his members!" yells Momoshiro.

"Shut up—I don't want to hear that from you who skips practice every day!" Kaidoh yells back.

"I'd come to practice more if you weren't there! You make everything unbearable!"

"Shut up, asshole!"

"You're the fucking asshole!"


"Idiot Mamushi!"

"Don't call me Mamushi!"

"Mamushi, Mamushi!"

Then Kaidoh glowers at him, and lets out a deep long hiss. "Shut up," he says in a more serious voice.

Momoshiro simply scoffs at the idea. "Fuck no, Mamushi."

Kaidoh steps a bit closer. "Shut up, or I'll make you."

That certainly gets Momoshiro's attention, he immediately shuts his lips tight and backs away—as much as he can. His stomach is filled with a nauseous feeling, swirling around making him feel sick. He blocks his lips with his hands in a defensive move and Kaidoh stares at Momoshiro for a second, then his sandpaper lips start grinning. Oh fuck.

Oh. Fuck.


Ever since that happened, tennis practice has gotten a lot quieter than before. Even Echizen starts to notice that there's no insults being thrown anymore. There's no more fights on the courts, no more yelling, no more curses. Nothing, it's quiet and members are actually playing tennis for once, undisruptive.

It's all because of Kaidoh. And Momoshiro hates him for it. He wants to strangle Kaidoh in his sleep, and pour bleach all over his body, then set him on fire, and dance on his corpse. Well, maybe not that graphic, but he certainly wants to harm the damn snake. He really wants to punch him, but he knows, and Kaidoh knows, that if he does anything to piss him off, Kaidoh will threaten him with that.

Yes, that. Somehow, that bastard has realized, that threatening to shut Momoshiro up for real with his own damn chapped lips is a very effective way to get Momoshiro to shut up. And it really is effective, because Momoshiro knows he'll do it, and he doesn't want to. Fuck no, he doesn't want to feel those lips on his again, he's already been brain bleached by the previous encounters. Just thinking about it makes him feel sick and weird. But it's getting to him, agitating him, he's got all this bunched up anger and stress inside of him, that more and more, he's starting to wonder what exactly he's afraid of. All he wants to do is get physical again, to release his anger and receive satisfaction from punching Kaidoh in the face.

"Don't make me do it!" yells Kaidoh after Momoshiro tries to get into another fight with him.

He can't go on any longer than this; Kaidoh can't be using that threat forever, and does he even really mean it? He's gotta find it repulsive as well, right? Momoshiro can't imagine that kissing him would be pleasant. No wait, scratch that, kissing Momoshiro would be awesome. It's just that anything that snake touches turns to poison. Yes, anyone else would find it pleasant, but not with Kaidoh. He's got big fishy lips that feel like sandpaper; no one could ever find it pleasant to kiss him. Not that he could ever get someone to kiss him—especially not Momoshiro. Perhaps he's just really bluffing, and wouldn't do it. Momoshiro tries to test it out.

"Try it," he bites out, and stands directly in front of Kaidoh's face. Their noses are barely touching. The close proximity makes him feel as if he's twirling around really fast, making him dizzy, but he's not going to back down.

Kaidoh hisses. "I'll really do it."

"I don't think you will." He leans closer, and now their noses are touching. He takes it even further, leaning in so close that his lips are hovering just millimeters apart from Kaidoh's lips. The dizziness gets worse, and he feels his heart thumping faster because of it. But it doesn't matter; he knows, for sure, that Kaidoh is going to back out, that he's going to run away screaming like a little girl and furiously rub his lips and down himself with some bleach. He's not going to do it, he just isn't.

"See," his voice is a whisper now, and his breath tickles Kaidoh's lips.

What he didn't account for, was that Kaidoh doesn't back down from a challenge either, and Momoshiro has temporarily forgotten about that. Perhaps too much bleach to the brain, or maybe he's been looking at laser beams for too long—that stuff damages your brain, right?

