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- Silence in Fuyuki City -

Once again the Holy Grail War had passed over Fuyuki city, not leaving a single wish fulfilled, as had been the case with every single one of its iterations. Darkness too fell upon Fuyuki and life continued as it always would, with none truly understanding the incidents brought forth by the war.

Tohsaka Rin, one of the participants of the latest war, the fifth, stood together with another soul fortunate enough to have survived the fourth war, the bloodiest of them all. He was Waver Velvet, though now more commonly known as Lord El-Melloi the Second. Their task was now of clean up, as the Magician's association had budged under the pressure of the Anglican Church and ordered that the Holy Grail War was to be dismantled, having proven to be useless in its intended purpose, reaching the root, as not a single time had the war come upon success.

The Great Grail, the system the operated the war laid buried under the Ryuudou Temple in a great cave formed to access it. The decision to dismantle the grail had not been an easy decision with many believing it best to retrieve and examine it. Tohsaka and Waver were thus surprised to find that Fuyuki City seemed oddly absent of supernatural presence.

As they reached the cave housing the brain of war Tohsaka spoke up for the first time since they had arrived in the city.

"Hmmm… It might be a shame to get rid of it after all…" Tohsaka looked melancholic as the two walked down the dripping tunnels of the way. Her red robes and black hair still tied in girlish pigtails reflecting an odd green light that seemed to be emitted from the walls.

"I think any lingering doubts you have might be eliminated when you think back on what kind of experience the war was for you, or at least so I'd believe from the reports I got about it." Waver, despite his pro-dismantling stance, was still a little hesitant in his wording. In his dark eyes you could almost see the past play out, most prominently a large man with an equally large smile pushing Waver around.

"Well, you're right El-Melloi… It is just that this thing theoretically did work if not for the events of the third war. It's also a bit sad for me as a Tohsaka to personally have to kill off the Grail, something of our own design." Tohsaka looked over to Waver as she spoke, seeing him in his usual garb: a black suit without a tie and a red coat over it with a golden-yellow scarf wrapped around the neckline of the coat, his long brown hair framing his stern face.

"I know how you feel though; I too gained something I will never forsake during my war. It was a great idea after all, destroyed by our own defects." As Waver spoke those words they left the narrow tunnel and entered a great hall, as big as a school ground, with the dim green light not exactly serving as adequate lighting. Past this hall, Tohsaka knew, laid the Great Grail.

"It is odd though, I really expected more resistance from various other unaffiliated magic cabals but it seems that the magician's association took care of that for us." Tohsaka said this without with much thought behind it, the absence of such resistance was after all a blessing and there was no need to be suspicious of a blessing.

"I thought about that too… Could it really be such an easy explanation for it though? I know the Magician's association is influential yet I doubt they could orchestrate this to be as easy as it is for us." However, in comparison to Tohsaka, Waver with his experience in life, was suspicious of this supposed resistance's absence.

As they approached the end of the antechamber of the Grail's throne they started to quiet down, their footsteps echoing ominously throughout the hall. They could see the entrance of the throne room now, which exuded a little bit more light than the hall they currently occupied.

Both Waver and Tohsaka's eyes widened in shock as they entered the throne room. There was not a great demon about to be born from the vessel, nor had it already been destroyed. No, it was simply gone, as if someone had lifted it out with a construction crane. Of course there was no resistance to their mission, someone had already taken care of that and afterwards simply claimed the Grail for themselves. They had not only taken out the resistance, they had also erased any trace of there ever being one and then, without the Magician's Association noticing, stolen the Grail.

They looked, wordlessly on the place upon which the Great Grail had once stood and it was then that they realized that perhaps, the Holy Grail War would never be allowed to end.

- Activity in Academy City -

Academy City, located in Tokyo, Japan, it was a place in which it was said that scientific development was decades ahead of the outside world, a place in which the former magician Aleister Crowley made his home. A tall and ominous building stood upon the 7th district of Academy City, it had neither windows nor entrances and was said to be able to survive a direct hit from a nuclear weapon. The only way to get inside was via spatial manipulation, in many ways it almost seemed like a completely isolated world.

Inside was a similarly windowless room, wires adorned the ceiling and the walls while the floor looked like a red circuit board. In the middle of the room all the wires and tubes seemed to congregate, being attached to a large tube filled with a strange translucent liquid that seemed to be the sole lighting present. Inside this tube a human adorned with only a surgical coat, floating upside down, his features were the very epitome of uncertainty, a man yet also a woman, an adult yet also a child, a saint yet also a sinner.

In a past life this human was known as Aleister Crowley, a man who had reached the top of the magical world only to leave it shortly after. Now he was the General Chairman of Academy City, something he had constructed in Japan together with a close friend.

"Well it appears that he made his move, how rude of him to not take me into consideration, perhaps this acquisition no longer requires him to get my attention." As Aleister spoke several holographic computer screens appeared in front of him, floating in mid air.

