Purposely Physical

A/N: Just a short epilogue, to tie up some loose ends from the previous chapter about Kaidoh's worries about what will happen after high school.

It was a crushing defeat. Kaidoh lost by 6-2, and Momoshiro was there to see it all. It's not that Kaidoh did bad, no Kaidoh was pretty damn awesome (he might just be a little biased), it's just that the other pro tennis player completely wiped the floor with him. Momoshiro sneaks into the locker rooms to meet up with him after his match.

"Hey," calls Momoshiro out to him. Kaidoh's sitting on the bench, untying his shoes.

He grunts in response and doesn't say anything. Momoshiro sits down next to him and puts his arm over his shoulder. "Watching that was painful."

Kaidoh pushes his arm away. "Piss off." He continues to take off his shoes.

"You did great though," he pipes in.

Kaidoh gets up and angrily takes off his shorts. "I lost, how the fuck was that even anywhere near 'great'?"

"You did great. He just did better. Come on, loads of pros lose their first matches."

"Is this supposed to make me feel better?" He sits down again, this time with his shirt off.

Momoshiro puts his arm around Kaidoh again and leans his head against his. "Is it working?"


"You can punch me if you want."

"That's stupid. You didn't do anything wrong."

"Yeah but, I seem to recall you saying my face just looks so 'punchable' to you."

Kaidoh half snorts and half chuckles. "That was years ago."

"Come on, put your clothes on, otherwise I might just do you right here."

Kaidoh leans in, and gives Momoshiro a kiss on the cheek, then gets up and finishes getting dressed. Heh, Momoshiro likes it when Kaidoh's being just the tiniest bit affectionate. Then he sighs and watches him quietly; he wants to cheer him up for losing his first professional match, but doesn't really know how to, other than letting him punch him or something. Or maybe he'll want a back-alley hand job, though his angry face doesn't seem to be in the mood for that either.

Either way, Kaidoh losing came at a pretty bad time, Momoshiro had wanted to surprise him with some good news after he'd won. Now ... now it seems kind of insensitive.

"Wanna go get some ice cream?" he asks.

Kaidoh grabs his bag and slings it across his shoulder. "Sure."

They exit the building, and the streets are deserted and lonely, even though it's actually a really nice day. They walk next to each other, and Momoshiro stares at Kaidoh's hand a few times. Kaidoh's not the hand holding type, well, not in public at least, but Momoshiro sort of is. But he refrains, he knows Kaidoh is bummed out at losing his first match. The ice cream parlor is a bit further than he thought, and Momoshiro catches himself bumping hands against Kaidoh's a few times, just because. When they're there, Momoshiro is the one who pays for the both of them, he can't let Kaidoh pay when he's just lost, that's just rude.

Even though he's sort of poor, after spending lot of cash recently.

They sit in the corner, the walls are decorated in pinks and whites, it's actually sort of girly. The corner is cramped and the table is tiny, so their thighs are pressed up against each other, not that he minds that. Momoshiro licks the tip of his ice cream, and tastes the sweet taste of vanilla and strawberry.

"When's your next match?" he asks.

Kaidoh stares at his ice cream as if he's not hungry. "In another two days."

"Oh, I've got classes then," says Momoshiro.

"I know. It's in the morning. You won't be able to be there."

Momoshiro frowns and is slightly hurt; he wants to be. Anything to support Kaidoh, screw college classes if it means it interferes with that. "I'll just skip morning classes then," he says with a shrug.

"Don't do that," Kaidoh replies. He then starts licking his ice cream too. Good, his mood is getting a bit better now.

"Can't stop me." He takes a huge chunk of vanilla strawberry and lets it melt on his tongue.

"Idiot." Kaidoh's leg brushes up against him, and Momoshiro suppresses a grin.

Momoshiro stares at his ice cream for a bit; maybe now's a good time to tell him, since he's feeling a bit better. "Hey, Kaoru," he says.


"I uhh ..."

"What, did you do something stupid again?"

Momoshiro scoffs. "Is that really the first thing you expect of me?"


Momoshiro hits Kaidoh's arm, but it's light and not mean spirited at all. "Ass."

Kaidoh works faster on his ice cream, and licks a trail of free-flowing ice cream down his cone, all the way up. Momoshiro feels jealous.

"I sort of made a down payment on an apartment. It's not too far from my college, but a little bit further from my home."

Kaidoh stops licking his ice cream, and stares at him. They hold each other's gaze for a few seconds, and Momoshiro's stomach tightens up. Then he looks down at his ice cream again. "You moving out?"

"Yeah. Been wanting to ever since I started college."

"How are you paying for it?"

"Well, my dad is helping me out for now. But I'll get a part-time job to pay for the rent myself."

Kaidoh makes a soft noise that sounds like a snort. "You can't even feed yourself, let alone live by yourself. What are you going to do about food, and washing your clothes?"

Momoshiro bites his lips and glares at Kaidoh. "I'm not completely incompetent, you know."

"You're an overgrown baby."

Momoshiro steps on Kaidoh's foot under the table, which makes his knee crash against it, and his ice cream almost topples over onto his shirt. "Asshole."


"Kaoru, live with me."

It's Kaidoh's ice cream that topples over, and spills onto his shirt. "Fuck!" he hisses out and quickly takes a bunch of napkins to wipe it off. Momoshiro stays put, shifting on his spot uncomfortably. Kaidoh gets most of it off, but now his sleeveless black shirt has a nice white stain on it. Heh, who's incompetent now? He sits back down again, and takes a deep breath, and he punches Momoshiro's arm.

"Idiot. Why didn't you tell me you were looking at apartments? If you're planning on living with me, you could have at least told me before actually getting one."

Momoshiro grins, and his leg brushes up against Kaidoh's again. "Where's the fun in that? I sort of wanted to surprise you with it, after you won your first match but ..."


"Yeah ..."

"Once I start winning matches, I can pay for the rent."

"So that's a yes then?"

"You're such a moron, Takeshi."

Momoshiro looks at him, faking hurt.

"Only if you start to buy your own boxer shorts."

Momoshiro laughs out loud, remembering how many times he's stolen Kaidoh's underwear and used it himself. He smiles at Kaidoh, who's also smiling back at him.

"Hey, you got somethin' on your face," says Momoshiro.

"Huh, where?"

Momoshiro kisses him, and licks up the ice cream that was sitting on his lips the whole time. He pulls away, smiling still. Yeah, he's gonna live with Kaidoh now. Just him and the person he loves most.

When Momoshiro walks Kaidoh back home, he lets him hold his hand.