Which is why Kaidoh's squishy big fishlips are on his. It's just as dry as before, and chapped, and it tastes like melon. He wonders if he had some melon for lunch, and he thinks he saw a bunch of chapstick lying at the drugstore for only 100 Yen. Then it dawns on Momoshiro that they're kissing. Well, they're really just pressing their dry lips against each other—that's not kissing, right? Doesn't kissing require sucking? And kissing is with girls, not with guys.

Even so, Momoshiro won't back down. He's not going to lose, it was Kaidoh's fault for starting it, and he's not going to pull away first. Because that would mean he'll hate it, and Kaidoh can still use it as a threat. It would also mean losing to his rival, and anything but that, please.

So they stick to each other, like two sweaty cloths, breathing harshly through their noses, and unmoving from their positions. Momoshiro stares at Kaidoh's eyes, but they're so close to each other that he's looking cross-eyed and his vision is blurry. But he doesn't care, he wants Kaidoh to pull away. Except Kaidoh's thinking the same, and he's the first one that moves, not away—but closer. His lips are now pressing harder on Momoshiro's, the melon taste being forced down his nose. Momoshiro feels so queasy right now; it's making his legs shake slightly. Kaidoh's pressing harder, so hard, that Momoshiro's being pushed back, and he can't stand for that, so he grabs Kaidoh's upper right arm, and pushes back with his lips.

This was sort of, like a new way of fighting for them—anything sounded better than admitting that perhaps, they were lip locked and kissing. That's not what it is though, certainly not. Because kissing is with pretty little girls; not with tall snakey, stubby, chapped-lipped Kaidoh who smells like melon and makes his stomach turn and twist into knots because of his queasiness. Momoshiro doesn't even notice that Kaidoh's hand is grabbing his arm as well, and he's pushing back harder than before.

There they are, pushing their lips against each other in a game that almost resembles a reverse tug of war. Momoshiro's lips feel numb from all the pushing, they also feel dryer by the second and he really wants to flick his tongue over it to wet them a bit. But that would mean having to part from Kaidoh, and Momoshiro is not going to lose.

"Momo-senpai, Kaidoh-senpai, what are you two doing?"

They spring apart as if a lightning bolt struck down between them, so surprised and so shocked that they're already three feet apart from each other. Echizen is standing between them, with his hands in his pockets, aloof as always.

"F-fighting," stutters Momoshiro. He avoids looking at Kaidoh. He avoids licking his lips to make them wet.

"That didn't look like fighting to me."

"Shut up, Echizen," says Momoshiro.

"Twenty laps, Echizen," says Kaidoh.

Echizen slouches away. "Che."

Momoshiro kicks a pebble away with the tip of his shoe. He still avoids looking at Kaidoh. He's not even rubbing his lips. Then he finally twists his body a bit, so that he can stare at Kaidoh's shoes.

"We were fighting," he mumbles. He starts walking away. "We were."

For once, Kaidoh agrees with him on something.


Momoshiro buys a laser pen, and points it at Kaidoh's back whenever he sees him. In the hallways, during class, during tennis practice—he doesn't care, he just wants to shoot Kaidoh. Each time he does, he quietly makes pew pew sound effects. The snake doesn't even notice, what an idiot. He aims for his back, his ass, his bandana, his forehead, anything really. When Kaidoh shifts his position, so that the previous red dot that was on the back of his bandana, now shines directly on his lips, Momoshiro springs back as if he had been burned himself. He feels sick and growls at Kaidoh.

"Momo-senpai, don't you think that's dangerous?" asks Echizen as he exits the tennis courts.

Momoshiro looks up at the younger boy from his crouched down position, and frowns at him; why would this be dangerous? He wasn't doing anything dangerous. Mind your own business, stupid brat.

"Go away," he responds.