"Still… To fool everyone so thoroughly, I am impressed, but such a trick won't work on me." More screens filled the empty space in front of Aleister as he spoke.

"I am truly impressed, it seems the plan will have to get quite a radical overhaul, it has been a while since someone caused so much trouble for me, well, it's nothing I can't handle, but I have to say that I never expected such a bold move, even if you get away with it I think that you'll find the trouble more than it's worth." Of course Aleister's words didn't reach the person he was seemingly conversing with, however two other persons were standing in the room, uncomfortably absorbing the information that was being transmitted.

The first of them was simply the guide into the windowless building, a female level 4 teleportation-style ESPer that had enough range and expertise to get people into the place.

The other person was a young man with rugged bleached hair and a pair of sunglasses, wearing a simple summer school uniform.

"I don't think you called me here to monologue at me, General Director, is there something you want?" The boy spoke, he wasn't even of mature age yet but still he spoke to the mightiest man in all of Academy City with a tone of nonchalance.

"Ah, you are here, it seems the Grail has been stolen, simply put, we need to perform some measures to draw the best card." Aleister uttered this mysterious sentence and as he put his eyes on the boy the screens floating around him started disappearing one by one.

"The Grail?" The boy rose an eyebrow in confusion "Wait, you mean that old ritual in Fuyuki? Is it even possible to steal something like that? Besides how do you know this? From the way you spoke before it seemed like you almost personally knew the guy who stole it, wouldn't mind telling me?" A myriad of questions left the boys mouth after Aleister had spoken the word "Grail".

"Hah, knowing his name would cause you more misfortune than it would be worth." Aleister simply shrugged off most of his questions with this cryptic phrase.

"Well, let's just get down to what you called me here for, it seems like it's at least related to the Grail, am I right?" The boy simply accepted that getting any concrete information out of the General Chairman would be impossible for now.

"Yes, the purpose of the Grail is obvious, he's simply just going to use it like it was used in the previous wars in Fuyuki, but, if my assumptions prove to be correct, it will now occur on a larger scale. In a way he is such a simple person, pursuing a goal that is meaningless in the first place, unable to let it go." Aleister showed a rare moment of emotion as he uttered those last words, a brief contraction of the irises was all that could be observed.

"Well, if I remember correctly that means that Heroic Spirits are gonna get summoned right? You think this person will arrange for the Holy Grail War to have a servant summoned here? Is that what you mean by 'drawing the best card'?" The boy looked skeptical as he asked about the Grail.

"So it seems, if I have gauged his intentions correctly, if not, it hardly matters, I have already predicted the course of action in that case. Well, I'll go through what exactly I'll have you do but in short you simply have to gather a certain catalyst and deliver it to a certain location at a certain time, I don't expect you'll find too much resistance, but remember, this is a mission of complete secrecy, just be cautious to not be detected by any other magicians, your companions at the church of necessary evil especially." In this manner started Aleister's instructions and when he was done he left the boy to his own thoughts and had him escorted out of the building via teleportation.

The boy saw the guide of the windowless building disappear into the crowd as they entered the street, oddly enough not choosing to teleport a second time.

Very impressive Aleister, I knew you were a master at adapting your plan to any sort of event, but to be able to act so quickly without hesitation, you sure are a dangerous person. The boy simply walked along the central street of District 7 as he thought about what had been said to him, it was sunny outside, the middle of day, and the modern streets shone ever so brightly under the sun.

Still, he didn't say anything about not leaking the information on how this new Holy Grail War is going to play out, and considering his earlier comments I am fairly confident that the Magician's Association doesn't know about it. The boy walked down into an underground subway station, which enjoyed a large amount of passengers at this hour. He simply swiped his ID card, walking past the barriers and into the paid area while waiting for the ride that would take him to the 23rd district, the area in Academy City that contained the majority of the airports there.

I guess I'll just tell them if they ask me about it. Still, I'm a little concerned with how Aleister is going to cover up my absence in Academy City. The underground train arrived and he entered the modern piece of engineering, a train far more efficient that the ones in the outside world. There wasn't a single seat available so he simply leaned up against the wall right next to the door. The train sped up and started racing towards its destination

Well, this mission certainly is interesting, I didn't know his knowledge of Heroic Spirits was this broad; well actually, it seems any knowledge he holds is broad. When he arrived in District 23 the airport was naturally nearby, however, the boy didn't need to actually enter the airport, he simply got escorted by a pair of military looking people as soon as he left the subway station, being taken directly to the airplane that was to be his ride. The plane was an advanced flight craft, capable of mach 7 speeds; it was an uncomfortable but fast method of travel.

As he entered the airplane there was but one last thing on his mind:

India was it?

The start of a new cycle approaches, when science and magic clash, the tale will begin.