Echizen shrugs and walks away. Momoshiro turns his laser pen on the back of Echizen's hat, but it feels wrong, somehow, so he returns to shooting Kaidoh again, who is still unaware of it all. Stupid Kaidoh and his stupid methods and his stupid lips. Momoshiro points the pen at his ass, and imagines it catching fire and Kaidoh comically running away with his ass on fire. He snickers at the thought. The sneaky little snickers coming from Momoshiro finally makes Kaidoh turn his head over and see what the hell he was laughing about. Those glaring tiny eyes look at Momoshiro, as if he were secretly wishing to kill him—which probably isn't that far off from the truth. He exits the courts and walks around the fence to where Momoshiro is hiding.

"What are you doing, moron," says Kaidoh when he notices Momoshiro's position. He's crouched down, behind a bush right next to the fence.

Momoshiro points the red dot at his forehead, and snickers again because Kaidoh has no idea. "None of your business."

Kaidoh finally notices the laser pen clutched in Momoshiro's hand, and then he growls loudly at him. He reaches for it, but Momoshiro pulls back so he can't grab it.

"Hands off, Mamushi," says Momoshiro defensively. "I specifically bought it to piss you off."

If Kaidoh wasn't annoyed already, he certainly is now. He steps closer, and swipes his hand at the laser pen, and finally manages to take it out of Momoshiro's hand.

"Hey, give that back, you bastard!"

Kaidoh presses the button and now there's a red dot shining on Momoshiro's forehead. "It's mine now."

Momoshiro lunges forward with the intent of grabbing his precious laser pen back. Kaidoh merely sidesteps him, and raises the laser pen above his head.

"Mamushi!" Momoshiro yanks on Kaidoh's sleeve, but he's still holding it up with a nasty smirk on his face.

"That's what you get for annoying me the entire day," Kaidoh simply states. He pauses. "Jerk," he adds.

"What, you didn't even notice it, so what are you complaining about!"

Kaidoh then whacks his elbow on top of Momoshiro's head, and while he's holding his head in pain, he walks away, stuffing the laser pen in his shorts. Momoshiro lingers around after practice, because he knows Kaidoh has to lock up. He wants his laser pen back, that bastard, it's his toy, a toy to annoy the snake—it wasn't a damn gift. So he waits at the school gates with his bike in tow, looking around to see if he spots the bandana clad boy.

"Stop stalking me." Kaidoh briskly walks by him.

Momoshiro pushes his bike forwards to catch up with him, walking side by side. "Give it back, Mamushi."

Kaidoh picks up his pace. "No."

Momoshiro walks faster to keep up with the snake. "Give it back or I'll punch you in the face."

"Laser pens are dangerous, you know." He's jogging now, and so is Momoshiro.

"I don't fucking care, give it back."

They're running now, and Momoshiro wonders if Kaidoh is running away from him, or actually doing his training. Either way, he doesn't care, he just wants his laser pen back. But Kaidoh's running too fast, so Momoshiro hops on his bike and speeds after him.

"Mamushi!" he yells at him as he rides next to him on the sidewalk.

"Dumbass," Kaidoh responds but continues running along.

They're at the riverbanks now, and Momoshiro knows Kaidoh is simply ignoring him and resuming his after-school practice. The one that Inui gave him to follow, and then he tripled the workload or something. The freak. He peddles faster to keep up with Kaidoh. He yells some more obscene words at him, threatening him to give it back, but of course it all falls on deaf ears. This pisses Momoshiro off, and then he rides up next to Kaidoh, and slams his bike into him.

Kaidoh gets thrown to the side, and Momoshiro falls off of his bike as well and they both roll down the riverbank, with his bike dangerously rolling along. Arms and legs flail around, and he's sure he gets to kick Kaidoh in the face as a bonus point. They come to a halt at the bottom, both of their clothes now completely dirty, and he's got scrapes on his knee too. His bike is right behind him, luckily it didn't hit him on the way down. Momoshiro looks over at Kaidoh to see if he's alright, and then gets punched straight in the face. He clutches his nose and groans in pain immediately.

"Ow, what the fuck!"

"Are you trying to kill me!" hisses Kaidoh.

"I wasn't, but now I wish I had, you asshole!" He's still holding his nose, and he's sure it's bleeding too, seeing small drops of blood fall onto his fingers. Then he holds out his bloodied hand towards Kaidoh, who looks at him incredulously.

"Give it," he says.

Kaidoh digs his hand into his shorts and pulls out the laser pen. He shows it to Momoshiro, who's just about to grab it, when Kaidoh pulls back his arm, and flings the laser pen into the river. With a splashing plunge, Momoshiro looks at it in shock. Then his shock turns into anger, and he launches himself onto Kaidoh, throwing punches at his chest and face. He's angry, he's seething; so he doesn't hold back, all he thinks about is hitting Kaidoh where it hurts so he can stop thinking about his own pain. Stop thinking about the queasiness in the pit of his stomach, and how Kaidoh's panting loudly underneath him. There's blood everywhere, mostly from his nose, but he knows he gets a cut on Kaidoh's lips, and that makes him feel a lot better.

They roll around in the dirt, Kaidoh's not holding back either, giving back as good as he gets. There's a power struggle between them, and Kaidoh rolls over Momoshiro, and Momoshiro rolls over Kaidoh. Each of them keep taking turns into getting on top of the other, and holding them down. After several minutes of doing this, continuously, they're tired, panting for air, and the sweat on their bodies makes their clothes stick to their skin like glue. Kaidoh's bandana lays somewhere forgotten in the grass, a little ways behind them.

Momoshiro comes out on top this time, and Kaidoh doesn't have the energy to fling him off anymore, but he still tries, despite Momoshiro holding his wrists down above his head. He looks down at Kaidoh's hair that clings to his forehead, at his tired and half open eyes, and at his fish lips that are parted and slightly bleeding. There's so much adrenaline rushing through him, his heart is thumping wildly in his chest and his stomach feels jittery and jumpy. This strange urge runs through his body, taking control of him, making him feel dizzy and sleepy at the same time. He wonders briefly if sniffing too much bleach can make him go crazy.

Kaidoh shifts his weight underneath Momoshiro, then he parts his lips even more, most likely to say something, but before he can even utter a word, Momoshiro seals it with his lips. Their sweaty lips crash against each other awkwardly. It tastes like blood and a whole lot of sweat, but at least the sweat has moistened Kaidoh's lips so they don't feel as chapped anymore. Kaidoh's stiff and still below him, not moving while Momoshiro's lips are still pressed up against his. It lasts for two, three seconds, and Momoshiro pulls back with a flushed face. He wipes his lips to get rid of some of the blood that got transferred to him, and he refuses to look at Kaidoh anymore.

"Bastard," Kaidoh calls out.

He uses Momoshiro's moment of weakness to throw him off, and crawl on top of him now. He lowers himself down and catches Momoshiro's lips. It's just as sweaty and bloody as before—it tastes like iron. But for some reason, Momoshiro doesn't really care anymore, instead he breathes heavily through his nose and closes his eyes. He latches himself onto Kaidoh's arms, and even though he really wants to push the snake away, he simply holds him into the same position, and Momoshiro pushes back against Kaidoh's sweaty fish lips. There's so much perspiration between them that their lips angrily swipe across each other, sliding and rubbing and doing a number on Momoshiro's mind.

Momoshiro's thoughts have run dry. Instead of thinking about all the nasty stuff that makes up Kaidoh, his stomach is doing barrel rolls, his head feels light headed, and he can't stop thinking about the way Kaidoh's lips are smearing blood all over his own, and most importantly; he doesn't give a fuck. Kaidoh's lips leave him which causes a draft of cold air to flow between them and he wonders if he's shivering because it's cold, or because he doesn't want to stop.

If it's the latter, does it mean they stopped fighting for real? No, Momoshiro won't look at this as anything else but fighting, so he arches his back and his lips hungrily reach out for Kaidoh's, who's not even giving a complaint. It feels hot and soft this time; it fills up his entire body. Kaidoh's lips are so sticky that they pull Momoshiro's bottom lip down a bit as he moves, which makes him shiver in response. Because that felt nasty, that is, not because he wanted him to do it again.

And then he can feel the suction through Kaidoh's lips, he pulls all the blood in Momoshiro's lips to the front, along with his last remaining thoughts. Momoshiro writhes and squirms beneath Kaidoh as Kaidoh sucks, hard. When Kaidoh manages to draw out some sort of strange and incoherent voice from Momoshiro's throat, Momoshiro snaps awake. His eyes spring wide open and he pushes Kaidoh off of him, who goes down with a loud 'oof!'. He scrambles up, grabs his bike and peddles away as if the dogs from hell are chasing after him.

It might as well have been, because when he looked back at Kaidoh, he was standing at the riverbank, clutching his bandana, looking dirty, molested and incredibly angry.

On his way home, he drops by a drugstore to buy some bandages for the cuts on his knees. He spots the 100 Yen chapsticks in the shelf right next to it, and decides to buy that one, too.

He draws a snake on the bandage on his knee.


The first thing Momoshiro does when he sees Kaidoh, is fling the chapstick at his head. It hits right on the mark, and he flails forward, then whirls around to see what hit him and who hit him. Momoshiro bolts towards the nearest classroom.

"What happened to your face, Momo-senpai?" asks Echizen on the courts.

He must have been referring to Momoshiro's cheek which was swollen, or his nose which was bruised and had a nasty purple colour surrounding it.

He clears his throat. "I got into a fight," he says.

Kaidoh walks by, sporting a nice cut on his lips, not looking much different from Momoshiro himself. "Seems like you lost," he interjects.

Before Momoshiro can retaliate, Echizen notices his captain's face as well. "What happened to your lips, Kaidoh-senpai?" He stuffs his hands into the pockets of his pants, and gives both of his senpais a leering and thoughtful look. "You guys weren't fighting each other, right?"

"If we were, I would have won," says Momoshiro.

"But you didn't," points out Kaidoh.

Momoshiro raises his fist. "Who says I lost!"

Kaidoh pulls back his fist as well. "I did, you loser!"

Momoshiro steps closer, and so does Kaidoh. "I won, idiot Mamushi!"

"You completely lost, moron!" They're now grabbing each other's jackets again, pulling themselves close.

"Are you guys going to do that sort of fighting again? Because I don't want to be around if that happens," says Echizen in an un-caring way.

Both of them flush and spring apart. "Fifty laps, Echizen!" they yell in unison.


When Echizen is out of sight, Momoshiro shoots Kaidoh a dirty look. "Who wants to fight with you anyway. It's fucking nasty. Learn to use chapstick."

"So that was you!" Kaidoh swings his fist at Momoshiro. He dodges, but now they're fighting for real again, despite still having injuries from yesterday. "It's not like you're all that great either," breathes out Kaidoh as he wipes off some of the blood on his lips that started bleeding again. "Your breath reeks, even breath mints wouldn't help you out."

Momoshiro feels a pang of hurt, but it's so subtle, so tiny, he doesn't notice it and is completely on the offense. "Yeah well—you don't smell so great either. Stuff that grows between my toes smells better than your breath." Then he adds, "and when's the last time you shaved!"

"When's the last time you shaved!"

"Just this morning, asshole!"

"Stinky breath moron!"

"Stubby chapped-lipped bastard!"



Kaidoh pulls back and narrows his eyes at him. "I hate you."

Something heavy drops inside of Momoshiro's stomach, and it makes him feel the queasiest, the dizziest and most nauseous he has ever felt before. "I hate you too," he responds, his voice deadly serious. It almost feels like he wants to throw up, the world is spinning in front of him and he doesn't quite get what's going on anymore. Except that he really wants to hurt Kaidoh right now.

They walk away from each other. Momoshiro misses his laser pen. He takes some medicine to calm his stomach down when he goes to bed that night.

He draws a laser beam stabbing the snake on the bandage that's on his knee.


Momoshiro looks away, to the right, away from Kaidoh who is standing in front of him.

"What do you want, unless it is to say you're transferring away from here, I don't want to hear about it," says Momoshiro with a huff.

Kaidoh pulls something out of his pocket, then lays it on top of Momoshiro's desk. He doesn't look at it.


Curiosity gets the better of him, and Momoshiro sneaks a peek at his desk. On it lays the shiny metal little pen; his laser pen. So Kaidoh either bought him a new one, or went back to the river and fished it out of the water—probably the former. Suddenly, he's not feeling as nauseous anymore, but he won't admit to feeling a bit better just because Mamushi went and gave him a laser pen. Then Kaidoh puts his hand on the desk again, something curled up inside of it. Momoshiro looks at it, and Kaidoh lifts his hand away and already starts to walk out of class.

It's a breath mint.

Momoshiro chucks it at Kaidoh's head during practice. The fucking bastard. But at least he's not taking anymore medicine to help make his stomach feel better.

He draws a smiley face on the snake, that is getting stabbed by a laser beam.


"Stop staring at me!" yells Kaidoh. He hits his racket against the ball and it goes hurtling towards his opponent.

Momoshiro, who is on the sideline, cocks his head to the side. "I'm not staring at you," he replies bluntly. "I'm observing."

Kaidoh hisses out loud. "That's the same as staring!"

He shakes his head. "No way, staring would mean I'm actually doing it without reason. Observing is done with a reason." Wow, he actually sounded smart for once.

"I don't care, just stop it already, you moron. You're distracting me." He hits the ball again, performing his signature move 'snake'.

"Yeah but, there's something different about you," Momoshiro notes. All day it has been bugging him, he doesn't quite know what it is, but there's something different about Kaidoh. Something, something which he hasn't figured out yet, so he resorted to observing him. Observing, not staring or stalking.

"What's different is that I'm practicing and you're not doing a damn thing. You're supposed to set up the rosters."

"Whatever, I've got plenty of time for that still."

"Do it now or I'll make you run laps."

"Yes, Kaidoh-chan," he spits out sarcastically.

"Ten laps, Momoshiro!"

Momoshiro grins to himself when he notices how many laps Echizen gets assigned for getting on Kaidoh's nerves, compared to his measly ten laps.

After practice, Momoshiro waits for Kaidoh again at the school gates. He still hasn't figured out what is so different about Kaidoh, and he's determined to find out before the end of the day. If that means stalking Kaidoh, then he will. His bike is already in his hands, so he can speed off after Kaidoh if he decides to run away.

"Get lost," says Kaidoh and is already jogging away.

Momoshiro hops onto his bike and rides next to Kaidoh. "Come on, tell me—I need to know what's different about you. I know there is!"

"Nothing is," he says. "It's all in your head."

Momoshiro looks closely at Kaidoh's face; maybe it's his bandana? But it looks the same as always, there's nothing different about it. Then his eyes travel down, to his eyebrows which are knitted together in a rather unpleasant and angry frown, nothing different about that too. His nose is as ugly as always, and his eyes are big and scary and look as if he's doing drugs. Nothing different there. So what exactly is it? Then he sees it; the shiny glint coming off of Kaidoh's lips as a car speeds past them with the headlights on.

"It's your lips!" yells out Momoshiro.

Kaidoh grunts and runs faster, but Momoshiro has no trouble catching up. "Stop following me!"

"Your lips are shiny, what the hell man—are you wearing lipstick?"

"I'm not wearing lipstick, you dumbass."

"Oh my god—it's the chapstick! You're wearing chapstick! Oh, that's fricking hilarious!" Momoshiro starts roaring with laughter, finding this to be the funniest thing on earth.

Kaidoh actually went and applied chapstick to his lips! All because of Momoshiro's teasing! Not that they weren't based on truth or anything; Kaidoh really needed chapstick, but he never figured he could actually influence the snake to start using it. It's the most hilarious thing ever!

"Ahahaha, you actually listened to me and put chapstick on. Good for you man, good for you."

Kaidoh starts running at full speed, but not before giving Momoshiro one nasty glare, which doesn't nearly have the impact that Kaidoh thought it would have, because his cheeks are flushed with red. This makes Momoshiro laugh out loud even more. He wishes he had a camera with him or something, so he could take a picture of Kaidoh wearing chapstick and blushing because he's embarrassed at getting caught at it. It's so damn adorable. He blanks out: what did he just think Kaidoh was? Then Momoshiro's bike rides over a huge stone, and he loses control of his bike and falls down in a rather painful way. The air gets knocked out of him, and he finds himself rolling off of a cliff, all the way to the bottom. He comes to a stop, and notices he's at the riverbank, almost at the same spot where he and Kaidoh were 'fighting' that one time. The handlebar of his bike is digging into his side and he groans in pain and kicks his bike away.

A few seconds later and Kaidoh comes running down the hill.

"Are you dead?" he asks. That's probably the nicest way Kaidoh could ever ask him if he was alright or not. He stands still next to Momoshiro.

Momoshiro sits up straight and gives Kaidoh a stupid look. "Idiot, what do you think?"

"I think you're an idiot for not watching where you're going. I told you to stop staring at me."

For some reason, that makes Momoshiro blush pink. "I didn't fall because I was staring at you! Who would ever stare at you, ugly Mamushi!"

Kaidoh's nostrils flare up. "Obviously, you do—because you're the only one who noticed today!"

"Huh, noticed what?"

Kaidoh's blushing now, and Momoshiro knows what he's talking about, but it's much more fun to pretend to be dumb and to torment him. "You know," he stammers.

"Enlighten me," he says sarcastically.

So Kaidoh does.

With his lips.

And it doesn't feel terrible at all, nothing at all like the first time where it was dry and chapped. This time it was smooth, soft, warm and it was sending fire down his throat, which settles down in his stomach. Momoshiro makes a tiny gargled noise in the back of his throat as a form of protest, not like that did anything to stop Kaidoh, nor was it a very loud protest. No, he even starts to suck, and damnit, it feels a hundred times better than when he first did it and they were all sweaty and bloody. He's frozen, but he feels like he's on fire, and his stomach feels like it's filled up with a thousand frogs that are getting roasted by the crackling, out-of-control fire.

Kaidoh pulls away, their wet lips cling to each other for a split second as he does, his eyes are narrowed and looking away from him.

Momoshiro clears his throat and coughs awkwardly. "Well, uhm, that's not really what I meant."

Kaidoh hits him on the head.

"Hey! You were the one that started it!" he yells indignantly and he shields his head for any other incoming blows.

"What's that?" Kaidoh asks.

"Huh, what's what?"

Kaidoh points at the bandage on his knee, the one with the snake drawn on it.

"Oh this? It's you, getting shot by a laser beam, pretty cool, huh?" explains Momoshiro cheerfully.

Kaidoh punches his knee, right on the bandage, and Momoshiro yelps in pain. "Bastard," he murmurs. He glares at Kaidoh, who glares back at him, and then he leans forward—for what reason, he doesn't know, but he makes sure that his lips are on Kaidoh's. The fire returns and starts pouring out of his body in the form of sweat, and a blush on his cheeks. This time, he's the one that sucks, because Kaidoh's lips don't feel that bad when he's wearing chapstick; they're big, lush, and really squishy. As revenge, Momoshiro nips at the wound on Kaidoh's lips, and the snake pulls back in an instant with wide eyes.

Kaidoh hisses, then gets up and jogs away.

"Hey Kaidoh," Momoshiro calls out. He quickly grabs his bike.

Kaidoh simply grunts in response.

He grins like a fool, but Kaidoh can't see. "We should fight more often!" Momoshiro rides after him, Kaidoh hisses, but he let's him ride next to him the entire way of Kaidoh's jogging route.

The next day he pops a breath mint in his mouth, and makes sure Kaidoh notices.